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  1. Lana and Bo Burnham together 🥹
  2. @Elle could we please get a link to the masterpost of new info we just got in the OP? i guess this? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TJ0yxvS0DOpSbZd2a7vxbOKxE9QWGzammKdShB9eRzg/mobilebasic or maybe the post was more up to date idk edit got it thanks
  3. If she had actually done sex work she wouldn't glamorise it the way she does, except -maybe- sugar relationships (and the age gap adoration makes sense there too).
  4. actually loving the name and cover art tbh
  5. It does need fixing IMO. this is what I think happened: She went in one direction, one that was very standard for her, her usual themes and sound The Next Best American Record Lust for Life solo 13 beaches Cherry White mustang In my feelings Beautiful People solo Heroin Valley of the dolls Serene queen The next best american record On and on and on then she was all like, ‘NO! No more sad, me want happy. Me also want a collaborations project.’ Lust for Life - happy hippy era/collaborations project summer bummer Groupie love Beautiful people beautiful problems tomorrow never came roses bloom for you love lust for life coachella god bless America when the world was at war change get free plus 4 political outtakes no particular order. But divided like this, for me, makes the era more cohesive.
  6. For when you are crazy, I'll let you be bad I'll never dare change thee to what you are not no, don’t do that. Don’t use ‘thee’ just because it rhymes, it’s cringe, nobody says that. It would have been totally ok not rhyming.
  7. NamiraWilhelm


    That would be amazing, thank you I bought it! Just saving it for a road trip next week
  8. 'They are hypothetical, which is to say, not canon, but rather a fun little diversion, a conversation-starter brought to you by the individual grievances of the Pitchfork staff.' still nice though
  9. NamiraWilhelm


    Shot in the dark because this lady does not get the recognition she deserves Anything like a masterpost for her around? I know nothing of any unreleased songs, there are so many covers, and then also duets I want to hear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. So weird. You need social media to promote, which she barely does as is, her label are really going to let her get away with zero promotion?! her constant smile is so off to me in the video, wtf
  11. Does she shave her sideburns? Has she always shaved her sideburns? I didn’t know that was a thing people did. Should I? This is news to me.
  12. I want to know how who did you have to talk to? I thought Lana’s team hated us ?
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