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  1. I feel like this album will be really successful
  2. I genuinely want to ask, without getting attacked by stans who hate anything post-Norman, why do people on this forum hate Margaret? From the beginning it was one of my top favorite Ocean Blvd songs, and then I learned it was ranked as one of the worst by most people. Lana sounds lovely, the lyrics are really good (and serve as the yang to Paris Texas' yin), it's a great post-rock / dream pop song. It sounds waltzy without even being 3/4. And it's one of the only happily romantic Lana songs. And I know this is actually unpopular, but I absolutely love Jack's verse. Also the chemistry between them is amazing.
  3. I can't believe people used to trash her for lyrics like these... mastermind.
  4. Yes, honestly releasing UV and not repeating the formula that changed her life (BTD sound and aesthetic) was such a powerful move. Everything she does is ahead of its time.
  5. Ultraviolence is such a genius rock album. The way it stood the test of time is proof of it. If you listen to other popular rock albums from 2013-14, most of them sound straight out of that time; Ultraviolence still sounds fresh and intriguing and still has as much fire as it did one decade ago. Pretty When You Cry is even better than West Coast btw.
  6. Some are here for country rap, some are here for country rock, some are here for orchestral country while others are here for Hey Blue Baby -- but I'm here for dark post-country psych-folk with lots of banjo and drums
  7. I personally do not want this because then she'll be doing that medley for the next two tours
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