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  1. Again?? She’s had so many stalkers, and to involve her sister when she recently had a baby...just beyond fucked up. This person needs help, and needs to be held accountable in some way. Makes one wonder about her security?? How did he get so much access?? She needs concealed personal protection at this point 😔
  2. Happy Birthday to the most lovely Cancerian Queen 🖤 Hope we get some pics and cute words from her friends and family
  3. WOW what a thing to wake up to 😍 She’s so glamorous and real here...and the recent callbacks to her greatest album, Honeymoon?? Any idea when this issue will be available?
  4. She is SO stunning here. Hair color with the green tones is just divine!! So exciting to see this side of her again 🖤
  5. Psycho, priceless, good in a crisis
  6. rabbit

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Is anyone going to the Portland show tonight?
  7. rabbit

    Instagram Updates

    Thank you @stephdelrey for letting me know the account was open 😭 I’m in
  8. Finally heard back from her Canadian store Hi, Thank you for your email. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay. I am afraid we are still awaiting delivery of the items you have ordered. I can confirm that we are chasing our supplier for any update as to when we can expect this to arrive although at this time, we do not have an exact date. As soon as stock arrives, we will ship all orders and you will be sent an email confirmation. Should you no longer wish to wait, please let us know and we can cancel this from your order for you. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Irina Digital Stores Customer Services
  9. The way I ran here!!! She’s so beautiful, literally gasped when I saw her outfit
  10. Top artists: 1: Lana Del Rey (in the top .05%) 2: St. Vincent 3: Billie Eilish 4: Modest Mouse 5: Caroline Polachek Top Songs: 1: Chemtrails Over the Country Club (378 plays) 2: Dark But Just a Game 3: The Melting of the Sun 4: Yosemite (🖤🖤) 5: I Didn’t Change my Number 51,446 total listening minutes. 13,390 via Lana. 440 artists, 46 genres Audio aura is “euphoric” and “wistful”
  11. Completely agree 🖤 I’m liking it more and more with each listen, and there’s no sense of “I’m making myself consume this”. Same with Chemtrails, have a new appreciation for it now that it’s fall here.
  12. UV made me a for-life fan, it was perfect 🖤 Born to Die was the first “pop” record I really connected with, but longed for something a little darker from her. So when it came out, I couldn’t be happier. Oof, then Honeymoon right after was just a killer, such an amazing trio of records :’)
  13. Thank you SO much Was able to snag one for $50 shipped. I’m not feeling well today, so the extra money spent is absolutely worth the trip outside 🖤
  14. One of the best tracks off the album for sure, it’s become part of my daily ritual to spin Dealer Hope she explores this sound!
  15. I’m consumed by this record in a way that hasn’t been present since Honeymoon 🥺🥺🥺 The run of Dealer to Living Legend is perfect. And I cannot get the melodies from BBS and VFR out of my head
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