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  1. She looked incredible. She really felt each word. And damn she got angrier with each verse
  2. They had everything to make an actually great video. It only needed more acting. But I guess it goes against what Lana said in the HM acc.
  3. Literally this. I do agree with some of the things said, but NFR! is as LDR as it gets. It's just that it had such a cool concept and new sound, plus the social/political state of America of that time... it also came out after a "long" hiatus (for her standards), her personality was on fire (hence why the album is so cool as she said) plus the songs are literally amazing Honestly my top 10 Lana songs is 50% NFR tracks Anyway Text Book, Blue Banisters and Arcadia are among her finest works
  4. Title track - 10 Venus Fly Trap - 10 Man's World - 8 Purge the Poison - 5 Highly Emotional People - 9 New America - 8 Pandora's Box - 3 I Love You - 8 Flowers - 10 Goodbye - 10 So far!
  5. G*ys shading Jack as if the new Lorde song sounds like anything Lana has done


    It's ok
  7. This album is actually really good omg... She's forgiven.
  8. Except BB is called RCS.
  9. I mean, we don't need an insider to know she's sharing some info later this month
  10. Born to Die Blue Jeans National Anthem Summertime Sadness Tropico
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