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  1. DinahLee

    Allie X

    Quite obsessed with how much I love this. Might be my favorite "album" and third overall just behind super sunset and collxtion I.
  2. Taylor Swift the legend that you are! The shoutout was cute. I think if it was the Midnights extended with "MORE lana del rey" version, she'd get credited as well.
  3. If they really hated her, she wouldn't be nominated at all, or even attend and participate over the events she did recently. I know it is annoying but like... for real. There's something awkward in the air. I'm only more skeptical since Olivia didn't win anything as well, but they would be both the only ones to... not win anything at all? Also realized Boygenius were there for the pre-telecast, so they might have been really aware that they weren't getting anything major. ROTY for Olivia and AOTY for Lana confirmed!
  4. For real I think there's a slight chance of her getting AOTY since everyone is getting something... if Boygenius take Record Of The Year...............
  5. Taylor Swift not getting that AOTY.................... Wait.............................
  6. Something is coming for Valentine's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5ej4fHilz8
  7. Tbh the great thing is that she'll have a strong narrative from now on. Being ~snubbed twice with Norman Fucking Rockwell and Ocean Blvd when both albums were acclaimed and Ocean + A&W were being dead certain winners...it will weight. I think it was also the first time she started to actually play the game and these things take time... the whole SNL story being resurrected out no nowhere is the kind of weak spot they'll cover up next time.
  8. The fact she'll be pissed after doing the little Zooms, magazine covers & dinners. And I want Revenge. My new album Rock Candy Lasso in September 2024.
  9. Well she flopped. Thought she was getting at least Best Pop Collab. Always knew they'd flop her on the Alternative field.
  10. Innocent Kind hits SO hard like JESUS can someone TURN THAT UP????
  11. Wasn't it shoot in Paris? But yeah, I'd love some outtakes.
  12. yes they collabed in this blackberry slay of a photo At some point they had the same manager (troy carter) but both of them have parted ways.
  13. Lady Gaga feat Sky Ferreira - We Hate You Troy (Jorge Elbrecht Mix 3) [Lanaboards exclusive] laptop recording, when????
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