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  1. on my blue record radio silence and Sunday in heaven are both missing
  2. pin up galore

    Kali Uchis

    omg I missed the presale hoping I get tickets on the 26th I need to go it'll be my 3rd time seeing her
  3. it’s crazy how many samples are being used on this album and i’m assuming their use is more in length than like the samples used on BTD so we haven’t really heard her do this style of music before and for there to be so many of them like who/what made her get so into it? was it jack donoghue?
  4. nb4 @pin up galore Lipster of the Decade IKTR!!!!!!!!
  5. @111 deserved solely for the Your Girl/SYTH/Fine China fraud messy ass behavior
  6. its almost like I can still smell his vaporized shits...
  7. i just had a dream that i went to a record store to pick up a record i had repaired? but while i was there saw two variants of DYKTTATUOB on sale that both had painted Violet-style covers where one had a tiger and a bunch of flowers and the other had a bunch of people standing around holding random things like LGBT flags and shit it looked like the I Love You Honeybear by FJM cover. anyway i bought them and took them home and unpackaged them and they both had gatefolds with photos of drag queens in them like blurry ass screencaps from RPDR but one was on this gorgeous baby blue clear vinyl and the tiger one was like an orange hazy one. i also remember i kept thinking whether or not i was gonna have my insider era on here or if i was gonna wait till closer to the release date to spill that i bought those copies early there was a track called SubPop on the back too which is just so weird but anyway i kinda wish the painted tiger cover was real cause shit was pretty
  8. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    ok no but honestly WHERE TF IS THE TR AND SUCKER REPRESS??????? they've been pressed been months and not a single word about them istg if she makes us wait til April for the TR anniversary imma loose my mind
  9. when we get a breastmilk colored vinyl pressing for the tiddie cover >>>>>
  10. that tiddie pic looks like it was from the same set as the Arcadia ones... she was like "hmmm ill hold off on the boobs till after I rehash my family trauma"
  11. pin up galore

    Kali Uchis

    I wish u roses n roses n roses n roses n roses n roses n roses love the American beauty reference in the video everything is just absolutely gorgeous
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