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  1. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    someone leak the portals instrumentals so we can end this era for good
  2. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    she confirmed no new music this year both in a youtube video and in a tumblr post. oh well folks we gotta WAIT
  3. 320kbps

    Allie X

    literally her best music video i mean catch is still pretty iconic but she slayed, i fear
  4. 320kbps

    Allie X

    Okay... I was wondering why the part in Saddest Smile sounded familiar... and.... the part where she's like it's literally....
  5. 320kbps

    Allie X

    Just minor corrections based on what i hear hehe
  6. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    pretty sure the original file was untitled so we have no name
  7. 320kbps


    i'm seeing her live next month and i cannot be more excited
  8. 320kbps

    Allie X

    i don't know for sure but i have a feeling at least some are unmastered, just feels like some songs like weird world are unfinished
  9. 320kbps


    does anyone have an updated masterpost or at least a tracker? i found a masterpost but it's missing quite a few things from even her early days
  10. 320kbps


    crazy! no idea who would do such a thing! anyway,
  11. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    why am i just now finding out about the scrapped american teenager verses??? that demo needs to leak
  12. 320kbps


    she really ate with this album i'm afraid the final mixes are exquisite
  13. 320kbps

    Kim Petras

    Try Again is an outtake from FTB recorded in 2022 i believe. she teased it on insta early this year
  14. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    idk i kinda dig the spooky ambient vibe of the last 2 tracks she posted on ashmedai
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