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  1. Kintsugi and Fingertips hit me last night and I cannot stop listening to them. Kintsuuuuugiiiiiii
  2. I want the angels to sing Paris, Texas when they come for me when I die. When you know, you know, it’s time, it’s time to go 🩵🩵
  3. Never thought a song with the word ‘Grandfather’ in the title would become one of my favourites but Lana did it 😭
  4. Taco Truck, A&W, Paris Texas, Grandfather, Let the light in Also Margaret is so loveeee
  5. Okay I just finished listening to the album and I’m happy I went in without listening to the leaks except Taco Truck. Also long post alert
  6. Yes to heaven in The Little Mermaid soundtrack please manifest 😭
  7. I feel like I went to Church with this song 😭🥺😭🥹 I swear this album is 10/10 already.
  8. The Little Mermaid soundtrack is being released on 19th March Remember Ed said Lana has more soundtracks coming? I’m sure he was talking about more than Watercolor Eyes since he said ‘soundtracks’ I really hope that’s the surprise BOZ was talking about
  9. Is she actually going to London for this? If yes, does anyone know where the bbc radio 1 station is? Would really like to see her!
  10. Ever since I learned that the title track is her asking about if she’s ever gonna get married or have a kid of her own when she sings “when’s it gonna be my turn” I have a new found respect and love for that song cause God knows I feel her pain
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