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  1. BlackTulip74


    I clocked The Baddest as well 😂😂 which one did she use the Britney track?
  2. BlackTulip74

    Charli XCX

    Pretty sure there’s at least some Drag Race x XCX crossover, so here we go. I was seeing what stuff Amethyst has put out, and it’s pretty ok. Realised as soon as I heard it that her song The Baddest uses the TKO instrumental, or at least a recreation of it
  3. BlackTulip74


    So I don’t know how much Drag Race x Slayyyter crossover there is, but here we go. I was seeing what stuff Amethyst has put out, cos her first album was very much my taste. Listened to the first song “Kind of Girl” and knew I’d heard the instrumental before. Couldn’t place where. Then I found it, it’s a slight speed up of LoverBoy. From what I can find, the album was released before the song leaked…
  4. BlackTulip74

    Ava Max

    I kinda want it to be like Planet Her, where the deluxe was like a week later Hahah
  5. BlackTulip74

    Ava Max

    I’m hoping the deluxe comes soon. Apparently she confirmed that like 6 tracks would be on the deluxe
  6. BlackTulip74


    So just a question, how is everyone organising the recent slayyyter songs? Like I want to put them on my phone as an EP, but I don’t know what to call it. Or cover or anything ahaha
  7. BlackTulip74

    Charli XCX

    I’ve always thought this and no one said it!!!!
  8. BlackTulip74

    Ava Max

    Come on Ava do something please
  9. I saw this floating around https://dbree.org/v/31e885 the flows different
  10. BlackTulip74

    Ava Max

    Honestly, I just want what we have in a proper quality. Like, I’ve noticed a few of the songs have weird skips in them or other weird errors
  11. In 2021, and up til recently, I’ve been ok with that she released Slut Pop. But now with this info, HOW DARE THE LABEL GO THAT DIRECTION INSTEAD OF PROBLÉMATIQUE???? like, I remember when Slut Pop dropped, and she had an IG Live to celebrate, it was an utter catastrophe. And I feel that’s a manifestation of her career at this point.
  12. BlackTulip74

    Addison Rae

    Honestly thinking of using this track list. Anyone have any ideas on for a name of a second EP/album and cover to use for the other songs?
  13. As much as I love All She Wants, it’s disappointing for a Kim x Paris collab. Like, Paris only ‘sings’ for like 30 seconds if that. Like, it just missed the mark slightly for me
  14. Also, is L’enfant Terrible from any projects? Or would it classify as a stand alone single?
  15. I really wish we got the BTS Problématique cover in HQ
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