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  1. My thought go out to her family.
  2. I think maybe Lana does want to get closer to Country as genre
  3. I also dream to wake up to this
  4. She already has plenty of platinum certifications so no need for her to look like Elizabeth II
  5. We should make it into one! ~ She was not going to leave him a voicemail only to be on his answering machine
  6. She’s giving us the hair clip of Marie Claire
  7. Tho ‘Nearly’ is the most essential word in the title. Without it, it wouldn’t have a turning point.
  8. sorry for criticizing happy you love her
  9. I feel sorry she hates doing her own make-up. She looks so good in the photo! It looks pure and natural on her
  10. Thanks, I didn’t know this. I guess I mistook it with the time the paparazzi acted like (fake) fans trying to get an autograph (rather than a photograph.) Either way a (true) fan would not make a scène for not getting what they want. Every fan would try to be humble towards Lana. We know it was taken out of context, but do you know what the motive was of the male?
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