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  1. Why do y'all feel the need to bump that thead with the 101st edition of album rankings right now? Everytime I see this thread on the front page, I think there are some news about the Deluxe and then it's just some of you fighting whether EH is her best or worst album ever 💀
  2. Around the very same time I discovered her in general. When VG was released to german radio stations, I was extremely impressed an intrigued. The first songs I found on YT when looking her up were Lolita (the orchestral demo version) and Kinda Outta Luck (which was actually used in a TV commercial of a big german tv-station back then). It did not take long to find AKA (even back then it was mentioned in almost every article talking about her rise to fame), and I think that I also regularly listened to the Diet Mountain Dew demo, You Can Be The Boss and She's Not Me before BtD dropped. Other unreleased tracks that had a firm place on my MP3-player during my early fandom days were Put The Radio On, Hundred Dollar Bill and Heavy Hitter, all of which still reside among my favourite Lana unreleased
  3. Blue Banisters actually ages like good wine. While I was realyl excited about it when it came out, I was unsure whether I'd like it on the long run. But right now, I reeeeally enjoy listening to it
  4. I hope those bonus tracks aren't just MORE slow ballads
  5. I kinda disagree. On the one hand CoCC was a safe game, she did not really stray away too much from NFRs sound but also didn't get too same-ish either. I doubt that the album would have been acclaimed if it came out after LFL or HM. Apart from all the fandom-whales pushing it's commercial performance by buying 301 vinyl versions, I feel like most people outsie the core fandom were prompted to buy/order CoCC since they liked NFR a lot and read positive things about it. And in the end, there was nearly as much long lasting hype and acclaim around CoCC than there was for NFR. Unrelated to my personal dislike for that album, I seriously think CoCC's success was more of an NFR-afterglow and less of an original source of acclaim.
  6. I can actually see her doing BB, knowing that she also did HIADT. However, I agree that we probably won't hear Text Book. I kinda doubt she will do IFLDWM, I feel like that's out of her comfort zone. But yeah, Arcadia, Beautiful and possibly Violets For Roses are tracks she could very likely perform, same for Cherry Blossom, Living Legend and Sweet Carolina.
  7. And I'm sure noone would have cared for CoCC if it wasn't for NFR
  8. The way she heavily downgraded both BAR and Thunder when she reowrked them kinda makes me wish that IF she includes another older song in future projects, it will just remain unchanged like Living Legend, NOTG, Cherry Blossom and Yosemite. However, finalized versions of Fine China and Yes To Heaven would be nice. The good sisters waited for such a long time and are definitly due for an official release. And - since it's such an old tune - a rework of Trash Magic would be cool as hell. Maybe not even with the same lyrics but using the wonderful melodies and vocal deliveries
  9. Yeah I feel you. Her message about accepting- and standing up for yourself was something that drew me towards her in the beginning, but lately it's just turned into her appearing to be completely full of herself - not even talking about her Elon-Musk-level delusionism about technical progress and green-washed-capitalism. The music still slaps though
  10. So, she seemingly launched a new era. After all of those wonderfully produced Homunculus short-movies aviable only for a limited time and the Oh My God-Remix, she seemingly focusses on an android alter ego called Dahlia now. First track "The Great Hope Design" is out now. It's pretty impressing, mixing up her "usual formula" with some new twists.
  11. It's so funny that if commercial best-of-albums were still made, a LDR one would include mostly her most famous singles and a few promo singles that either performed well or were released as a single to promote its respective album - Video Games, Blue Jeans, Born To Die, Summertime Sadness, Young & Beautiful, Ride, West Coast, Brooklyn Baby, High By The Beach, Love, Lust For Live, Mariners Appartment Complex, Venice Bitch, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing, Doin Time, LMLYLAW, CoCC, Blue Banisters, Arcadia - and then SUDDENDLY there'd be the screaming masterpiece that is Dealer, which only made it's way on the compilation because streaming (rightfully) made it become a big thing
  12. Can't believe that lackluster and uninspired epitome of boredom CoCC ends up on all the "Best Albums of 2021" lists, when the artistic masterpiece that is Blue Banisters is sitting RIGHT THERE
  13. Thunder Revenant


    Tried to give it another chance, but this is just such a sorry collection of "heard-before"s. Everything that is not a 21 or 25 rehash sounds like it's an outtake from Duffy's Rockferry. And then there are those few tracks like Oh My God that sound straight out of 2012, when mainstream pop rediscovered sad songs. It's solid but it's definitly not worht all the limelight and praise it gets. At this point, I seriously doubt most people actually listen to her music, they just hype it for the sake of it since the GP decided that "ADELE IS GREAT!" at some point.
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