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  1. i remember few years ago people were asking her in a q&a for the empty home files and she said she doesn't have these anymore
  2. Voignamir


    girl with no face is cute and all but cape god is literally her magnum opus
  3. Voignamir


    i know it's her boyfriend but can she please stop working with men she's got what it takes to create sonical masterpieces, she doesn't need anyone else when it comes to making art and all of her previous albums are a great proof of that
  4. Voignamir


    i tried to update my masterpost this morning with the new material, i think it covers everything https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ep8wuywu0QodoTTyQte--onJphgfCy7pnG1wTrKekVk/edit?usp=sharing
  5. me after i heard pang in 2019
  6. Voignamir

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    whatever she's cooking i would like to know the ingredients
  7. Voignamir


    me when she scraps enjoy angels on earth and releases this ugly sped up techno rave version instead like girl do you have ears
  8. Voignamir

    Melanie Martinez

    diamonds and rubbies, the star in all the movies
  9. Voignamir

    Charli XCX

    she just hates fags
  10. Voignamir


    c stands for cunt
  11. Voignamir


    not that it would be anything worth listening but she forgot to put shadout mapes on the album
  12. what are your thoughts so far?
  13. there's no third single nothing will ever come out leak pretty dull
  14. Natho(n) and Take Me Home are voice memos that were shared in the past Golden Ring is a song from Dan Darrah featuring Nicole Sights & Sounds most likely reffers to the band Sights & Sounds that has a song called Caught Up featuring Nicole as of the rest, i have no idea but if I Can Be Good is another Chapel demo apart from the 2016 version then i want to hear it so bad
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