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  1. The real question is how do we make Dealer go viral!?
  2. The track duration is out on Apple Music when you go for preorder.
  3. Does Cherry Blossom have guitars? Because it says so in the credits.
  4. I’m not listening till 22nd but can anyone please tell me about Beautiful? No one seems to be talking about it. Is it bad?
  5. The electric guitar and heavy metal drums in Cherry blossom are ?
  6. You guys stop with the leaks!!!! Just wait for fucking 10 days. It’s not gonna kill us, hopefully.
  7. Blue Banisters is going to dethrone NFR! I know it. I can feel it in my blue balls heart. ?
  8. I think BBS and IYLDWM will be another Summer Bummer and Groupie Love moment. And I’m all for it!
  9. I’ll cry while cumming if it’s their son. He can fuck me all night long.
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