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  1. this is OLD, if we say it enough it will become true
  2. The link I got in the email redirects to the polish store can anyone share the UK link, please?
  3. Were original videos for Ultraviolence and Best American Record ever completed before being recycled for other projects?
  4. I forgot to add that I’m uk based, but thank you!
  5. Where can I find the cheapest red John Deere vinyl in the uk? What records are unfortunately sold out and they won’t be restocking them
  6. the whole thing is completly unlistenable for me
  7. Is it only me who keeps getting the Order Submission Error! Unfortunately an error occurred whilst trying to place your order number xxx on our payment system hosted by our merchant partner Worldpay. This error was due to your bank or credit card company have refused to authorise the payment for your order. No money will be taken from your credit card or bank account and your order can't be processed. I've tried different cards but it still doesn't process
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