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  1. Lasso is iconic and she better not change it.
  2. I think the nearly year long rollout really soured me on the album for years. I’m just now in my NFR appreciation phase. but that said, I wouldn’t hate a teaser song soon and then a ‘lead single’ closer to the album. She usually drops her first song 5 months before the album, so that puts us in April, which would be perfect because that’s when Coachella happens
  3. I’m really curious what Luke’s involvement is. So far the one Lasso track we have a snippet of isn’t a Jack song, but all the info we’ve gotten about Lasso is all Lana and Jack. I wonder if she wrote with Luke and then Jack produced (like Tunnel) or if they are both producers and worked separately
  4. This is the same woman who announced Norman 11 months before the album came out She also announced White Hot Forever basically the day after NFR came out, and it came out like 16 months later (yeah yeah COVID and her manic state didn’t help but still) Her announcing Lasso seems to be completely different though
  5. I don’t think it’s coincidence that both her and jack talked about/announced Lasso within a day of each other. She announced it January 31st and he talked about it the next day in his interview. I’m not saying the September release date is going to happen (because let’s be real, this is Lana we’re talking about) but I do feel the album is more done than when she randomly announced albums in the past (Chemtrails September 5th RCS June 1st/July 4th)
  6. plus that interview is from February 1st, and it sounds like it’s basically done (he says it’s Fucking brilliant which they’d have to be near done for him to confidently say that). They’ve worked on it for 4 years, and as long as they finish it next month they’ll reach the 6 month window to release!
  7. it’s okay now you know! And I’m sure you aren’t the only one who’s gonna get it mixed up
  8. and the twitter insider said the tentative date is September 20th so it’s all adding up! LP is long play how is that losing? All of her albums, minus paradise (that’s an EP and just barley) are LPs
  9. Jack’s favorite songs are Venice Bitch and A&W, so if he says the songs are good I believe him
  10. There’s a part of Blue Over You that sounds just like the Terence Loves You melody. I know he’s a meme artist (I mean everyone knows him as the Walmart yodel kid) but tbh Blue Over You is a really good song and I’d love if that’s more the sonic direction Lana takes for Lasso. His voice also matured a LOT the last year, so I wouldn’t be opposed at all if they worked together
  11. Well she did do *sitting on the piano* ”yuh, yuh, get it, get it, sitting on the sofa feeling super suicidal” On tour so tbh I know fans eat these kind of lyrics up but I kinda hope Lasso is more light and doesn’t have these kind of lyrics
  12. NikoGo

    Taylor Swift

    If you’re gonna come to this thread to hate at least get it right. It took over 7 months for her to put Hits Different on streaming, and 6 months for You’re Losing Me. But literally who even cares?? Olivia did the exact same thing with Guts, and put extra songs on vinyls last year and they still aren’t on streaming and I haven’t seen her get a quarter of the hate Taylor is getting. if people want to blow their money thats their prerogative, I had Hits Differently in my library October 21st, and didn’t buy a single copy of the album.
  13. NikoGo

    Song vs. Song

    If you lie down with me vs Tulsa Jesus freak
  14. Yeah, synthetic* food dyes (at least the ones found in America) are all super unhealthy and can cause a whole range of issues both mentally and physically
  15. Seeing that bright blue ice cream all I can think about is synthetic Blue and yellow food dyes
  16. I agree! It’s her most cohesive, but it’s definitely still a Frankenstein of sound. White Dress, Yosemite, BUS, and TJF being on the same album makes no sense. And I say that as a number 1 COTCC defender
  17. Let’s be real this album isn’t going to be country I think the album photoshoot, first single, and the one video we get will be country, but if she’s contemplating adding a Quavo feature it’s going to be a Frankenstein of sound like every album she’s made since LFL
  18. I don’t think it’s Lana, scrolling through that account I don’t see them talking about Lana at all also, we need to be wary of twitter insiders in general, unless they can be vouched for, take everything they say with a grain of salt
  19. I love the video itself but I don’t think candy necklace was the right song for it. to me, Candy Necklace is already like 2 minutes to long, so extending it to 10 minutes really did nothing for me and had no replay value
  20. to be fair it was ultimately released in June, so it was probably a distribution issue. I mean look at Ocean, it was delayed 2 weeks in January, and she barely said anything about it! But yeah, she definitely has a habit of doing this. I’ve been around since BTD and I’m STILL haunted by the Tropico release. “Its coming you little bitch” was the most iconic Lana line at that time
  21. Its only been 18 days? genuinely feels like it’s been 2 months, but I guess the first two months of the year do typically go a bit slower
  22. And blue banisters the day after Chemtrails. idk she’s been messy with her announcements since NFR, but I think the September date is the most ‘planned’ random blurb she’s given. The twitter insider said it’s scheduled for September 20th, so at the very least her and her team have a rough idea of when it’ll come out. I think her being in LA lately is an indication the album is almost done, because she was working with Luke in Nashville (and has been since at least November) and now she’s been home since early February. Aside from the Quavo colab that she just worked on, I think a majority of Lasso is done and now is the mixing/planning phase
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