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  1. wait is there anyone that supports trump in this site-
  2. omg rick playing a piano, maybe they were recording pink champagne? its the only song i can recall having piano from that era (or maybe old money)
  3. does anyone have any clue of who she was in the studio with in here? bc if it was with rick he prob would remember something from this sessions if we asked him my slow ass just saw a few pictures from this photoshoot and she did was with rick
  4. i wanna meet him irl hes so sweet but id make sure to record info that i grab from him
  5. wasnt that song a pitch? + she said herself that song wasnt for the album + the song doesnt fits the aesthetic she wanted for the album +
  6. does anyone knows anything abt this? this intro is so heavenly i need to know if theres studio versions of it
  7. scarface - lana del rey nex word: swing
  8. this thread been hot since yesterday.. did sum happen?
  9. @Lindsay Lohan hii queen, do you know anything abt the versions of the songs listed on the tropico tracklist?
  10. i believe venus bc of kali uchis. pink champagne by ldr shares lyrics with arianas song pink champagne… and the lyrics are “pink champagne on the purple rain”. so if ariana who HAS contact with lana and kali who ALSO has, why venus cant be an existing track? + aris pink champagne was made before pink champagne by ldr (2011)
  11. when this demo invented rock
  12. me being here bc of ultraviolence
  13. Brooklyn Fetus


    why did ur user made me realize ultraviolence and blue banisters are sisters but uv is like the cool bad sister and blue banisters is the coquette calm sister... everyone loves uv which proves that "well behaved woman rarely make history"
  14. someone get me her black bomber jacket from the new merch please
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