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  1. I have wanted studio versions of both country tracks she performed with Jack at the Ally Coalition Concert for years. We all know Lana doesn't like "bonus tracks" on her album releases, but both tracks would be fitting as bonus tracks. The Lanaverse has salivated for these tracks long enough 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. Not that it means anything, but one of his posts (number 18 if you're counting back) uses Young and Beautiful for the soundtrack. Tbh, I could see why Lana likes his work. Def seems right up her alley.
  3. Sorry, I had to. This was the first thing I thought of when you asked about beats in country music Edit: Lana had better NEVER do this to us
  4. Yeah, agreed dude. Charlie's debut single did not move me in any direction, except maybe away from the speaker. My guess is he's gifted in other areas, not everyone can be a LDR. To each their own, though. I'm sure there are peeps out there jamming to his single, with the windows down, blaring it loud! I am not one of those peeps
  5. J.R.OMEGA

    Charles Grant

    I believe that was Prince Philip who passed away. Prince Charles (now King Charles) is her son who was just diagnosed with cancer. Edit: I moved a comment to a different topic
  6. I don't mind this at all. I'd like a full album of new tracks. I was kinda expecting TMHCR would be a track on Lasso. It seems like a fitting track tbh If it goes down like last era, we wont know the cover until preorders go live. I also hope she continues with offering different covers with different vinyl variants. I don't want a repeat of Chemtrails where I have 12 different vinyl variants with the same album cover.
  7. Now that the fiasco called the Grammys is over. I'm ready to shift focus to my sad cowboy era
  8. I would keel over if Lana were to win a Grammy for a country album next year. Maybe she needs to drop a heavy metal album to get the voters attention. She dropped the most raw, emotional album this year dealing with topics that almost all women (and in some cases men) deal with (life, death, love, lust, child bearing, being forgotten, etc.) only to be acknowledged by the Academy with nominations, but no wins. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
  9. Yes, this is how I felt watching last night. Taylor was making history with that award, I assumed Lana did not want to make it about her or the fact that she had to lose for Taylor to win. She showed her excitement after Taylor gave her speech and turned around to leave. There are pics from that moment floating around LanaBoards somewhere.
  10. Totally random and it's late, but it just hit me that Taylor's new album title is a take on the movie The Dead Poets Society 🤦🏼‍♂️ I was thinking it was some weird Lana influence, but maybe not. Ok, back to the Grammys AOTY is the last award of the night 🤞🏻
  11. Album of the Year is always last award of the night
  12. Joni finally getting her recognition at 80 is a glimpse into Lana's future. The industry will ignore her until the end.
  13. I was like... WTF? Master Card? and then they still played more commercials afterward 💀
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