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  1. OMFG y'all we did it holy fucking shit she really is pulling through all doubt I had about the era is gone
  2. i think after learning about the nikki collab there’s a really strong chance weyes and zella are gonna be on the record too. maybe as some type of girl power that helps her get through the breakups on the album. i also feel like they’re gonna be on the cover a la NFR’s UO cover
  3. has pam posted about working with lana at all these past couple of months? I know that Sheridans been doing her makeup more recently n I aint mad - pam was getting kinda lazy n lettin lana walk around looking busted
  4. I hope we get another song like NFR's title track cause to this day I still listen to it and think WHAT WAS THAT. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM. the gorgeous (but horribly mixed) strings, the punch of the opening line, the gorgeous melody, the vocal layering, the YOUUUUUUUUUU, and the YOU MAKE ME BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE at the end like wow she really put her whole pussy into it and we need more.
  5. I would love for her to cover But Beautiful by Billie Holiday for COCC - It still haunts my every moment knowing that she didn't cover it for honeymoon cause I feel it would've fit the album so well but I think with COCC being all about her love for her friends n family it would make sense ya know
  6. when lana first posted the TJF snippet I was like ok im not gonna judge... but now I cannot stop listening to it like omfg the way she made the idea of Jesus n Arkansas so hot you should stay that close to Jesus keep that bottle at ur Hand my man find ur way back to my bed again sing me like a bible hymn
  7. fuck that was so cute I def think the golf cart was a BTS of another MV... was that Zella and Weyes on the back too? I stg if they dont collab
  8. there wasn't a countdown for Doin Time if I remember correctly, we just knew about it bc Eclipse
  9. ya know she probably blacked out the background cause you could see her messy ass bedroom
  10. woah its kinda... strange? her vocals seem to be pretty raw which makes me happy - the layering of her vocals in interesting idk I feel like ill like it more when its part of the album
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