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  1. I’m consumed by this record in a way that hasn’t been present since Honeymoon 🥺🥺🥺 The run of Dealer to Living Legend is perfect. And I cannot get the melodies from BBS and VFR out of my head
  2. Where did the October 29th Target vinyl date come from? I got an email saying it’s being released November 12th, and the person in electronics said November 12th as well.
  3. Just got a shipping notif for the white vinyl and two CDs
  4. Okay but I cannot believe I’m listening to Living Legend on Spotify rn
  5. BB Thunder feels so tender in the beginning
  6. Almost done with Blue Banisters (song), really excited to see where the record goes after Arcadia/The Trio. The synths in BB are just stunning. We made it :’)
  7. 15 minutes so excited to hear Dealer for the first time
  8. Barely slept, the album is all I can think about!! Can’t wait to finally hear Dealer
  9. Anyway I’m so excited for this art card, I don’t even care about the Canadian shipping rate anymore
  10. Waiting one more week but I’m living through everyone’s reactions right now!! Really really hope she performs Thunder on Colbert, it’s the perfect song to reintroduce her work to the public again ?
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