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  1. The original tweets mentions “registered” as if it’s something recent, do we have any info about it? Also interesting the claim comes from UMG because I’m sure she was the one to own the masters? I don’t know I also feel like we had this conversation not long ago nnn. If Interscope/Universal is indeed registering and taking these AKA songs down… I think it might be coming.
  2. Imagina having only 1 album under your belt from 10 years ago and yet you're still top billed for these basement performances. Legends only luvs xx
  3. DinahLee


    As far as I’m aware, Fader is a “independent label” but Universal does distribution for them. Might be wrong thought, but it sounds unlikely she’d record a full album and then jump to another label.
  4. She's... at the heart of Amazon Forest.
  5. I saw people commenting today that the show would be 1 hour long, but like I said, it's speculating\I think. Let's hope for longer tho!
  6. I think the set-time for tomorrow will be shorter than Lollapalooza 2018 sadly. Anyway, don't forget people that "Multishow" (cable TV channel) will be streaming the show. Start lurking around to find a great stream of said channel. She's programmed to hit the stage at 20:20 local time (19:20 NYC, 16:20 LA, 00:20 LDN)
  7. She spent like over an hour talking to fans and taking pictures and so on. they sang Video Games and Lust For Life, she sang along to LFL. Did small choreo for A&W (probably confirmed) and looked a bit disgusted when someone suggested Wildfire Wildflower
  8. Does the Rick James sample that Emile and Bhasker burnt to the ground count? I do love the texture of it.
  9. Yeah, unless it's "lead single" and they force it on same day as release (which is usually useless when talking about huge stars because radios would play a demanded song doesn't matter when the check falls on their lap). I don't think they'll push this too much though.
  10. Ok there's a joke\irony\destiny out there about the fact THIS sounds the closest to the Patrick "remix" compared to Fine China & Your Girl. I mean... I miss the drums hitting harder and the James Ford (?) version with HEAVIER drums was my go-to version, but it's nice I can type "Yes To Heaven" and listen on apple music legally. I'm not gonna complain cuz it could have been Stint version which I hate. The sped up version?
  11. reading there are no drums and sweating already.
  12. Marina probably would never go back to Electra Heart. I mean, she has a hard time singing stuff from past, when people were asking for bubblegum bitch music video the answer went straight to "no." with a "you can't go back to your past", and this is recent\during Ancient Dreams. I don't even think the Venus Fly Trap reference was mean to be "so straight", she probably just pushed it from the same references that she used to build Electra Heart back then but... not a real "call back". And deep down, it's the kind of thing that should be left behind. It is iconic and mythological for a reason. Ugh I do miss her serving concept.
  13. I believe the venues aren't small? And I know we all joke about $$$ But I can only imagine she does need some money that comes "easily" from these shows. It could be label\album related, like financially putting the last touches on the album, but at this point it doesn't even seem like that's the problem, but the roll-out and promotion from Capitol and so on.
  14. They never filmed it. She got sick in the meantime and then they couln't work scheduling it again. - About the concerts, there's literally 2 options She'll either premiere new music and focus on that, or make it a "10th anniversary" thing for NTMT (which would make sense since the promoters or whatever is sponsoring these shows is also making it as a "anniversary" thing). However, it's not like she has a very HUGE DISCOGRAPHY to pick from. She could easily do all 12 NTMT songs (she won't) and sing extra 4 new songs (she might) and that would be reasonable 16 songs setlist. For some reason she seems to ignore Ghost as As If so... I don't really suffer from it. tbh not even sure if I'd enjoy live performances of songs we won't hear for the next millenium or, worst, she ends up releasing an album and said songs are nowhere to be seen. Stick to Descending, Innocent Kind and All My Lovers Die. And If I had the opportunity, I'd go for it. Even with all the mess around, at least it's a bucket list thing.
  15. There's something very interesting about the idea of Ego and Artistry envolved within these concepts. Like, no I totally get it; you want control about what the public hears and knows about you and so on. At same time... you're gone. It won't change a thing. I know it sounds fuckup too but like... labels and Estates will label and estate. Of course there are many implications like these Michael Jackson tracks that people aren't sure it's actually he singing, and with the A.I. era we're entering... it's gloomy. But I don't know. I'd let the fans have it and people make money. It won't really matter. lol.
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