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  1. Hi I just wanna say that I've been so busy and I love y'all and I can't wait for Chemtrails
  2. "A subsatellite, also known as a submoon or moonmoon, is a natural or artificial satellite that orbits a natural satellite, i.e. a "moon of a moon". It is inferred from the empirical study of natural satellites in the Solar System that subsatellites may be elements of planetary systems." The moon symbolises motherhood... there's a moon with a moon... she's mothering herself as the mother she never had!
  3. Good morning LanaBoards Jesus Freaks Another day of silence at the country club
  4. Yeah I'll give you that. Wish she could be more articulate about feeling blue
  5. Well it's part of her language. There are tons of artists (especially 20th century artists) that have a certain "lyrical language" throughout most of their discography. I write a lot about the Sun and the planets etc and it never gets boring tbh
  6. the last part is delusional but yeah i guess she'll see his non-excitement this time around and she'll move on


    yes that's what she said! I personally feel like there's some info (or a single...) coming this year, but the whole era is coming 2022 tbh. She has many projects rn
  8. Hello country clubbers Haven't listened to COCC in 2 days (been way too busy) and I'll do it now
  9. I love all the theories and expectations but I just can't imagine COCC being goth with Breaking Up Slowly in it
  10. this is actually really interesting and makes sense! thanks
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