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  1. https://youtu.be/ahO6blGIlq4?si=AAuPg1PnsXYpT9XA Amazing show from this era <3
  2. My Change tattoo that I got in February 2018, it was actually my first lol. It's the LFL font btw
  3. Thank you Lust for Life for changing my life when I was 19. I actually turned 19 one week after the album release and it was the soundtrack of that period of my life.
  4. I don't think it was written with the Statue of Liberty in mind but I've always seen Arcadia as a 100% social commentary. Not at all a love song. Some people need to read more.
  5. Wildfire Wildflower One of my least favorite Lana songs, despite the good lyrics. I just hate that everything sounds so cheap and digital. When I see people begging for more Mike Dean or whatever his name was on future music I cringe. Kintsugi I absolutely love this song, but I wish a cleaner and more grand version existed, like Ocean Blvd title track, since the lyrics are so monumental. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood I can't imagine Lana agreeing with this production. Dark Paradise I always thought this song was horribly produced, like Emile ran out of ideas after doing the best songs on the album and he just repeated the same resources he used in those songs. The bridge especially is a mess with the unnecessary synth. Million Dollar Man Incredible song, horrible studio version imo. Why is everything so flat and synthetic, it takes the soul out of the jazzy vibe she's trying to convey. Body Electric Similar reasons to Million Dollar Man.
  6. Out of all artists I love, Lana is No. 1 when it comes to vivid memories of stanning life through the years lol and it's so crazy that I'm still crazy about this woman after 13 years or so... my first Lana concert was in November 2013 and the Summertime Sadness Remix was the only thing people knew about her. She's come so far.
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