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  1. that’s not what he said. He is basically saying what justice should look like. The occupier has to leave and be held accountable for its crimes. Period.
  2. Stop with the anti semitic accusation BS towards @barttttender Arabs are also a part of the semitic community and have been slaughtered on a daily basis for 75 years. That makes IsraHELL the biggest antisemitic state ever. I still can’t believe that there are soulless people defending this butchery.
  3. because they can lose a lot and they aren’t brave enough to stand for justice. Several tiktokers shared emails from brands they have a deal with asking them to remove their public support for Palestine. They have been offered a rise for their salary and threatened to lose their current contracts.
  4. i am happy to notice more and more Americans speak against IsraHELL. I truly didn’t expect such an overwhelming support. Everyone is one click away from informations. In an-easy-access-to-information era, ignorance is a choice and Lana made hers. She absolutely has no excuse.
  5. By the way everyone, this is the full testimony of one of the hostage that have been freed. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CyyQf4zsXhV/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== isra-Hell would never treat a Palestinian that way.
  6. what a lame response https://www.instagram.com/reel/CySx_mZsaAc/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== ask someone who speaks Hebrew to translate.
  7. Your denial is severe. Hamas is funded by Isreal. This state wants to exterminate Palestinians. It’s a fact. There is ont bad guy. This situation is quite simple and isn’t a « conflict » by any means.
  8. Israel is and has always been the OCCUPIER for the last 75 years Being the occupier implies that they are in an OFFENSIVE posture. You can’t tell they are defending themselves when they are the colonisers. saying the occupier defend itself is as absurd as saying a rapist is defending himself from his victim. Palestinians have been : killed, raped, humiliated and held captive for 75 years. Plus, it is well documented that Netanyahu funded Hamas. It is a part of his evil strategy.
  9. Nahime


    Her best body of work and her first visual album !
  10. « The uglies are back and they are weaker than ever » the opening line of Lana ´s new single « Obsolete Obeses »
  11. So now the uglies join the racists ?
  12. I love seeing those weak ass white racist pigs unite their weakness to try to compete with me
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