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  1. What I really want to hear her say is "I love being in the studio" she did that interview last year about how she doesn't write for fun anymore, and she has to be forced in the studio, and that STILL leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad she's said how happy she is in life (and she did say she was excited about what she's going to write next) but I want her to say that her being in the studio isn't being forced, and she's having fun with the creativity process again.
  2. I just know the teenage fans who only love her BTD era HATED Summertime..but personally my almost 30 year old ass LOVES that she sang it. Hope she keeps it for my show next month!!
  3. $200??? that’s more than I paid for Taylor $wift merch guess I’m not buying merch at my show!
  4. I mean the VMAs start in like a half hour, if he’s doing the makeup then she’s going to be late late
  5. Special like a foggy San Francisco morning
  6. I feel like you hacked tap and just posted her real acceptance speech
  7. She seems like she’s in too positive a headspace to go up there and throw shade. If we get a speech at all, it’ll probably just be Jon talking and her standing up there looking broody and mysterious
  8. I just updated chrome this morning and am having the exact same issues now
  9. I don’t mind if she keeps her producers if she tunnel title tracks them (makes them all work together) but I also want some new blood in the studio.
  10. NikoGo

    Instagram Updates

    Manifesting a Lana x Drake song just because that would mean new music, and it’s weird to not want new music
  11. NikoGo

    Instagram Updates

    the way UFB is one of my all time favorite leaked songs and he doesn’t even remember it well Noah fence to Lana, but you don’t typically smell good after wearing the same damn clothes for three damn days
  12. Oop interesting! So it is don’t be afraid of our love? while I’m on the topic of TJF, is there any confirmed lyrics of the spoken parts of the outro? Online it says it’s “you know what I’m sayin” and “I like living here” but I’ve always heard “you know I’m a saint?” and I don’t hear “I like living here”
  13. @111 said like 2 years ago it’s not “don’t be afraid of our love” personally I’ve always heard “don’t be afraid of our lord”
  14. omg you’re a pa girlie too?? it’s right next to Pittsburgh presale starts Friday
  15. She has a show like 25 minutes from my house catch me at 9am on my wedding day buying Lana del Rey tickets
  16. And they aren’t even respectful about it. (Not that there’s anything respectful about showing up at all) Sitting outside screaming their heads off on what should be a nice calm fun time. They should be embarrassed but instead they’re happy they might see Taylor
  17. rehearsal dinners have been a thing (at least here in the United States) for as long as I can remember. It’s just a pre celebration/ rehearsal to let everyone know what do do on the wedding day swifties are absolutely insane. I can’t imagine showing up to someone’s wedding just because my fave is gonna be there
  18. "was it" and then mumbles queen of never knowing the lyrics
  19. Well…I don’t get the Hollywood bowl comparison at all it’s cute, but I’ll probably never listen to it again. interlude >>>> candy necklace > life lessons
  20. everyone calling it Hollywood Bowl is a win for me! Somehow it's in my top 25 songs of this year so far, and I have such a soft spot for it
  21. I agree 100% I think the reason he doesn’t want to talk about more music with Lana is because they really don’t have a plan. Mike said after WFWF he wanted to work with her more and never did, and the duo album with Nikki never saw the light of day
  22. NikoGo

    Taylor Swift

    Rep >>>any Taylor album, but 1989 is up there in her top albums so I’m hype! Can’t wait to hear the vault songs!
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