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  1. I want all new songs but I guess I’ll take what i can get
  2. Okay, one more time if you suspect or wonder if a snippet is fake, please don’t post where to find it. If it would happen to be real that would be a ban.
  3. Friendly reminder to everyone (but especially our newbies) Lanaboards has a STRICT rule about not posting leaks to upcoming music, or where to find it. While nothing has leaked, we wouldn’t want to have to ban anyone. So PLEASE be smart about what you’re posting on here, especially in the upcoming weeks.
  4. I think the biggest thing I'm excited to get is the album title. Her doing a whole interview, and still not knowing the title is the worst part
  5. Lana posted a picture with Neil on instagram, and Neil posted "dropping new work next week" and that's about it
  6. I've noticed that LDR village is completely sold out of both COTCC and BB physicals. I wonder if maybe they stopped production momentarily on those two albums to completely focus on the new album. Every new era we've had, they've always kept old albums in stock. That might help speed up the wait time for physicals for this album if they're using all their resources getting this album pressed
  7. where did we ever hear BB was the last record in her contract? As far as I know, we have no idea how many records she was contracted for with Interscope. I genuinely think that when her contract is up, she might go independent, I feel like she's always had an idea of how she wants to release her music (surprise drops, dropping 1 off singles) and she simply can't because of label rules
  8. I agree. If this was just some random announcement just because Lana felt like it, nobody else would be teasing. Plus the website being dark is a clear indication that this was completely planned. Plus I think if this was another COTCC sep 5th/RCS June 1st/July 4th, she would have just given the date last week. Her waiting 7 days means this is planned for sure
  9. It still doesn't feel real that we're so close to something! We've been moving all year for the dumbest things, and now we're so close to official news. I feel like we've collectively just made ourselves delusional again, and we're all going to wake up and be where we were last week.
  10. we will have the album title. We’re actually getting it Tuesday
  11. There will definitely be a physical release. Lana broke records just last year with COTCC's vinyl sales. Absolute best case scenario would be album dropping Friday digitally to avoid any mass leaks of the album with physicals coming around Feb/March, but that's basically impossible to happen
  12. Honeymoon and NFR both had preorders that only lasted a month! If they’re worried about the theft situation I can see it being another quick rollout! I really hope the 7th isn’t an announcement of an announcement, and we get a little extra something! At the same time though, that could be the case because Ellie (who is managed by Lana’s managers) announced her album last month for a release in February, so maybe the will go for the 3 month wait again but I really hope not
  13. I can definitely see her post the album cover Tuesday with a “preorder and my new song _____ out tomorrow”
  14. Lana always posts the album cover a day before so I think we’ll get the album cover Tuesday evening and then Wednesday get the first single, track list, and preorder
  15. I think we should stop tagging eclipse (and all insiders) Elle asked for it to be cooled a couple pages back
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