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  1. I know right? Arcadia is one of the best songs and compositions in her entire catalogue.
  2. What will be Lana's next art period?
  3. Now that would be a firey collab.


    Is anyone else seeing her this year? I am I'm extremely excited about her new album. It's most likely done/almost done, as far as we know. It's such a mysterious project, though. I know there are many Arca haters but I hope she's included in this one too. Not sure about an entire co-production again but still...
  5. I don't understand the sudden disapproval of Erickson? His compositions are masterful. If anyone is responsible for the weaker Blue Banisters cuts (Beautiful, Violets for Roses) is Lana herself. He does a great job and I'm super excited for this new record. I also don't think this will be another "Chemtrails over the Blue Banisters", as I have been reading on social media. I feel like this new one and Norman will sandwich Chem and Blue. I always see those records are just little projects, although they are some of my favorite work of hers.
  6. Here for a summer single, high-budget video, second single w another high-budget video, album release in October with world tour announcement on the same day
  7. This is some of my favorite work from her ever. Actually, my top 10 LDR songs are all from Norman, Chem and Blue.
  8. Beautiful photoshoot, interview and news
  9. I'm probably over-reacting but singing that song in that church... I hope she's doing it as some kind of spiritual thing


    Miss Anthropocene is her best along Visions -- Do we have the Eartheater interview?
  11. This. The only stain is Nectar of the Gods.
  12. BORN TO DIE (10th Anniversary Edition) Disc 1 01. Born to Die 02. Off to the Races 03. Blue Jeans 04. Video Games 05. Diet Mountain Dew 06. National Anthem 07. Dark Paradise 08. Radio 09. Carmen 10. Million Dollar Man 11. Summertime Sadness 12. This Is What Makes Us Girls 13. Without You 14. Lolita 15. Lucky Ones Disc 2 01. Driving In Cars With Boys (Reworked) 02. You Can Be the Boss (Reworked) 03. Hanging Around (Reworked) 04. Last Girl On Earth (Reworked) 05. Live or Die (Reworked) 06. Kinda Outta Luck (Reworked) 07. Serial Killer (Reworked) 08. On Our Way (Reworked)
  13. It is; doesn't mean it's high on my list!
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