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  1. I think Black Bathing Suit done more in the style of Ocean Blvd songs like A&W and Zodiac would make it a lot better maybe it could use a lil Jack still keeping the messy unhinged style ending but with better processed vocals and I think the weird drums could've been executed better than they are on BB
  2. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    just remembered that A24 Mother Mary movie with Anne Hathaway that her and Jack Antonoff are making music for - the trailer should be coming out within the next few months right? I looked it up and it said filming was in May 2023 so it can't be too far away she's also doing music for the new Benny Drama show Overcompensating so I hope we get more autopilot bops like Hot Girl or Hot in It I love those tracks despite how redundant they can be they're perfect for soundtracks n promos n stuff
  3. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    hello goodbye is so euphoric the buildup to the ending is just incredible I can't believe she's been paying it dust like has she ever mentioned the song? also I finally came around to silver cross I never really paid much attention to it but like holy shit... I PULL U CLOSE SO CLOSE SO CLOOOOOSE
  4. i'll have whatever intestinal parasite she's having!
  5. thank god trap lana is back proving she DOES still have it in her...
  6. pin up galore


    holy shit this is some Behind The Iron Gates type of vibe v interesting that its about Gilgo girls she's so crazy
  7. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    brat wall live on tiktok again lorde wtf is happening this time
  8. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    hearing this album in the club has been so great and fun like omfg I heard Club Classics and B2b a two weeks ago and during Chapell Roan night yesterday they played 365 and those high pitched bird noises near the end sent me the lesbians had no clue wtf was goin awn but I need to hear this shit in full in the club even IMSSS and ITAIATT its a must fr tho its the TikTok choreo trend thats done it for me like Apple goes so fucking hard now I think the apples rotten right to the core, from all the things passed down from all the apples coming before
  9. pin up galore

    Charli XCX

    I'm honestly shocked at how much better I find 365 to be than its remix now... some may call it growth... others will say I switched like a fag... but like fr tho the PARTYGIRL version is great with the sample but idk its more repetitive and the album version is just so transcendental with its constant evolution and more lyrics like both are incredible A1 tho i feel so blessed to have even heard the PARTYGIRL version
  10. I can only listen for like 30 seconds at a time and I can't watch the video this is so bad you guys like it isn't even funny trump low-key made a point saying this whole thing is just trying to legitimize Biden being able to make it the next 4 years and they are fail-ling im still voting blue all the way down dont get me wrong! but like oh my god what are we doing??? like best case scenario the dems and queers mobilize once trump wins and we can do some damage control until 2028 at this point
  11. looks like me and Nikki Lane can agree on one thing
  12. @MrsButtersWERK @Fetiche the merchbar shipping was slightly cheaper but I already caved lol im fine I will recover im just happy to have the variant I wanted thanks tho!
  13. I caved and bought it $70 when it was all said and done is a lil crazyyyy but I guess thats how people outside the US feel when buying vinyls song is a banger too I never got around to listening to it before today when it was released so what a great surprise!
  14. $27 shipping on the pink vinyl idkkkkk
  15. its out now on AM
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