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  1. James Dean


    I love trip hop
  2. NFR! will die without a look
  3. That blode era is killing me, I'm in love ✓ Comment about no wearing mask - check ! You have a new achievement !
  4. Okay guys, Its me Lana. Just tell me how can I prove
  5. James Dean

    Charli XCX

    Could you please help my friend?? https://twitter.com/BenjArquelano/status/1278458128380628993
  6. I just love this
  7. James Dean

    Charli XCX

    hahahahahaha it was just a joke
  8. James Dean

    Charli XCX

    so charli have the worst fan base who prefer discuss about her on lana board I don't get
  9. James Dean

    Charli XCX

    Why Charli don't haver her own charli xcx board?
  10. James Dean

    Kim Petras

    Harry Potter's fans need to grow up and look for someone else to admire!
  11. I think you are blind or maybe your screen is broken . edit: Also, love her mask lol
  12. James Dean

    Iggy Azalea

    she had a child
  13. wash your mouth (and your fingers) with soap
  15. Sorry by posting this here, its a notice from papers of my country (Brazil), we are so angry with this situation (I use google translator so, theres some errors) In my city there are anti-racist protests scheduled for the 7th, in an upscale neighborhood
  16. WTF I don't understand why some of you hate her and still here with a picture of her face on profile. Bizarre, you love THE drama, don't you?
  17. No problem hahahahaha I like you
  18. The definition of "you are never happy". I can only tell about my art process: I do art, and I do when I feel good and comfy. I'm not Lana but srsly................... I'm not attacking you, art process is something personal and we have to stop putting our expectations, this is for all over the forum [EDIT: Also, imagine her making a poem and people saying that she is romanticizing the situation. It's dangerous]
  19. I thought we would have peace. In another social media I had to hear people making fun of the rioters... it's a little crazy to post what people are doing, but there are a lot of people doing the same. We already know that she doesn't know the best way to express herself.
  20. Honestly, I don't think she's wrong to treat these intagramers that way. I thought we had overcome this drama, stop caring about these crazy fans, grow up! Funny, now is the moment that he decides to expose the whole conversation, profiteer of s**t EDIT: Those instagramers looks very hurt that she doesn't want to be disturbed by their crew. They need to stop
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