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  1. i think the song is a masterpiece. it stands out amongst the songs we've heard so far... at least to me anyways.
  2. heres a pretty good one lets not forget THIS beauty!!! and its not even an interview...
  3. have yall seen britneys interviews... this interview isnt that awkward.
  4. sorry is ap. but i seen this on rnbxclusive today whilst illegally downloading music... scroll down to upcoming albums if you dont belive my pic. maybe they know something we dont.
  5. lol everyone is invited!! lana will be giving everyone a signed copy of ultaviolence and her first perfume as a party favor she already sent me mine since were practically related
  6. oh well i feel rude LMFAO i didnt know she did that
  7. are you saying i dont have the same birthday as her? why would i lie about this ....& why would i say im 16? receipts:
  8. well sometimes. sometimes june 21st is a cancer.. just depends where you read like in the iphone app im a cancer.
  9. that would be amazing <3 i would die twinsies
  10. ill probably come up the night before. get some rest and get up there early in the morning, its just the masonic temple where its at is reallly fucking creepy and detroit isnt really a safe city. i guess we'll wait and see we get up there lol im hoping they leave the seats in the theater but i have a feeling theyre going to remove them so they can sell more tickets but it sits 4,400 people... so idk .... #FirstWorldProblems
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