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  1. when this thread is hot, I know, I'm coming to this thread reading... "Album out tomorrow confirmed" and "I can feel her coming next week" and of course nothing happens. gets a little a boring with time tho.
  2. I think an insider here said so, who was not proven to be trustworthy so far (nor the opposite tho)
  3. Probably not the first one, but this hit me at the night: He used to call me DN That stood for Deadly Nightshade 'Cause I was filled with poison
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6cU4jndgNk&ab_channel=RasmusRybergAndersen
  5. Lana's singing voice is a 10, but on a scale of 5
  6. Says, "They don't know it yet But I'm the second coming of The Father"
  7. I'll bring a pinata! coming for the party guys, just gonna be a bit late love her, happy birthday Lana <3
  8. When a new Lana song leaks or an album comes out I'm always so eager to write music. Also her poetry inspires my a lot I usually find myself in places where in my mind I feel like: 'it's just not going the way.. that I thought' or 'but it wasn't just a dream.. we were just happy'. Other then Lana nomen est omen Muse is a band that when I listen to I feel like they're making some show-stopping stuff. And wisdom! When I feel like I understood something in life it inspires me to write and I feel like I want to put it in a jewelry box created in a mindful way and sealed down. Unfurtunatelly it doesn't always happen but it feels so good to write a song about a feeling or whatever that's been shaping in my mind for years. So I don't get inspiration by artists only but by life itself. But as J.K. Rowling said if you wanna be a good writer you should read books, I also get filled when I don't just improvise but play more complicated music on the piano like Bach. Other then these I get inspiration by some other works of art then music like a friend's painting, architecture or a strong sentence said by someone.
  9. I think my Sun is Ultraviolence. Quite surprising to me as it's not my favourite record it's just something that I was first thinking about. It's firm yet still dreamy and very unique. Really 70s. My Moon would be Paradise. This album is very emotional to me also its power I think is working ín me even when I don't see it. Totally subconscious... And my rising is Chemtrails. Something very mild yet concrete something that suggests a deeper past, a sensible present and an ambigous future. Sometimes I feel like this is my favourite album of all.
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