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  1. 🤣🤣 i'm mega chill. I just cant stand when i see raves and unwavering support and "genius!" exclamations for everything ldr does - even when it's so obviously bad. Gives me the eek. Her fathers album should just be forgotten. That's all
  2. More like lana's churning out scat and y'all know it. and then it bugs you when someone calls it like it is? the song is literally crap on a stick. nah. stanning ldr and nfr and OB hard. but this shit is trying to pull on us - major fail. the laziest song she's ever put out. you wish honey
  3. huh? My bf just played it by accident and went "omg what is happening to ldr. Why is she making such boring music". I said just play kylie.
  4. Well, is her dad mozart? No. He's a barely competent pianist by the sound of it. It's all very nepo daddy, which he admits. While it's nice she's supporting him, it really does nothing for her career. the song itself is abysmal. So yeah, it's tarnishing her brand. Luckily, it's so forgettable no one will remember it by next Tuesday
  5. Why does this article say 54? https://www.billboard.com/artist/lana-del-rey/chart-history/hsi/
  6. cuz it's a throwaway track that she churned out in 5 mins over a piano melody just like Beautiful? Do people SERIOUSLY like this track?? Wow. Fans will literally eat anything she dumps in the proverbial fish tank.
  7. Sounds like a "song" she came up with in 5 seconds. One of her worst imo. she really needs stop tarnishing her brand with with these lazy releases
  8. the fact is: candy necklace is a depressing song. Tarantino could have directed it with a billion dollar budget and it still woulda flopped. i love the vid, it's one of her best. But she needs to choose her mv songs more visely. It's a fact, kiss, kiss.
  9. A return to Billboard is kind of necessary though. Bubbling under with AW and three other singles aren't gonna cut it though. Also, Candy Necklace massive budget video flopped big time. It has less than a half of Heaven's views - and that's just an old unreleased track with an iPhone image.
  10. Could this actually end up on Billboard 100? Who here has a good idea about how this works? I want her back in the charts as a solo artist!
  11. Yeah, Diet Mint Dew was unnecessary. Like, just do Summertime, Blue Jeans, Video Games and BTD - those are the tracks. Instead of Diet, she coulda done Chemtrails.
  12. No! No capes! Pretty much ended Madonna's career.
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