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  1. Back at an all new page 111 again more wishes for us
  2. I was thinking it must be a sample like the beginning of 13 Beaches. Maybe that could also connect BBS as an answer to Text Book, Blue Banisters and Arcadia? Love your findings
  3. Rock Candy Sweet Queen of Hearts Play with Me Paradise On & On & On Hollywood Your Girl
  4. Born 2.0 Die. I get this feeling this album wont age (for a long time) The agelessness I was so passionate about when Born to Die was all and everything, and UV fans were not so well represented
  5. I’m so excited for Blue Banisters! It feels like an album of leaked unreleased songs that I’d try to create to get a little bit of a story by putting them together. The laptop hack, in 2010, and when all the songs leaked in 2013 I thought she would never use material that was already out or outdated to her
  6. Wow, the sound and lyrics fit on ‘n on ‘n on so well! It being about life in general. Really interesting! Very strong too! This sound was almost all I could find in his discography and makes me really think about the ‘Life’s a beach’ line. I think this song is something that could be played at a funeral, lyrically
  7. Well, opinions are respected Does anyone know what Jimmy Buffett song she wants us to play on and on and on? And on and on and on?
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