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  1. baddisease

    Billie Eilish

    the remix was of the rapper's song, and Billie was one of his close friends. the song was very emotional from what I heard.
  2. baddisease

    Song vs. Song

    Radio vs Bad Disease
  3. baddisease

    Melanie Martinez

    what about Haunted and Drama Club?
  4. I mentioned in another thread that Lana really went to AA and quoted their book and everything. I don't think she had an easy life.
  5. baddisease

    Billie Eilish

    why good? her label should let her put out anything she wants, like they do with Lana.
  6. baddisease

    Song vs. Song

    Paradise vs The Next Best American Record
  7. baddisease

    Billie Eilish

    apparently, Billie made a remix of a song with a certain rapper and her label isn't letting her put it out according to Reddit.
  8. Antony and the Johnsons - River of Sorrow
  9. Lana Del Rey - Let Me Love You Like A Woman https://open.spotify.com/track/1gxdWpeOUBpvB908fiZs4D?si=a5IVf4ziQZSX7Mg12HbE6Q
  10. Could it be a waste of time? Maybe But does he deserve to be mourned? No. He was a racist, imperialist, and all-around awful.
  11. I'm going to point out that millions upon millions of formerly colonized people live in America, mostly due to its overseas activities.
  12. 1. I'm not a teenager. Save your condescension. 2. You could easily look up the economics of the countries in the Commonwealth 3. Queen Elizabeth's mother - who died in 2002 - was the last Empress of India. 4. The royal family deserves absolutely nothing that it has: wealth, status, etc. 5. The UK still possesses things that were stolen from its colonies
  13. Education? Imperialism is ALWAYS wrong and the amount of wealth and lives they stole from the lands they pillaged could never be repaid. And the anti-colonial wars happened in the 20th Century, hardly their "ancestors". The countries of the Commonwealth other than certain exceptions are in the Commonwealth because they're dependent on the UK.
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