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  1. Is it only me who keeps getting the Order Submission Error! Unfortunately an error occurred whilst trying to place your order number xxx on our payment system hosted by our merchant partner Worldpay. This error was due to your bank or credit card company have refused to authorise the payment for your order. No money will be taken from your credit card or bank account and your order can't be processed. I've tried different cards but it still doesn't process
  2. I guess the video for Chemtrails was uploaded and the song is a banger
  3. someone should ask her if she'd put up Lana Del Ray on it's anniversary on streaming services and to release/leak the original TNBAR and Ultraviolence videos and what sound she has in mind for the new album of course!
  4. I'm not really active here and I'm watching the live stream delayed because my internet sucks but I just had to share that I literally burst out laughing during the "yeah yeah yeah" part in Lust For Life... and that stroll... girl, please
  5. I wish she released this as a music video for Ultraviolence with an actual plot, the footage had such potential to be one of her best music videos. Unfortunately it doesn't fit with Freak at all and the fact that she just edited a few random scenes in slow motion instead of including the rest of the footage is... I mean, I would get it if there was to be something really controversial and the label wouldn't let her release it, but that's probably not the case since she released scenes with dropping acid and drinking kool-aid and I don't think the rest of the footage could be more controversial than that. I hope that someone asks her someday why the original video was scrapped and how come she decided to use the footage for Freak.
  6. it's from a 2011 live performance http://lanadelreyfan.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=23
  7. Did you finalise this tracklist by any chance?
  8. The good thing is that the venue is quite big, so if we get recordings from the seating area, the audio will be clear
  9. Did she sing Us Against the World? Twitter says she did, but there's no video I think?
  10. She should sing 3 different unreleased songs every night, enough material for at least 3 tours
  11. I still can't believe she's actually singing unreleased songs
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