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  1. Can you maybe post a list of all the neighbourhood songs you have? I think I have them all but I might be missing a few
  2. I feel like Lana fucked up the Tropico release dates so much because it wasn't actually finished when she told us the earlier dates and then kept editing it and pushing back its release. If ultra really is finished I expect it to be released pretty close to May 1st but I'm 100% ready for May 1st to be a disappointing day
  3. Got to 50% and accidentally closed the tab
  4. she has no idea what's coming for her, bless
  5. trashtrashtrash

    Song vs. Song

    Million Dollar Man vs Ride
  6. I know I'm a mess w my long hair
  7. What if what we know as For K really is called only Drive By and For K Part 1 is yet to be discovered & it's a song describing who the fuck K actually was
  8. feeling sorry for anyone who doesn't believe the dms i don't get what you're all so skeptical about, it's not like they're trying to send out a fake release date, it's just lana using weird adjectives to describe her new album
  9. They're not fake, she has a group of people on twitter she DMs quite regularly and they're the ones that were posting these. Unless they all decided to post fake screenshots on the same night, then they're real. I'm friends with a few of the people and they have far better things to do than make fake DMs from Lana describing Ultraviolence. There's also DMs from the same night of her saying she would follow certain people, and then she did, plus the DM to LDRO saying she wasn't going to the grammys and then she didn't
  10. 'almost unlistenable' god what kind of music is going to be on this album?
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