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  1. If you have to break the lyric down like that you're not really enjoying the music. Just please stop judging things by face value
  2. OMG Parasite is my favourite album by Lana! So dark and mysterious it's like a horror movie!
  3. My top 4: 1. Cinnamon Girl 2. Venice Bitch 3. California 4. Happiness is a Butterfly This album is so consistently good though all the other songs would be #5 for me
  4. it's hard when you have to do 10 interviews in a day, she would be tired and it would be difficult to have new things to talk about
  5. Yeah that line "You fucked me so good I almost said I love you" is gold. Interscope better save Cinnamon Girl for a single with an expensive music video later!! (Though I bet 'casual fans' like that don't have the attention span to listen to over an hour of Lana, or even get pass that 10 minutes masterpiece of Venice Bitch to appreciate the whole album)
  6. Why did Interscope chose the title track NFR to promote post-release? (It was the only one mentioned by Apple Music's New Music Daily playlist and on its Hot song list). I mean it's good but why not use the hype from Cinnamon Girl to promote it further?
  7. nah we will always have songs like BAR and Bartender to rely on from Rick
  8. TIME has the nerve to call Cinnamon Girl one of the worst track
  9. Y'all know what I'm thankful for? Lana having another smash hit since Young and Beautiful.... Us hardcore fans appreciate all of her music but it needs hits like Doin' Time to get more people to discover the extraordinary Lana Del Rey...
  10. I gave up all my hope on Lana making decent quality music videos until Doin' Time... queen mother is back!!!!!
  11. All I ever wanted is a Cinnamon Girl music video. A good one not like White fucking Mustang
  12. I loved it when cassette leak came out. Got bored when the HQ leak came out. Now I can't stop humming it in my head. This song is simple but it's something else (like White Mustang, but better)
  13. Love Lana but that song is waaaaayyyy too depressing, even worse than Pretty When You Cry
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