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  1. Did you know that there’s a farmer’s market under ocean boulevard?
  2. A photo shoot at Hollywood Forever Cemetery? I’m going to gladly sit down and shut up about the wait because she’s really giving us everything this time around.
  3. Off To the Races/Video Games Bel Air/Gods & Monsters Shades of Cool/Old Money The Blackest Day/Honeymoon 13 Beaches/Heroin Hope Is A Dangerous Thing/The greatest Chemtrails Over the Country Club/White Dress Living Legend/Wildflower Wildfire
  4. rabbit

    Instagram Updates

    Forever my beauty icon. She's always stunning, but those pictures... Even more excited for the Billboard article now. This era feels so alive.
  5. It was pretty obvious nothing substantial was going to be in the “article”, but I didn’t expect an IG slideshow
  6. I’ll never tire of it It’s def one of her most beautiful recordings
  7. Yosemite (glad to see this perfect track get so much love in this thread!), DBJAG for the vibes and her delivery of the parking lot lines, and Living Legend for the iconic vocals at the end 🖤
  8. So excited for our Brazilian friends 🖤 Her shows there are always so good. I’m beyond excited to see video of these new performances. hope is a dangerous thing…
  9. rabbit

    Kali Uchis

    Really liking this, listened on a cold, windy walk home and it made everything feel so vibe-y
  10. When I see "you've chosen to ignore content by x" instead of those low-effort, ugly posts
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