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  1. Brooklyn Fetus

    Charli XCX

    charli xcx is so underrated ppl needs to give her the attention she deserves
  2. kill kill 18 born to die 9 ultraviolence 30 (+1) honeymoon 34 (-1) nfr 11 cotcc 28 blue banisters 5
  3. David Kahne - 19 Emile Haynie - 15 (+1) Dan Heath - 13 (-1) Dan Auerbach - 15 Blake Stranathan - 6 Rick Nowels - 20 Zach Dawes - 5 Barrie-James O’Neill - 11
  4. can anyone try to explain me what does the line "loving you isnt right, black leather moonlight" means
  5. ok so for me this makes so much sense: how lana's songs works intro: piano/guitar strings/vocals (hmmm / aah) verse: she starts singing, strings/piano (doesnt changes much from the intro) refrain: more strings are added along with electric guitars 2nd verse: drums are impltemented the strings from the refrain goes away keeping the intro ones but new ones are added as well with electric guitars 2nd refrain (or chorus idk): the drums are heavier and the first refrain strings comes back alongside with the ones present on the 2nd verse bridge: drums are removed(sometimes) and all the strings are replaced with a more ethereal string the 2nd refrain comes back outro: drums and other heavy instrumentals are removed. vocals (hmmm / aaah) with a fading out string.
  6. both yall comebacks weak pls run up on each other Mod note: User was warned for instigating
  7. Brooklyn Fetus

    Song vs. Song

    starry eyed x wild one
  8. i think lipsters are more of lanaboards lana fans
  9. honey maha maha is trash but millionaire is trasher so im sacrificing you for fine china km mix and maha maha for the other side
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