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  1. She became Queen 2 years before Elvis Presley put out his first song. Nobody cares about her, it's about what she meant. She is an important figure in world history. But okay.


    Oh, a Lana podcast for each record would be absolutely delightful
  3. Drums obviously, we hadn't had that in a long while
  4. Why u acting as if she hasn't been singing about fire in every song of her career?
  5. It's so crazy that Lana can totally debut at No. 1 but somehow someone bigger than her sabotages her. Born to Die -> Adele blocked everyone for like a whole year Honeymoon -> Drake surprise dropped his album and blocked her Norman Fucking Rockwell -> Taylor Swift released one week earlier + Tool's long awaited comeback Chemtrails over the Country Club -> Fucking Justin Bieber decided to release the same day as her With Blue Banisters she simply had no chance. Luckily it managed to debut inside the Top 10


    Not to be ageist but honestly mostly her old/longtime fans hate the "new Bjork", you know, the Arca-inspired Bjork. From what I've read, they feel she has no melodies, instrumentals don't go with her voice, they hate how "disgusting" her art can be nowadays (vagina references, her turning into an alien birdlike animal with makeup and wigs, etc.). I've read countless times that "Arca is a bad influence for Bjork" When Arca has accompanied Bjork through her healing process and has inspired her endlessly. They're best friends. Anyway here's my ranking: Vespertine Vulnicura Homogenic Utopia Medúlla Debut Biophilia Post Volta
  7. I agree. Beautiful and Violets for Roses are some of her most forgettable songs ever, and I say this as a huge Blue Banisters fan.


    I know the album cover will be breathtaking
  9. I’m sorry, but did she edit her nose in those pics? There’s no way it looks exactly the same 24 years later anyway, BEAUTIFUL!
  10. I remember clearly during the COTCC pre-release thread, I was saying this all the time. I was praying for the cover to not be black and white... and when it was revealed....
  11. An album full of Rides and Video Games, let's go!
  12. This. It won't hurt you, Lana. Some killer drums.
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