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  1. they aren't, but they aren't always mutually inclusive either. why doesn't she just get a restraining order?
  2. woah woah woah don't lump the mentally ill - who are more likely to be victims of crime - with stans who don't care about her privacy. what is their job again? cuz they seem to not be doing a good job at whatever it is they do.
  3. what I meant was your lack of contribution to the discussion. I'm not interested in supporting Putin or America. is that alright with you?
  4. what exactly am I supposed to do? this is a forum, where people talk.
  5. I just think people need to be more nuanced in dealing with Russia. Sorry for thinking you're an American, and that you're doing the traditional American anti-Russia stance. Also yes, Putin sucks ass. hey look, someone who doesn't contribute to anything!
  6. It is possible for nationally oppressed people to vote for their own independence no matter how much Americans stick their fingers in their ears and scream out RUSSIA BAD. Normally I agree with you but I strongly disagree here. Also NATO is always bad, even if it isn't the aggressor. exactly. America is involved in too many wars already. it didn't need to intervene in this one and in Ukraine AGAIN. Other countries have been sanctioned and it didn't actually work. I don't see it working in Russia.
  7. I just read this: Statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran - "Down with the Dictator!": There is no end to the regime's murderous thuggery! - Tudeh Party of Iran (tudehpartyiran.org) I have every hope this regime will collapse on its own.
  8. But Donetsk and Luhansk genuinely voted to be independent. Putin sucks but they deserve to make decisions on their own. I wanna like this 1000 times.
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. you don't think they were great?
  11. why are we in such a hurry for new music? we just got great albums fairly recently.
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