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  1. someone get Kyle Rittenhouse on the phone I got someone for him to take care of
  2. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    they played Used To Know Me twice while I was in IKEA today but I was with my grandma so I couldn't press the slay button and fag the house down
  3. omg I can't believe its been 7 years HM was my first era as a devoted fan I can't believe I was 12 2015 felt like such a different time I remember when she announced HBTB for August 10th w that STUNNING single cover and me trying to convince my mom and sister she was an alt girlie and not a pop girlie and the morning Terrence came out and I listened to it on my way to middle school feeling like Ella Fitzgerald such a magical album still in my top 2 w UV the 1-2 punch of those two records and how honeymoon began the introspection that was then sidelined for LFL and returned to with NFR! is so crazy in retrospect mother!!!!!!!
  4. anyone have that vid of SOPHIE performing Waterpump? she's dressed in tan latex and is really into it bopping real hard can't find it anywhere
  5. pin up galore


    MOTOMAMI the most steamed female album of 2022 so deserved I don't speak a hint of Spanish and yet this album has been on nonstop since march when it came out its just too good I've given my own meaning to each track based solely off vibes
  6. plz can whatever basement they run LDR Village out of just collapse already I feel bad for saying it but literally 97% of their merch is just so shitty almost all the prints are fugly, the quality is shit, and it feels so unauthentic for Lana I remember when the LFL merch came out and Lana talked about how much she worked on it and you could tell cause it was actually cute and good quality like my California neon hoodie is still mint after 5 years of wear and from what Ive seen the LDR Village shirts look like they'll disintegrate in the wash
  7. pin up galore

    Weyes Blood

    ofc there's no Florida date love how the label and inner sleeve of the vinyl matches that of TR the attention to detail the swelling of the instrumentation on this track is just insane on my first listen it felt kinda mundane and lacking oomph but god damn the more I play it the more I feel like Alice floating on the ocean
  8. Waterloo saying it’s not gonna ship from them till 10/21 i want it so fucking bad just give it to me
  9. omg new account random insider just like the W Mag leak omfggggg i believe you 100% @TheDollClub
  10. pin up galore

    Weyes Blood

    the level of servery exuded here like fuck Natalie you can see the growth and their so different yet work so well together she's such a genius I cannot im so excited
  11. pin up galore


  12. pin up galore

    Weyes Blood

    STUNNING PINK VINYL https://roughtrade.com/us/weyes-blood/and-in-the-darkness-hearts-aglow/lp-plus I snagged so fast wow the song is amazing feels like such a parallel to A Lots Gonna Change and the production is just goosebumps
  13. Messer is the stage name of Pentatonix member Mitch Grassi, who started releasing solo music under the moniker in 2021 with tracks "Angels Pray" and "Machine" leading to his debut EP 'Roses' in August of that year. In June of 2022 he released his new single "Leather". Angels Pray: Machine: Leather: I was never a fan of Pentatonix that much but I did watch Mitch on his YouTube channel Superfruit a lot growing up and all this music he's released in the last year has been absolutely amazing Angels Pray, Machine, and Roses are definitely the best of the EP but his whole discog has been on replay the past year and I thought he deserved his own thread
  14. pin up galore


    her manager tweeted "A product demo. Not an announcement about Grimes music. Sorry. Only Grimes makes announcements about her art." makes no sense why there's a tracklist and way to connect your crypto to it then idk what a mess I just want the .mp3s ma'am
  15. pin up galore


    Grimes manager posted this on insta so BOOK 1 coming in 10 days??? also the apparent tracklist: XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX Player of Games XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XX XX XX XXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX\XXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX Shinigami Eyes umm where tf is Welcome to the Opera and why is Shinigami Eyes the closer to the album you'll never be IDORU
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