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  1. She's definitely not in the pre-album release phase, that much is clear. And, like you said, she dropped OB only last year. There's no need to be annoyed when we got 9 albums in a decade. LDR is super productive, and if she needs another year to finish it off, so be it. All that being said, I do hope we get that Quavo collab as a single to tie us over. We're used to being fed often, so this tumble-weed phase is bound to be upsetting for all. Especially since she DID announce a whole record. I feel like she owes us at least a single soon.
  2. Yeah, i too see a lot of drama and yet no video or source of anything.
  3. Certainly better than Blue Banisters (which is her blandest and most singer-songwriter album title to date). That being said, Rock Candy Sweet just wouldn't have worked as an album title since she gave the song containing those lyrics to Euphoria. Also, it sounds too rock-ish and overpromising for the boring drivel that BB ended up being. Sorry to BB fans.
  4. Right? I'm floored at the perfect pacing/structure. When I saw a 10-track playlist, I was worried. But damn did it work out well. Still my fav album of the year, alongside CC.
  5. I'm so over it. Signing off bang bang kiss kiss till sth happens
  6. Geat, now...I need you to repeat these words when you meet her: "Lana, we just need a date. What is it? First single when? Lasso when?"
  7. barttttender

    Dua Lipa

    To each their own. I'm confident in my taste.
  8. I'm feeling less and less excited. It may be that she's still working on the album and she's gonna wait to drop the single when it's all ready and out for pressing. So, might be another 2-6 months. Maybe August? Peak summer for a summer bop. I don't think it'll be June and my pom poms have definitely dropped to the floor.
  9. barttttender

    Dua Lipa

    Sorry, but this album was a pile of.. A massive disappointment. I'm still traumatized by that one song that sounds like a trashy Eurovision song. It's not that I had high expectations - I just expected a decent record. Yet it seems that this album is completely flopping as it should be. If I were Dua I'd be embarrassed and hit the studio big time - especially since she''s dropped it between Cowboy Carter and HMHAS - two very strong record by artists who have obviously put in a lot more effort, not to mention have more talent in the first place. This Dua era is best forgotten asap.
  10. Maybe sportscruiser is having drinks with her as we speak, getting the full scoop, down to every last lyric and production choice.
  11. Go get that tea! You and I butted heads a few time, but bring some Lasso tea, and I'll be your slave forever lmao
  12. barttttender

    Charli XCX

    Realistically, Charlie XCX could only dream of having the kind of success Billie has. I don't know what else to tell you.
  13. barttttender

    Charli XCX

    Worked really well for Barbie, though. Would work really well for any video game adaptation or, like, another doll-to-screen adaptation. The Sims movie.... But that's where my interest in this artist stops.
  14. barttttender

    Charli XCX

    Her music sounds like literal noise to me. Like a trashy soundtrack to a dumb chase video game. Gave Brat a shot after glowing review from Pitchfork and gave up on song 3. How on earth did this trash get an 8, while Billie Ellish got a 6? Time for me to stop reading Pitchfork
  15. but quavo just dropped a single (clear the smoke). that's it. That's the quavo single for june. He aint gon' drop another one collab or no collab. maybe it's the first single off a new album and the lana track will be the second single in july
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