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  1. Yeah, I find it quite confusing as to what exactly is missing. Perhaps someone will eventually explain it to me using specific examples rather than just vague comments. Thank you for being a kind voice, it helps. And even if my book isn't perfect (is any book perfect?) I put every ounce of my energy into ensuring it's the best Lana Del Rey book on the market.
  2. Thank you sooooo very much! It helps a lot ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Aw, thank you so much <3 It did take a surprisingly long time, I actually nearly had a breakdown trying to finish it before Ocean Blvd dropped lol. If you could leave a review, I'd be superrrr grateful. This link should take you to your local Amazon: https://mybook.to/lanadelrey
  4. Yeah, you're right there. I was experimenting with different forms of promotion and in hindsight, that was a little dishonest. I'm not sure if you've ever written a book, but it's tough out here! <3
  5. Haha I had not heard about the fire-pit story, that's hilarious!
  6. It's ok, as a fairly new author I must get used to being criticised and while it obviously hurts, it helps me to grow a thicker skin. As for incorrect details, the vast majority of this book is based around Lana's quotes, so if anything is wrong, I blame her! :PPP That is, except for the Ride lyric misattribution, that is unforgivable and I am hugely apologetic for that idiotic oversight.
  7. Sure, I get that I am dealing with the big league of Lana fans here and I must be prepared for some backlash. I did include her mentors, college life, and financial position in the text but I understand if it was not thorough enough for your liking. That information was difficult to come by and I did my very best. I apologise if I missed anything important. But you are right, my primary focus was on her music.
  8. One final response I'd like to use in my defence is that I wrote this book over the course of many months. However, I published it on March 24, 2023, the exact same day as Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. This means I was adding content right up until the day before. It was a lot of work and I hope the more you read it, the more you acknowledge that I did everything I could to satisfy the Lana community. I'm sure it's not perfect but I doubt you will find another Lana biography as well-researched as this one. And also, like, I'm giving it away for free so it's not like you're losing anything,. I'm the one losing here.
  9. Whew, a lot of hate directed towards my writing here, so I'd like to address some of these. I titled the book "F**ked My Way Up to the Top" because it was provocative and brilliant title from one of Lana's songs. In fact it was Father John Misty who said, “You can take all the crack songwriters and put them in a bunker for a thousand years, and they would not come up with ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ ever, which I think will go down as the greatest song title of all time.” As for starting my own religion, again that was more of a marketing strategy. I have dedicated much of my life to studying religion and wanted to compile that information into one place. If you that makes me a "quack" then my I recommend you read it first. I am very aware (and embarrassed) that I misquoted the lyrics from Ride. That will be fixed in future editions. I have done my homework and everything included in this book is creative commons licence. This is not my first rodeo. This is untrue, she has mentioned dit several times. I assure you through my months of hard work that AI was in no way involved in the writing of this book. I find is strange that you would think this. Be that as it may, I did my research and you will not find another Lana biography as thorough as this one. I challenge you to name one. A few of you have brought up the vegetarianism section. It's true, I could not find a reputable source so I carefully included it with the caveat "details are hazy". I thought that was fair. Anyway, I put a lot of blood into this book and I'm proud of it. You've got to have a tough skin when you're an author because people do like to attack you, so I take a deep breath and accept your hatred. For everyone else who was kind of enough to request a copy, check your email! There's a PDF link there! Let me know if you need anything else and I'll be happy to oblige.
  10. Hello everyone! I am unsure of the rules with a post like this so admins please delete it if it's not allowed. I have written an extensive Lana Del Rey biography which compiles her history from birth until Ocean Blvd using hundreds of interviews. Of course, writing a book is only half the battle, and I am struggling to get eyes onto the publication. So, for this board only, I am offering the book 100% for free. I can send you the epub or the PDF. In return, I would only hope for an honest review on Amazon, but even that is not necessary. Let me know if you're interested and I will message you further details! Thanks
  11. On topic, I'm currently reading F**ked My Way Up to the Top: The Complete Biography of Lana Del Rey Using Her Own Words. It's very thorough!! Over 400 pages of Lana lol.
  12. Hmm, I'm not sure. The F**ked My Way Up to the Top one seems pretty thorough to me.
  13. Hey everyone! I was looking for a fun Lana Del Rey book to read. I see there are a few on Amazon. Any recommendations? F**ked My Way Up to the Top: The Complete Biography of Lana Del Rey Using Her Own Words Lana Del Rey: Secrets of Lana Del Rey An exploration of Lana Del Rey's Life and Music Everything to know about Lana del rey Am I missing any? Thank you!!
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