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  1. this is getting boring... i need exciting info
  2. i can't wait anymore i need a single asap
  3. i think so but im hoping she'll perform a lasso song live before the album release cause im going to leeds which is like very close to the albums release date
  4. hi, does anyone know how to get to the first row on leeds concert and give me some tips ! i'm going with a friend and this is my first concert ever.
  5. i want more info about lasso or the album cover release date or anything
  6. ok we didn't get anything and it's already 8 now we wait till 9
  7. guys let's all manifest that she will actually drop the album on may and that she accidentally said september instead i mean she's been working on it for long enough
  8. omg it worked when u gave me the link but when i try to copy it it doesn't idk why
  9. tbh i have a feeling she'll drop it sooner..
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