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  1. omg I didn't even realize the thread changed omg SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  2. at this point its gonna feel wrong having anything else besides the Lucas B David drawing as the Masochism cover
  3. we need a lana del rey boob era timeline @Clampigirl
  4. yessss I love the photoshoot (her milkers out of course I like it) the interview is okay kinda boring like it said so little and gave us no substance besides the fact there's an album coming and new music soon?
  5. this album makes me wanna eat some beef jerky real bad
  6. announcement tomorrow we made it gays n girlies
  7. GOD what a good fucking album all the hot summer mornings smoking weed, listening to this record, and completely transforming into St. Vincent in her Candy Darling cosplay I don't see how anyone could think this isn't one of the greatest albums ever like Down and Out Downtown still giving me butterflies just thinking about it
  8. cannot stop listening to Thoroughfare like omfgggggggggggg.... guysssssssss......... how does music progress past this scat queen
  9. the male speaking in Ptolemaea gives me huge GR by Deathpile vibes what a horrific track
  10. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST LISTEN TO????? I don't even know what to say I haven't felt this gooped after a first listen in a WHILE literally EVERY. track. is. a. banger. I was so nervous with all the long ass songs knowing they'd mostly be slow but the story is so captivating and her voice carries most of these tracks this is some next level shit plus the constantly changing soundscape kept me on my hooves the entire time thoroughfare SOTY 100% I got a lil emo idk why it gave me Mazzy Star Seasons of Your Day vibes with the production I liveeeeeeeeeeed I cannot wait to listen again in my car, with headphones, on my speakers PTOLEMAEA spooky ass song what a cathartic experience
  11. 1:40 into family tree intro and wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww edit: American teenager already hitting different
  12. pin up galore


    am I the only one that associates My Name is Dark with being the title track of MA?? I guess it makes the most sense idk
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