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  1. folklore

    Charli XCX

    love gang is one of my fave charli features that song is amazing
  2. i think lover is too long of an album, but if there were one song i'd add to this it would be false god and i'll die on that hill
  3. I've been meaning to start playing again but i think im so burnt out. the paid expansion is so adorable though, but i played it waaay too much when it came out - however i have been collecting amiibo cards and that is almost just as fun as the actual game for some reason
  4. folklore

    Charli XCX

    silver cross THE best song on self titled
  5. i only bought the white one because i assumed the yellow would also be on UO but now im nervous
  6. my Neil pic disc from LDR village has been sitting in the same spot for the last 3 days so much for that express shipping they make u buy
  7. my heart when she sings "i love you lots like polka-dots"
  8. what website did u use? i wanna make one for living legend and i talk to jesus so bad
  9. it hasnt been working all day, but they keep dropping in quantity which is !!! upsetting me
  10. Do we know for sure if UO and Target will be doing different vinyl pressings? I know the one photo has a Target hype sticker, but it could've been edited on or something
  11. folklore

    Charli XCX

    What photos leaked???
  12. folklore

    Britney Spears

    Does anyone have a Britney unreleased masterpost they can link me?
  13. i have BTD and National Anthem 7" pic discs but im not sure id consider them that rare
  14. folklore


    high road and kinky... WHEW
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