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  1. with raw vocals from her voice memo app that Drew slapped some reverb on
  2. info, maybe. Not random fake news from French husbands personally I like only getting info like this, it feels more genuine to how Lana wants us to know things
  3. I absolutely agree. Imagine if we had gotten the three singles last year out of the blue instead of knowing it was coming weeks in advance. Lana has wanted to do a surprise release for years and she almost did but they kind of ruined it You’re right! No Jack outtakes have leaked, the most we’ve gotten is the instrumentals and I feel like that’s because those circulate outside of his hard drive
  4. I feel like Lana’s team smartened up when it comes to info being spilled. Insiders didn’t even hear BBS until the rest of us did, it’s possible her team is keeping the whole album locked up better than they usually do
  5. The rush I get when I see “LDR9 pre- release Thread” is indescribable
  6. No that was not a reliable insider we have two “reliable insiders” and neither one of them have said anything.
  7. At least we know we aren’t getting a single *soon* since no legit insider has said a single thing about it, and this is the first time we’re actually hearing about anything music related
  8. to be honest I can kinda tell she’s been having trouble writing. Her songs have completely shifted from creative story telling to more personal ‘telling my story’ songs and I think a part of that is because of the writers block. Watercolor Eyes is the first song in years that has a more ‘creative’ story
  9. This is the saddest part of the interview for me tbh. I know she talked about having writers block after LFL and before Norman but it’s so sad she still seems to be in that place
  10. Don’t worry I’m sure dragon will make an appearance any day now to continue talking about the hazy Northern California vibes
  11. I don’t understand the Drew hate..I’ve had my share of complaints lately but production isn’t one of them. Violets for Roses, Arcadia, and WCE all have a beautiful production
  12. this!!! I’m so sick of one take vocals. I want GKIT in the church vocals not raw one take vocals.
  13. i genuinely don’t think we’ve seen her look so care free and having so much fun in years
  14. Ever since she went to the race track last month she’s been serving glam!! She looks absolutely gorgeous
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