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  1. God, this album release was such a moment. The shift in sound & visuals, the rollout, ... Even after sll these years, definitely my favourite Lana record
  2. "My set is always at 9.30 - 10 pm. I play for 2 hours" Math really isn't her forte, huh 💀
  3. Does this ITW actually mean ... anything? Worst case she scraps it, best case she reworks it UV style, but I feel like it's just one of her usual chaotic statements
  4. I mean - the squeaky sounds of opening doors, Lara's footsteps, the sound of the holster when drawing the pistols, the lever noise, the magnum pistols blazing with most unrealistic sound
  5. God, the remasters are such a gem. I ALWAYS envisioned playing "CGI style" versions of the classics when I was a kid playing them. They look so good and realky make it even more visible how great and trailblazing these games were for the videogame industry. Glad they did not change anything but the visuals - especially the OG sounds feel so satisfying.
  6. It's a really nice record, I love the overall vibe/sound. TBQH I don't really recall any of the single tracks apart from the first 3 tho after my first listen.
  7. Blue Banisters has one of her most cohesive sonical landscapes with only Dealer & the Trio sticking out. People here are so focussed on talking bad about that record ...
  8. I expect Lasso to be a LFL tbh. Messy & all over the place
  9. BB had a nice album shoot though - but yesh, Chemtrsils snd all the selfie-single-covers (YTH 💀) really lowered the bar
  10. - Mando Diao - Warhaus/ Balthazar/ J. Bernardt - Molly Lewis - Arctic Monkeys/ Alex Turner If he was still alive - Mark Lanegan
  11. Tricky x Sevdaliza Would be a wonderful collab if it was something on equal terms - both being involved in production, both doing vocals. Coul likely work in a more pop-ish/ hip hop way, but I'd really crave to hear a trip hop/ electronica collab of them Massive Attack feat. Chelsea Wolfe This would definitely be a the mother of world-building, dramatic, genre fusing, ambient chill tunes. Warhaus feat. Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields) With two of the sexiestt-voices-alive, this would be such a HOT collab. Khruangbin x The Marías Hispano-American power couple the indie café playlists crave for. Laufey produced by Dan Auerbach I just KNOW this would be magic.
  12. Love how people reply without reading OP
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