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  1. NikoGo

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    I'm sad the shows are going to be over in 3 days, I've loved her being so active. The way we went from Honeymoon being deactivated, to used the most ever, all in the same year. A Violets to Roses into Dealer moment
  2. 7AM??? Good luck girlies stay strong and get good pics for the boards
  3. This is so camp I was still a nameless lurker at this time so I don't think I ever saw this. the way everyone still shits on this song, and it's at least a top 10 for me on LFL
  4. new single sand dollar is NOT confirmed on her insta, plz don't spread fake info
  5. literally manifesting the bare minimum of an album trailer I understand the drama around Tunnel and why we didn't get one last time, but we haven't got an album trailer since NFR and that is a CRIME
  6. What I really want to hear her say is "I love being in the studio" she did that interview last year about how she doesn't write for fun anymore, and she has to be forced in the studio, and that STILL leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad she's said how happy she is in life (and she did say she was excited about what she's going to write next) but I want her to say that her being in the studio isn't being forced, and she's having fun with the creativity process again.
  7. I just know the teenage fans who only love her BTD era HATED Summertime..but personally my almost 30 year old ass LOVES that she sang it. Hope she keeps it for my show next month!!
  8. $200??? that’s more than I paid for Taylor $wift merch guess I’m not buying merch at my show!
  9. I mean the VMAs start in like a half hour, if he’s doing the makeup then she’s going to be late late
  10. Special like a foggy San Francisco morning
  11. I feel like you hacked tap and just posted her real acceptance speech
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