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  1. i just realized it’s kind of the same pose as the BB pic she posted
  2. Can someone post a pic of what the village looks like now in the ‘coming soon’ sections?? I’m only on my phone so I can’t see it
  3. @IanadeIrey what do we know about Lana around the time of March 27th?? Where was she at, I feel like you’d know Still waiting on @salvatore’s “it’s coming” post to come to fruition
  4. I still think about that pic Clay posted and a video director commented “No pics on set” and he commented “🤫” that was the end of March and could very well be the Blue Banisters video set Clay was at, they were still together then
  5. The sad thing is, literally all she has to do is acknowledge RCS or BB and everyone would be calmed down instead she goes on random livestreams and says “I know I don’t keep you guys updated” and continues to not keep us updated “Excited for you all to hear my new song! Excited for the new record!” and the mood would increase so much, instead we get album ‘announcement’ March 20th, then single(?) announcement April 10th, and then silence
  6. The shortest was LFL with about a week, with vinyls not shipping until October. By now we’ve almost always had a preorder (it’s typically a month and a half before the album) if we’re following White Dress’ announcement then we can expect the single around May 14th (there was a little over 5 weeks between the first White Dress pic and the video) but she also teased COTCC title track in October and we didn’t get that till Jan soooo we have awhile to go gurls edit: also good to mention with LFL’s July 21st (fam) release date, we got that a long time before the preorder
  7. The disappointment I feel right now is all my own fault since I chose to think the album would be out in June, even though Lana hasn’t randomly announced an accurate date once. Like we’re less than 6 weeks from the release date and all we have is a 2 week old possible single title. We don’t even know what Blue Banisters is. Is it a song, is it a poem, is it a lyric? No idea. this feels like July last year when we were on the edge of our seats waiting for Chemtrail news. I’ve completely given up hope on RCS being released in June. If anything, we might get Blue Banisters (assuming it’s a song) by June edit: for comparison there was 9 weeks between COTCC preorder and album
  8. I’d even take a 20 second LQ snippet like we got for TJF just so we know what to expect the sound to be
  9. The way we could be fairly stress free right now if she hadn’t announced RCS so early. Like she announced the album a month ago today, and hasn’t said boo about it since. and the Blue Banister post is stale at this point sorry I woke up and chose bitterness
  10. We need her friend who talks about her shit on Instagram live to give us official word on the album still not over how she said “the album isn’t coming soon” and you all DRAGGED HA but she was the most truthful out of everyone
  11. I’m pretty sure she only used that to describe Norman. Unless a lying insider said that during June/July. The only official source we got during 2020 was interview magazine and she said that Chemtrails felt like work and that it didn’t feel finished
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