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  1. Voignamir

    Charli XCX

    okay but where is this moonlight solo
  2. Voignamir

    Charli XCX

    not released, but we have pretty decent quality of her live covers: I Want Candy (Transmitter Live), The Killing Moon (iTunes Festival), I Want It That Way (Undercover Series) + not in a good quality but technically Burn Rubber (30 Days in LA) could be considered a cover from released remixes with Charli there's also ringtone (100 gecs), bitches (Tove Lo), Drama (Bladee) and Xcxoplex (A. G. Cook)
  3. Voignamir

    Kim Petras

    treat me like a hoe is so slut pop, why would this be included instead of left my body but taking into consideration everything that's been released since clarity this might actually be the least messed up thing from her so you go girl!!
  4. the 15 year old me was SCREAMING oh my what a time
  5. Voignamir

    Lady Gaga

    for a second i was like OMG A COLLAB FINALLY NEW MUSIC YAAAS and then.. yeah
  6. what is going on
  7. the crown jewels ep was available at some point but then it was taken down, simplify had originally over 500k streams
  8. well... simplify is back on spotify because of a random playlist
  9. Voignamir

    Lady Gaga

    wait so the piano intro is fanmade
  10. Voignamir

    Charli XCX

    speaking facts!
  11. Voignamir

    Allie X

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CwFUaq-rain/?igshid=MmU2YjMzNjRlOQ== allie hughes ep (allie x version) (from the vault)
  12. babe wake up new hannah diamond just dropped
  13. 10 years of absolutely nothing wow what a decade
  14. Voignamir

    Charli XCX

    meanwhile keyboard funq is rotting on someone's hard drive since 2012
  15. who started all the fuss you can't be serious walking around among us the haters anonymous
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