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    I heard Lana tried crystal meth and heroin so I decided to start taking crystal meth and heroin.
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  1. The trap beats in cherry, fishtail,
  2. Well the album was played at a HMV store (as like regular store music not on speakers or anything) days or maybe even a week before the album release.. Someone had the smart idea to, what I presume was raising their phone or chilling under the speaker in the ceiling and recorded the entire time and then uploaded it.. The quality was impressively good.. So ya that's what I can Remeber.. Along with me crying in bed listening to it freaking out over how good Religion was
  3. Not true. Soundcloud has them all under Slayyyter unreleased playlists
  4. I'm really confused did the album leak or am I going into psychosis..
  5. Seriously speaking If u really wanna impress god and have him consider it, I'd stop the Mary jokes and references to Jesus sandles now rather than after getting what we're asking for regardless of weather she re does Hollywood on ldr9 😊 but who am I to talk.. (i keep making deals with god that I never end up keeping whenever I'm constipated on the bowl begging for his miracle to help me make it out alive)
  6. Is this for real? Has anyone heard this yet? or am I just late as always
  7. I honestly think she could of stretched out the whole Freak/Cherry/Art Deco kind of vibe over a much longer period of time instead of jumping right into her current style of music.. so if LDR9 would, by some slightest possibility, sound like that again I’d be pretty fkin happy and I’m sure I won’t be the only one either
  8. This isn’t the place for this bs but I cannot come to terms with the level of immaturity and self absorption you managed to stoop down to today. Why? Cause if ur gonna quote to reply something I said, please make sure to quote it in it’s entirety instead of editing out 98% of it and using one specific sentence to your advantage to make me look worse than I already did. Especially when part of that 98% was a sincere apology after realizing my misdoings. I may have said something out of turn for which I clearly admitted and apologized for, but then editing that post to remove my apology and use one line at ur advantage by making it seem Like I had talked shit instead is on a whole other level. Get over yourself
  9. Lol mr edgelord. And yeah ur right and it totally has benefited me! A puff of two on your end wouldn’t hurt either. Plus ur using humility wrong.. not sure how me needing more humbleness has anything to do with my uncalled for comment of which I do apologize for as I did misread what u had originally wrote..
  10. Well obviously if I were seriously telling them to end their lives would definitely be totally disrespectful in many ways but expressions do exist and where im from that seems to be one
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