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  1. Sleeping beauty but w a nicotine addiction
  2. the look is obviously a huge slay but the shoes won't stop bothering me they just look so silly next to the dark romanticism of the gown i like them way better on the runway though, but with the gown it's just too much... i really wish they would've gone with a tabi shoe instead, less horse and more deer vibes
  3. so once upon a dream coded omfg
  4. fr not only is ltli the most popular song on ocean blvd, but she literally wrote coachella about him just give the people what they wanttt already
  5. idc it'd be such a cute little moment if lana brought taylor up to sing sotb today, since taylor did it as a surprise song on ocean blvd release day
  6. my delulu ass getting ready for tropico 2.0, a western inspired short film set in modern LA only this time lana is the john wayne/cowboy/gangster/creator type character
  7. the way i didn't even notice the gun until now i just thought she wanted to show off her pretty white dress
  8. luna de miel

    Taylor Swift

    that's cute x
  9. not me thinking they started playing doja cat during the tributes
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