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  1. I cat't help that I hate Yosemite. Except for the part when there's this turudururu comes in on the guitar.
  2. let's play a game.. we're leaking all the things we have at three! 1 2
  3. Listening to 'Lana Del Rey - sweet carolina snippet real.mp3" like It's so surreal
  4. For me the song went really deep when I realised that the album version is a different one than the YT version. With the ochestral it really made my soul move too!! LOVE THAT SONG (and all)
  5. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Dum Dum vs Ultraviolence
  6. AKA: Pawn Shop Blues - that's one of my favourite songs on the album, but feels like it doesn't fit, more like an unreleased one for me, like a hiddeg gem. Born to Die: Diet Mountain and Video Games - I just don't like them as much as the other ones. Ultraviolence: The Other Women - for this kind of music she should have chose a more rock 'n' roll type of song to cover. Honeymoon Salvatore, 24, The Blackest Day - totally fillers for me. A little Religion too. Lust for Life Heroin is one of the best, it should have been on Honeymoon Change should have been on Norman x Rockwell. Norman Fucking Rockwell Ugh, there are some songs here I really dont get, like Happyness is a Butterfly, Love Song and California. Also TNBAR should have been on LFL. COTCC Feels quite coherent
  7. OH WTF I didn't know!!! It's beautiful! I was listening to the yt version only, now finally the song has arrived for me.
  8. shit, maybe someone other should answer this (who is a native speaker) but as I understood she said there's gonna be a song they did together (which is INCREDIBLE) and also mentioned QuestionFTC that came out wrong but was explained by her later.
  9. Theomo

    Song vs. Song

    Cola vs Us against the world
  10. i wanted to ask that. today when was the last time you brushed your teeth?
  11. haha like 30 minutes ago when i watched a football match for like the first time ever and i cried (Im soo gay) when was the last time you sang smth?
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