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  1. Are there any Sky Ferreira unreleased songs similar to Guarduan & One Way to Heaven? (I feel that their production is very similar)
  2. my personal ranking of the seasons: 1. hotel, asylum, murder house, coven 2. 1984, roanoke 3. freak show, apocalypse, cult
  3. I hated Midsommar. Watch the Wicker Man (1973) instead.
  4. It's a parody Lily's Instagram. She plays Lavinia a.k.a. The Lady in White.
  5. According to Ryan Murphy, the first big clue for Season 10 of “American Horror Story” is hidden in the eighth episode of “1984."
  6. Lily Rabe will be seen in Episode 7: The Lady in White
  7. " for the fans who want a link to watch ahs live tomorrow, here's two good websites for FX streaming: https://t.co/RnJVQRb42o https://t.co/nXNF3my3sV there's also this website but i'd recommend it in third option in case the two first are lagging/down: https://t.co/vFf5KDmGgL "
  8. Tragic Rabbit

    Melanie Martinez

    everything aside, was the project a commercial success? it got 19.5 million youtube views in 1 week.
  9. one of the rules of success is to be around creative successful people...and like lana says, "if you lie down with dogs, you'll get the fleas // be careful of the company you keep"
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