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  1. Sounds reasonable Seems like both Lolla and Way Out West would work with her schedule too, since she's announced shows in june and august so far. But I guess we'll see though.. I desperately wanted to see her at WOW in 2017 but was right on the age cusp, so that would honestly be so such a full circle moment for me lol
  2. definitely songs of leonard cohen <3
  3. HOWW did this thread not exist already?? a crime is what it is my dad's been a fan of his for as long as i can remember, but it was Lana's cover of chelsea hotel #2 that really opened my eyes to his music and now he's one of my all time faves <3
  4. waitt what makes you so sure tho? did i miss something? should i freak out??
  5. it’s literally just a few closeups of her face
  6. luna de miel

    Taylor Swift

    well if we're gonna talk about morals it's at least a step up from elon musk, trump, the pope etc., all selected time person of the year within the last 10 years
  7. Can confirm it's perfect for snowy days too, it really captures that warm, cozy, hiding indoors with a lingering coldness and seasonal depression kind of vibe
  8. luna de miel

    Taylor Swift

    my reputation's never been worse so...
  9. luna de miel

    Song vs. Song

    Pink champagne vs white dress
  10. 2023 has been HER year, if she’s ever getting a grammy it’s now
  11. ocean blvd title track no doubt, it was the top song on my spotify wrapped and still gets me every single time lennon in my back, whisperin in my ear ’come on, baby, you can thrive’ but i can’t <3
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