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  1. Omg so the show itself got delayed, and then the livestream will have a 30 min delay? Bro I ran from work
  2. All I know is that it's starting in 25 / 35 minutes lol
  3. https://futebolplayhd.com/assistir-multishow-ao-vivo-24-horas-online/ is this really the show livestream or just behind the scenes stuff?? any other working link? i'm finally home from work
  4. I'm so glad her come-back show will be in Brazil, a South American country, bc the crowd will be incredibly loving and wild and she will feel comfortable and happy. Tonight should be for the books.
  5. https://supertvaovivo.tv/multishow-ao-vivo/ this is working fine for me
  6. Vinyl color -- LDR Tour edition What color will she wear? I'm guessing white x
  7. "Sorry, I was late because Lana's show in Brazil got delayed"
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