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  1. It's a nice step into the right direction of so bad so boring, but it feels more like an EP. The songs & the atmosphete are good but the whole thing is kinda stale. Even if she wants to go low-key, there are more interesting ways to go. Where is that creative spark from YN/WR?
  2. When will you guys understand that songs on an album are not always written 5 m9nths prior to release. Using older songs is not "lazy" or "recycling" or whatever. So even if the track would have originallx recorded in 2018, it does not have to mean that the album will be coming out very soon
  3. yes, something like that would be great
  4. YES! I really want her to finally succumb to a jazzy sound
  5. Why would you postpone something after a leak though? The other way round would be the logical approach Love the cover. I hope this time the single will actually be followed up by an album announcement
  6. So - after listening to the album a few times, those are m 5 cents: It's a great album, but I think it does not fully delivered on what the visuals/ singles promised. There is the framework of an extremely melodramatic and dark album with tracks like King, My Love, Daffodil and Cassandra. We also have the interludes which kind of back this up. However, the other songs just don't seem to colour in. Don't get me wrong - they are all good or at least solid, but they are pretty much "the usual Florence" kind of thing. My Love is still my favourite track, from the non-singles songs it's between Daffodil and Cassandra. Generally, I'm a huge fan of how she keeps on playing with breaths/ sighs/ etc. on tracks like My Love, Daffodil, Restraint and Heaven Is Here. I wish Prayer Factory was a full song, it has such a great production. And I'd also would have loved it if The Bomb was longer, it's such a beautifully executed ballad. Morning Elvis is a nice track, feels very HBHBHBish, but I don't think it reall fits the album at all. I don't get the hype around Free and I also don't really lik Choreomania. I feel like those two tracks feel a bit empty. Same for Girls Against God.
  7. I think this could be a Violet/COCC situation. It seems a bit like she is still in a prerty early stage with the album and I could see it being pushed back
  8. I'm calling March 2024 with BTIG coming next year
  9. I'm really impressed with Cassandra. With the title/ topic and the acoustic snippet I expected a solid, yet predictable FATM track yet it turned out to be extremely intriguing
  10. God, are we still going with this "the label is supressing her" mess? What kind of interest would they have to do so after all those years? It's her being a mess.
  11. Child/ early teenage years: Mando Diao Gossip Florence + The Machine Marina & The Diamonds Amanda Jenssen Caro Emerald Late teenage years Lana Del Rey Marilyn Manson (luckily, that one did not last too long) Chelsea Wolfe Bohren & Der Club of Gore Jesper Munk Moving out Garbage I Monster Sevdaliza Miynt Morphine Amy Winehouse Tom Waits "Wow, TripHop is really dope" (Ep. 1) Hooverphonic Portishead Massive Attack Tricky First big break-up Elysian Fields Fiona Apple "Wow, TripHop is really dope" (Ep. 2) Lamb Puracane Red Snapper Early/mid 20s Goldfrapp Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions/ Mazzy Star Warhaus/ Balthazar Anika/ Exploded View Gorillaz Chromatics Moving cities Martina Topley-Bird Unloved Moloko The Marías Melanie De Biasio First Corona-Wave Tennis Alexandra Savior Ghostpoet Róisín Murphy More recent additions Nick Drake Skinshape Melody Gardot Agnes Obel King Hannah
  12. It's nice but not really as great as I expected after King and My Love. I expected some Big God/ Moderation moments
  13. Don't Forget is nice but it's just another overproduced and overloaded track. DL had a much more intetesting vibe and felt like artistic progression
  14. Everything so far sounds pretty good, but I'm a bit scared that the album won't live up to the expectations she built with King & My Love.
  15. DL is one of her best songs, y'all are tripping
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