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  1. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    My manuscript and bolter CDs came!!! I love the handwritten lyrics!
  2. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    My clear vinyl arrived 💖😭 I wanna frame the sleeves cos they have handwritten lyrics 😭
  3. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    And album ranking cos why not 1. TTPD/1989 2. Midnights 3. Reputation 4. Folklore 5. Evermore 6. Speak Now 7. Red 8. Lover 9. Taylor Swift 10. Fearless
  4. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    Did my top 10 (I love this album no skips. It was so hard to rank. Even the ones not on here are still good) 1. imgonnagetyouback 2. I Can Do It With A Broken Heart 3. I Look In People's Windows 4. So Long London 5. Down Bad 6. The Alchemy 7. Guilty As Sin? 8. The Black Dog 9. I Hate It Here 10. Fortnight Honourable mention to The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and loml this ranking changes daily btw
  5. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    I ended up getting the phantom clear vinyl, and the manuscript and the Bolter CDs. I wanted the original plus I was there when she announced the Bolter so sentimental I guess 💖 the website just didn’t say what lyrics they came with and I want to know, cos for 1989TV they told you beforehand. Does anyone know which CD posters have what lyrics?
  6. BlackTulip74

    Charli XCX

    Oh will it be officially released? How do we know?
  7. BlackTulip74

    Charli XCX

    I need all of these!
  8. BlackTulip74

    Taylor Swift

    Ok, when 1989 originally came out, there was a remix of it that used the solo vocals with the Kendrick remix instrumental, can someone do that for the Taylor’s Version?
  9. BlackTulip74

    Charli XCX

    It doesn’t hit as hard…
  10. BlackTulip74


    My ranking atm: 1. Girl Like Me 2. Purrr 3. Plastic 4. Erotic Electronic 5. I Love Hollywood! 6. My Body 7. Memories Of You 8. Dramatic 9. Miss Belladonna 10. Out Of Time 11. Tear Me Open 12. Rhinestone Heart Also, can anyone list the differences between the demo album and the released? Like I know Plastic as a diff verse, but is there anything else?
  11. BlackTulip74

    Addison Rae

    If you double click the bubblegum, it shrinks and shows a timer. At the moment, it’s at 95 hours
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