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  1. I am pleasantly surprised and I so hope she will release it this year…
  2. I am very glad you like it but this song is her second worst single to me after L4L. One of her worst from her amazing catalogue. Sis got lost on her run with her sweet love.
  3. Cocc didn’t taste good to me so I am very glad to read that :).
  4. Arcadia is a beautiful song ! so the album will be released digitally 2 weeks prior the 22nd ?
  5. Another lie and people get dragged when they brought up the fact that she lacks professionalism… she didnt even address the delay…
  6. If she is releasing a double album I will make it up to her for having been too critical !
  7. I don’t want to get my hopes up :p. I would rather think it’s coming later so I won’t be (once again) disappointed by her lack of organisation. Oh I missed that ! Is he an insider you guys are familiar with ?
  8. The album will probably be released around November / December.
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