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  1. James Dean

    Jack Donoghue

    again??? I thought there was already a thread about it people dont know what bissexual means
  2. I really LOVE this song wait I am a huge SALEM fan, I love all the musics
  3. I really wish I could kiss him Also I know SALEM before LDR exists
  4. poor countries will be forced to give their soldiers, who are mostly poor people...
  5. James Dean


    I love trip hop
  6. That blode era is killing me, I'm in love ✓ Comment about no wearing mask - check ! You have a new achievement !
  7. Okay guys, Its me Lana. Just tell me how can I prove
  8. James Dean

    Charli XCX

    Could you please help my friend?? https://twitter.com/BenjArquelano/status/1278458128380628993
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