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  1. I need Jennifer Lopez - Love? demos and outtakes soo badly....can't find a shit just some low quality youtube videos with songs...
  2. Oh lara....the icon you are and always will be...
  3. Hmmm...don't know...the only thing I have is piece of me stems mix with her vocals...
  4. not lana randomly appearing with a huge variety of artists that are not even related to each other... SHE IS EVERYWHERE
  5. NEW UPDATE: Lana Comp (added some missing stuff + instrumentals and acapellas)
  6. It's true...someone has to do it.. personally I don't have much time for it, it's a lot of work...but besides other artists I'm working on instrumentals and acapellas of Lana's songs my masterpost + someone's masterpost of live performances and we will have the best collection, and of course up to date..
  7. I'm finishing mega masterposts of: shakira(finished), pussycat dolls (finished), enrique iglesias (mostly finished), nicole scherzinger (not finished, because i still have to do stuff)...about gaga....I'm lazy to do her shit ..but a very brave people from le*k*d.cx made her tracker. @gucciovermybody hope you love it honey..because the mission was HARD...lol Edit: updated Britney, updated Lana.
  8. Norway and Greece was robbed (Norway especially), also happy for my Teresa & Maria
  9. I hope it's not alma mater situation....and she has more vocals....cause his voice and her "ad-libs" don't made me very excited...
  10. I love brooke and everything...but I'm not gagging
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