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  1. Well, that's a bit of a gloomy outlook. She stopped trying to make pop records after Lust for Life, and she's never been more crtiically succesful. I don't think she needs to do anything exceptional to wow anyone. Look at OB - over an hour of melancholy and sad songs, including not one but two interludes. She was hardly breaking new ground. As long as the songwriting is good, she'll be in conversation. My only concern is - how many of these sad albums can people take? Without tracks like Doin' Time or Summertime Sadness to balance it out.
  2. i just want her in a better mood. Regarldess of production, she's been mega sad on her last four records, if we include violet. i want party lana back
  3. um troye sivan's album was so slight, basically a collection of 10 bubble gum pop songs, that i really can't get behind it behind so much higher here than OB. also, guts at number 2, really? nah.
  4. it's baffling. her music is cute. not even in the way taylor's music is cute. like, at least taylor has a sparkling melody. rodrigo's songs are just bland filler music imo.
  5. Olivia Rodrigo is shit. I cannot believe that people are into her as much as they are. Is everyone brainwashed? what is going on.
  6. what a way to end the year. Now if she only released an unreleased album or aka, it'd be the best year ever
  7. Olivia Rodrigo does nothing for me. She's like if Lana had a lobotomy. Zero edge. Zero creativity. Just basic bitch sanitised music for the masses. I still think Best Alt is hers for the taking. Not sure about song, even with all these accolades. It's too dark for the grammys.
  8. So true. Again, just feels like a 2-hour studio session with not a lot of love put into it. The fact that she's thanking @zachary_dawes is even more worrying in terms of this Standards album. For me, he's the least exciting of her producers and has put out some of her worst cuts (Summertime Gershwin version), and I don't understand why she keeps going back to him and Drew Erickson. With Max Martin, Kevin Parker, Rick Nowels, Mark Ronson, Emil Hayne, Jack Antonoff, and so many other great producers out there, she keeps going for these mid-tier producers. My expectations for the Standards album went to pots.
  9. 100%. Zero excitement for the Standards project. i just need one bop damn it. The last one was in 2009 (doin time, call me angel)
  10. Oh, for sure, I am going to keep getting disappointed. But a boy can hope. I'm hoping Lana hasn't completely forgotten her fun side. At least she gave us Jimmy Jimmy this year - it's somewhere in there!
  11. same here. It's just a basic cover of a song that's nice but nothing special. i agree with whoever said that this should have got the Doin' Time treatment so that it would be more interesting. i feel like lana's just putting out anything that pops into her head at this point. we need a BOP
  12. one of her best lives. She looks incredible, and her singing has rarely been better. Total slay. Elvis would have been impressed
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