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  1. An outfit change??? Can’t wait to watch on my lunch break
  2. You’re not wrong I’m sure TS has some great songs and all, but I can’t seem to connect with her records for that reason. It’s so lovely to properly hear Lana, though Her voice sounds great.
  3. Lana was meant to sing that aurora borealis green bit. I’ll never not laugh at “life is emotionally abusive” though
  4. The single cover is just perfect SYTH is alive and breathing!!!
  5. WOW just left night two of the Portland shows, it was just incredible. Definitely one of the best shows I've seen.
  6. rabbit


    Always forget how much I love The Altar, but it’s been on repeat lately
  7. rabbit

    Lucy Dacus

    Lucy Dacus is so underrated! Love her voice and songwriting. It blew my mind when she opened for Lana, I hope they cross paths again. Lucy is incredible live, I try to catch her solo tour whenever possible! Saw boygenius in 2018 and am still blown away by her set beforehand, and her contributions to their EP and record.
  8. Do we know what Byron’s IG story is about/for?? I’ve been out of the loop the last few days 🖤
  9. My replacement CDs arrived today, only one was cracked this time I think I’ll just ask for a refund, and use the funds to purchase some jewel case covers. I completely forgot to cancel the green vinyl from Drowned World Records (still salty about them not sending a cancellation/notice email, and only having refund info available on the actual listing), so I have a second copy on the way. Lmk if you’re looking for the green vinyl, I’ll probably sell the first copy with slight corner damage 🖤 Retail plus ship, ofc.
  10. Finding it hard to listen to anything else right now 🖤 Idk how I’d see Ocean Blvd if I wasn’t navigating the recent loss of my grandma, deep-rooted issues with my mother, and how the two are entwined, along with a couple other sensitive topics explored on the record. But I think it would still connect, perhaps differently but certainly as deep, because this album is pulling up so many other emotions and memories, all while giving heavy/very real insight to Lana’s life and mind. It’s just incredible, no words. Kintsugi and Fingertips alone cleared the high expectations set by the title track, A&W, and The Grants. Sweet (unexpected fav!), Candy Necklace, Paris, LTLI, Peppers, and TT x VB are also very strong/compelling album tracks. Even the two songs I didn’t care for have grown on me a bit. Especially the “when you’re old your old” verse in Margaret. It’s hard to rank these songs, and the record itself, among her work, but I know they will stand the test of time
  11. Everything is aligning
  12. YouTube rip or new recording/rework, people would have complained either way. I’m feeling optimistic about a new version, especially with Rick and Dean involved. Hope BOZ will give some hints about when this releases/if it’s attached to a project or is a standalone single
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