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  1. She just can’t learn how to be professional or respectful. Girl, once again you announced a mf album and once again you changed your mind. Can’t you just be respectful and let people know about it ? No ? Then do not announce anything. It’s THAT simple.
  2. i am glad you had fun and thank you so much for doing everything you could to feed us with a scoop! Have some deserved rest.
  3. Didn’t know there were so many tomb raider fans here ! the remasters are everything I needed. I so hope they will remaster 4-5-6 and will pick up where they left off !! I need Kurtis back ! i hate the new Lara Croft, so annoying and so unLara… the remasters seem to be successful. Embracer should know by now what fans really want.
  4. She loves to change her mind at the last minute without any explanation or apology. Can’t she be professional more than a day a year?
  5. She lost so much weight and looks much younger.
  6. It’s very nice form you to keep us informed !!!
  7. let’s unmanifest this. lana will be kind and will make sense this time.
  8. @Sportscruiser please come and save me.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7y-hYcxwgy/?igsh=MXhma3dldW1sYjNsbA==
  10. Let’s follow your illogical logic : since the colonization started 75 years ago then the 7th of October was just a response from Hamas. Your « don’t fuck around » point should apply to Israel and no one else.
  11. Lana being Lana… waiting for those who keep making excuses for her.
  12. Beyoncé 1. Crazy In Love 2. Single Ladies 3. Halo 4. If I were a boy 5. Speecless 6. 1+1 7. Be With You 8. Green Light 9. Freakum Dress 10. Déjà Vu 11. End Of Time 12. Broken Hearted Girl 13. Satellites 14. One Night Only 15. Dreamgirls 16. Listen 17. Wishing On A Star 18. Smash Into You 19. Why don’t you love me ? 20. Woman Like Me Alicia Keys 1. U don’t know my name 2. So simple 3. a woman’s worth 4. Goodbye 5. trouble 6. Butterflys 7. if I were your woman 8. If I ain’t got you 9. Like you ll never see me again 10. no one 11. wreckless love 13. saviour 14. The thing about love 15. this bed 16. Put it in a love song 17. Go ahead 18. Try sleeping with a broken heart 19. This bed 20. Unthinkable
  13. that’s a serve. She sounds at her best when she sings jazz. Manifesting her ditching Lasso for Saxo !
  14. Not yet. They are too busy killing indiscriminately civilians and Israelis hostages.
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