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  1. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    Bel Air vs Love
  2. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    Terrance Loves You vs Cherry Blossom
  3. Old Time Rock n Roll, Bob Seger
  4. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    MTWBT vs Terrence Loves You
  5. Bingo. Common sense.. not going to take an iota of energy to explain why. It wouldn't make a difference to people who have already decided Israel is evil. I tried to like your post, but I am on a desktop on Chrome. Sometimes it doesn't work.
  6. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    24 vs White Mustang
  7. A great song. Another unpopular opinion but I love the LFL album.
  8. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    Money Power Glory vs Text Book
  9. ep11

    Song vs. Song

    Cherry Blossom vs Radio
  10. Uhh, can we talk about Sweet Carolina? "we love every hair on your head. we love you like god loves you."
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