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  1. I’m just so satisfied with this album, it fills my soul, that’s all I can say, I love every track
  2. The “do you think about heaven” part of The Grants reminds me of the “so you think you’re in charge, do ya?” on Flipside
  3. I had early access tickets to her show in February 2020 - that show got cancelled tho and i still have ptsd about buying those tickets, it was so hard to get back at that time idk if I have the energy to go through that process again
  4. I’m not attacking her, I’m just saying I personally feel upset if she feels the need to amend her body because it implies she isn’t happy with how it currently looks, relax, she is gorgeous either way. I’m also not stating this as a matter of fact, it’s just how I personally feel if that were the case.
  5. I love her but why did she edit her body in her most recent story it’s making me feel upset if she felt the need to do that omg
  6. im so delusional in my mind a new song has already been released
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