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    The casual mention of Tessa lifting her laryngitis remotely took me OUT, that was amazing. I kind of love when she gets real/messy like this and just gives it to us straight. I’m sure there’s a lot that went into his decision, but Pete departing just a month out is wild, and definitely explains some of the stuff we saw on Weekend 1. But damn, am I even more impressed with Lana, her dancers, the team as a whole, and with her ability to adapt. Big shout out to Emily, like I can’t even imagine the stress she was under the past 37+ days, and the final product was incredible. edit: Byron’s comment on that post is so sweet. I love their working relationship!
  2. Wow, okay, that was quite the experience. I was transfixed when she came in on the bike, she looked AMAZING, so glow-y and confident. Her makeup was stunning, the warm shades worked really well with her hair and outfit. Hearing that little Jealous Girl intro got me hyped, and Without You always makes me cry, it was a beautiful one to start with. I’m glad she leaned into such an iconic song from the BTD era, it always makes me think of that perfect Amoeba Records performance from back in the day, and it felt like a cute little nod to the fans. Her entrance, the look, the dramatic set, the Billie and John collabs, the hologram…fucking brilliant. I do think she missed a few opportunities and obviously something was up with the sound last night. I was a little shook over how short West Coast ended up (yet we got Bartender in full lol?), the missing highs in Arcadia and The Grants among others felt a bit jarring, overall something felt a smidge off from the beginning if I’m being honest. I do have hopes that next weekend’s sound will be fixed, and while the setlist probably won’t change much, I hope we at least get CWIMM, SYTH, LTLI, or Venice Bitch thrown in. I really thought she would shake it up a little more for Coachella, but at the same time I admire that she does whatever the fuck she wants, and that she prioritizes comfort. Can’t wait to go back and relive this show :’)
  3. Nice and stoned, ready to witness Lana and music history So excited to be here with everyone
  4. Love Deftones My partner sold music equipment to Chino just last week! Really nice dude if you don’t mention the band lol.
  5. "I'm going to go back to what I said earlier about something fresh and new and different," he continues. "I think tonight's look will be maybe even unexpected, but different... It'll still be Lana, but just different."
  6. Hour 10 of bothering my partner about a livestream that doesn’t start until 11:20 pm
  7. Losing my mind over all this and we still have 12 hours to go!??!? The stage looks GORGEOUS, I love the dark and romantic vibe, the drama of it all, everything is perfect. I feel emotional about this one, tonight will be so special to witness as her fans
  8. A decade after her Coachella debut, she’s back to fuck everyone up and subvert expectation, again.
  9. This is going to be EVERYTHING, I can feel it
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