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  1. 320kbps

    Rina Sawayama

    it's the only thing i can think of. HYPE
  2. 320kbps

    Rina Sawayama

    what's my girl planning...
  3. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    so the beginning and end is AI but the middle part is real right?
  4. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    different projects, i think they meant we'll know if it's a PD side B or a PW demo once we get the side B EP
  5. 320kbps


    i miss her and while serpentina was okay it def wasn't as good as altar or iii... but i'm excited for new music whenever she wants to give us some also crowded places is still one of my favs it's so good
  6. 320kbps


    i am once again asking for your support in finding a masterpost
  7. 320kbps


    i just now listened to the most recent leaks and i'm obsessed with all of them they're all club bangers
  8. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    ya know i do love this record but why does she mention piss so much lmfao
  9. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    i'm wondering if they even read the post right above them sometimes
  10. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    idk if anyone cares but the official Play Date instrumental leaked (the one we had before was missing stems) and the VOID instrumental leaked
  11. long story short i worked at a uhhh very high profile liberal company and when she did this photoshoot i was talking to a coworker abt it and she asked to see so i showed her and then the next day i was told i was reported for showing "explicit pornographic images" to coworkers without consent i have a better job now that pays more so it was a good thing tbh
  12. just bought the titty vinyl this is my second LDR album i'll have 2 copies of also iconic bc that picture got me fired from my job AHAHAHHAA
  13. 320kbps

    Melanie Martinez

    i knewwwww something with the chorus sounded so fuckin weird
  14. 320kbps

    Allie X

    miss her so much sometimes it feels like she's still with us x
  15. 320kbps

    Ethel Cain

    tbh i don't have an instagram so i just typed it on safari but it says the account cannot be found. maybe because i'm not logged in
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