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  1. Seeing this thread is hot, cklicking on it and then seeing the blurred credit screencaps is such a letdown
  2. Well, there still could be a connection here. Maybe she carried over the idea for that intro to a new track.
  3. I bet Peppers will just be a random part of a lyric in the track, not a prominent chorus or symbolysm. Something like "You told me you don't love me while we were cutting peppers in your pantry kitchen, so I could pretend the tears were not because of you"
  4. Didn't the insider say almost all tracks got renamed? So perhaps DNC is Taco Truck or somethin ..
  5. Claiming side D. Margaret, Fishtail and Taco Truck (💀) will slay, I just know it. Really intrigued what Fingertips and Kintsugi will be like too
  6. Wasn't there this pre-UV rehearsal video where she sings "let the light in"?
  7. AKA Kill Kill Mermaid Motel Brite Lites BTD National Anthem Born To Die Blue Jeans Paradise Cola Body Electric Gods & Monsters UV West Coast Shades Of Cool Money Power Glory HM Honeymoon High By The Beach Music To Watch Boys To LFL Cherry 13 Beaches Heroin NFR Fuck It I Love You California Norman Fucking Rockwell COCC Chemtrails Over The Country Club Dark But Just A Game White Dress BB Thunder Text Book If You Lay Down With Me
  8. It was obviously a mesh. Her saying there was something underneath is just as believable as her saying she never had plastic surgery. It was a just a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. As multiple insiders stated there is no material from previous eras on this - likely not
  9. No it was a stupid Karen thing to do. There is just no way of minting this
  10. I'm so tired of this romanticized "fame treated her badly ;(" narrative both Lana and the fan culture are pushing. Yeah, media was harsh during BTD/P and of course fame can be tough. But please, can we stop with that narrative of her being exposed to attention against her will?
  11. I feel like "America" definitely IS a rip off. Both the melody and production have way too many similarities for this to be a coincidence
  12. Wasn't there this track called "America" or something that completely ripped of MPG?
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