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  1. oh this is foul. with that, i’m going to bed. goodnight lovers 🫶
  2. i’ve never asked this for fear of seeming stupid BUT is paradise 2015 a remaster of the “loved you like i’ve never loved anyone” version? or something completely different?
  3. genuinely cannot believe we have yosemite. still to this day
  4. weirdly enough, it actually came a few hours after i wrote that lol. but thank you tho!!
  5. i ordered a candy necklace (pearl necklace) and it says it was delivered but it wasn’t. i sent an email to her customer service but is there anything else i can do in the meantime? i’m scared they might sell out before i get the chance to order again
  6. wait why are picture discs known to be worse quality in comparison to regular?
  7. omg byeeeee why am i stupid 💀 thank u guys lmfao
  8. ohhh okay got u. do you know their user?
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