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  1. Myriam

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    Hahaha she’s literally fresh out of fucks forever
  2. Myriam

    Instagram Updates

    Hahaha she’s literally fresh out of fucks forever
  3. Myriam

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    Honestly sometimes I feel that we overestimate her. I don’t think she’s as smart as I thought she was... I agree that the use of ‘resist’ and ‘colonized’ in the same context like that is highly offensive even though I believe in the freedom of word use in poetry. If she were speaking clearly about how depression is violently colonizing her and killing her and taking all that makes her her, that would have maybe sounded more poetic and adequate. But the whole poem seems silly and not up to a word like this
  4. Yup, pretty sure she never really did care that much about her fans and I don’t say that to be rude or offensive but what I mean is that she’s always said she never planned on getting famous and that she prefers the quiet life and that she ‘just wanted to sing’. And lately it’s been kind of showing that the rush of being famous has worn out and that maybe she isn’t ready to handle the responsibility and commitment that comes with being famous. Tbh I need to find a way to detach myself from her ‘personally’ and only stan the music but it’s so damn hard!
  5. “She falls silent. A waft of brass floats by and mingles with her cigarette smoke. I think about her live shows, such as the outdoor one she's due to play later that night, during which she'll respond to the constant screams – her fans are too busy taking photos to applaud – by letting her band jam away for 20 minutes while she wanders the photo pit, posing for selfies with fans in the front row. Surely during those moments she must love what she does. "No," she says. Then after another drag from her cigarette she looks down towards the busy street below and says. "I don't know what I think. All I know is that, right now, I like sitting here, on this terrace." She leans back and, for a moment, looks completely content in the silence.” I stumbled upon this interview today from The Guardian 2014, I read this part and thought it would be interesting to share in the lights of this tour cancellation
  6. Exactly and I need to find a way to accept this because I am still so damn disappointed. It’s the worst thing ever when a person you love so much and are so excited to see doesn’t seem to reciprocate the feelings. Honestly I almost wish she didn’t put that apology video up because it only confirmed to me that she really doesn’t realize or grasp just how big of a deal this cancellation was for us non US citizens
  7. True. Honestly after this video I’m 100% sure she wasnt sick and was just lazy and couldn’t be arsed to go all the way to Europe. Although she did look a bit ‘down’ too?
  8. Cryyyy I did not wait a full week for such a lame impersonal statement It kinda feels like she only did it out of obligation after reading everything online Grr I guess I’m still not over the fact that I was supposed to see this beauty and didn’t
  9. This is so wel said and makes a lot of sense. Lana baby if you need anything DM me, I’m a psychiatrist.
  10. What’s beyond me though is that whenever she’s around fans she’s the sweetest. How can she be acting so careless now?
  11. We are not ‘butt hurt’. Being butt hurt implies that we are unjustifiably upset, and obviously we have every reason to be. If she were so devastatingly sick, I doubt that she didn’t know earlier. Cancelling last minute and completely disappearing is plain rude. No one is blaming her for being sick (which we are not sure of anyway), we are reprimanding how she handled the situation. But it’s ok, I was like you, I used to be in denial refusing to admit when she did anything wrong and I’m assuming that you’re not as affected by the cancellation as many of us are
  12. So my story is: I had flown into Paris specifically for the concert. Coming from a ‘3rd world country’ I had spent weeks preparing papers to apply for a VISA + booking hotel rooms and tickets in the context of a new economical crisis in the country. But i was worth it. I was going to see Lana again after so many years (Last time was in 2013 when she came to my country) And I was SO damn excited. I didn’t care that her shows were lazy and that her voice wasn’t the best lately. I just wanted to SEE her, to be in the same space as her, to watch her move I was listening to her music nonstop for months to express my excitement And then this happens. It was like a slap in the face. I was so heartbroken. Not just bc it was cancelled but I’m heartbroken because I lost all the admiration I had for her. I don’t idolize her anymore. But I think i needed this to happen because my obsession was getting out of hand.
  13. I feel like the idea that Lana has about what her fans love about her; and what her fans actually love about her aren’t necessarily the same. (If that makes any sense)
  14. The last thing she would look like is a clean, 'well put', Marks & Spencer-jacket lady. Where's the trashy!
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