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  1. Just not getting this random release. I love SYTH, but not in this context. It seems underwhelming coming off of Candy Necklace's MV & Ocean Blvd's release. No announcement by Lana or her team, no hype, no nothing. I'm not a TikToker, but assuming this got released because of a TikTok trend; then to find out it's not even the version that is trending on the platform just seems off-base and a complete miss. Maybe if Lana had announced a B-Sides album release for later this year and dropped this as the first single, then this would have made more sense to me. Guess I'm glad to be able to finally stream SYTH now via Spotify. Just don't know how often I will be. And that sped up version... seriously If they were wanting a faster version, I'd rather of had a DnB remix or something different than just a sped up version. That's a ridiculous trend that I just don't get tbh.
  2. It infuriates me to no end. There are some going for over 1k on Discogs. There is even one at $2,500 I mean, come the fuck on!!! I'm holding out that one day I will snag a copy, and I hope you do also.
  3. I also hate when people do this. They only bought them to resell them at overly exaggerated prices. This shit pisses me off and I wish I knew of a way to keep fake fans from buying them up so that real fans have an opportunity. Fuck those people!! I feel this same way about the Heart Shaped LFL vinyl single from UO. It's the only piece of vinyl I am missing and it's going rate is astronomical compared to the original selling price. Totally gutted for you, Elle.
  4. So sorry to hear Elle My app kept me in suspense for about 3mins. I panicked and tried to order again because I thought something went wrong. The app wouldn't let me order another one because I had a pending order already placed. Had it let me and I somehow ended up with 2, I totally would have given you one.
  5. Mine also told me "checking inventory" for about 20secs, then the screen disappeared. It then sat at "pending order" under my account orders for a few minutes. The app just confirmed my order went through!! I snagged the Lana & the NIN ones
  6. For sure, no shade on White Dress MV. I just remember Lana talking about the video before it came out and I had delusions of grandeur that we would be getting something akin to Candy Necklace, or Fuck it, I Love You / The Greatest, but in the end it was very lackluster imo. It kinda reminds me of the behind the scenes pics of 'Music To Watch Boys To'. They were so full of color and pizazz , but the end video was B&W, and (looking back on it) rather boring tbh. In the case of Candy Necklace, the B&W is part of what makes the video so captivating to watch. It works brilliantly in this context. Regardless, no shade to any of Lana's videos (even the ones that got reused for other songs... ULTRAVIOLENCE = Freak & Next Best American Record = White Mustang). She's an artist and has her reasons for what she chooses. Candy Necklace is pure perfection in my eyes
  7. I've watched this video so many times. The symbolism throughout, the styling, the way it's broken apart to reveal the underbelly of the filming process. EVERYTHING IS STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't think of anything else to say about it. Ps. I remember Lana mentioning something about the White Dress music video before it dropped. Something along the lines of "getting to work with a director who knows how to make real music videos", bla bla bla. I couldn't find the actual quote from Lana. Who knows, maybe I'm remembering it wrong or something. Anyway, the end result of White Dress was ho-hum compared to this. Rich Lee is the shit! Lana should have saved that quote for Rich Lee because the two of them make unbelievable art together.
  8. Not sure what I'm missing... I saved a link to NTWRK's website showing all of the pic discs that will be on sale tomorrow the 12th. They were all there yesterday, but as of today they are all gone I even have the NTWRK app with my account set up and the discs are nowhere to be seen. I was wanting to grab BTD & NIN Did these go on sale and sell out already? The announcement said they were going live on the 12th... today is the 11th Never mind... they took the front page down with all the releases shown, but a quick Goog search got me a direct link
  9. Shit dude! How much did you pay for these? I wrote these off as copies I will never own just because of the price tag. Ok, I'd buy this for real
  10. Fell down a rabbit hole looking at Lana's songs under ACE Repertory. I noticed under 'Yes To Heaven' there was another artist listed as a performer (actually, there are 3 apart from Lana, the other two I can't find any info about). Anyways, who is Christi Buckley? She released a cover of Yes To Heaven last year and apparently replied to some Reddit fans that the single will be part of a bigger project coming out this year. Is this the reason there have been copyright warnings for Yes To Heaven going out? She's shown as one of the performers of the song on ACE Repertory. It's literally the only song on her Spotify page and she has over 400k followers. That's a lot of followers for only having a single song. Sorry is this question has already been brought up.
  11. Just here to say, I'm glad they have removed the Judah Smith interlude on the new vinyl version coming out. That track has been blocked on Spotify since my first full listen to Ocean Blvd. Going from A&W into Candy Necklace is how I've become accustomed to this album playing out. FINALLY a vinyl version I can listen to beginning to end without skipping a track. That track knocked this album down a few notches for me tbh. Having a blocked track on a Lana album has been very disconcerting. Glad to put that trigger track behind me finally!! Also tata vinyl is a winwin!! Ps. I wonder if Judah Smith had something to do with the removal of the track given Lana's tata would be hanging out on the cover? Just wondering why it's been removed on the new version. I'm totally ok with its removal, just curious why.
  12. Yes, it's actually called "Hide This Song" and it works great. Once you hide the track, it will grey out the song title. That way you know it will never play again.
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