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  1. Love two new song titles but jesus christ This interview is literally Lana just rimming herself, and jack joining in I mean they could only ever have that dynamic because Lana would have nothing to do with him otherwise, but still
  2. She finally found her prince
  3. uh yes bring back Graham's blathering
  4. Anyone else an atheist that cannot deal with songs like ITTJ that sound, the emotion, the vocals, all special. Guess I could always censor that particular offensive word....
  5. The last few collabs have been backing vocals, or small samples. I just can’t get excited for that... Suppose it could be studio For Free....
  6. Shut the fuck up I love this, not that I can get to Victoria for the foreseeable future
  7. Wowee this is the first time I’ve seen her made up with her new hair style and oof she’s a doll
  8. She looks like the grown up version of 2006 Lizzy Grant i love it
  9. Yup antiseizure and neuropathic pain, my cat gets it :B Sooooo she went to some sort of rehab during show cancellation to recover ?
  10. I'm a little worried that he peaked with his debut album! Still love him though.
  11. When Lana said I believe in free love and that's just how I feel I took that to mean she's possibly (or just dabbled with being) poly, and that's why some relationships seem to overlap (plus the lyrics fawning over other people's husbands). She's absolutely a shit peddler too, though. So who knows.
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