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  1. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    Yet the leaked documents showing "featuring Robin Thicke" whatever happened, thank god.....
  2. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    I think Gypsy is the standard EDM Love Song that every now and then end up sparkling some interest. Personally, I hate it, nnnn, and they TRIED it putting it on... SNL and, like, the Muppets special, but the song didn't pick any sales... but yeah, a full single push with Radio and so on is on another level, and it could have worked, it wasn't "radio poison" like most of the stuff. Same for MANiCURE which is like one of the few songs that she didn't... swear out of nowhere lol. Sexxx Dreams & Aura & Venus would have flopped but she'd be serving, I just know she'd kill it. Especially Venus, she was so... connected with that one. I'm just sure it would end up being a "signature" of sorts just because she'd perform it everywhere trying to make it happen and it would be exposed enough that people would think of it as a Hit. a "Run the World (Girls)" tea. Or like... Million Reasons.
  3. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    I don't think ARTPOP problem would be "genre mix" because, personally, it works, but it does sound heavy and loud and... it gets tiring. It's the total opposite of when you have an album that halfway just stops and put every ballad and midtempo all along to finish. ARTPOP slow down a bit in the middle, with MANiCURE\Jewels N Drugs\DWUW\ARTPOP and then comeback louder and noisier than ever with Donatella, Mary Jane Holland, Gypsy and even Applause. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I understand how it "doesn't work" at all as an album. But most of the songs are highlights so.... If it wasn't for the backlash from media, they'd still have plenty of obvious single choices like Gypsy and MANiCURE and also more "gaga stuff" like Sexxx Dreams and Aura. I hate how the era was cut short, but it was for the best. And now........ Chromatica hun.
  4. Random Thought Unless I've been misssig some real confirmation about "When You Take Away Control" being an official "Forget" demo of sorts, I truly believe it is an original song on it's own. By the time "Froot" (song) came out, It was basically confirmed that the album was already done in full. If Forget was written as some sort of "last minute addition" (just like "How To Be a Heartbreaker"), it makes sense that they originally "had 14 songs, cut to 12" but ended up replacing one of them. It would make sense that Forget wasn't part of the "recording list" as most (if not ALL) of Froot was recorded between April - June 2014 and Forget came after "BRIT Awards Hungover" (The 2015 edition, when everyone came out wasted as fuck. If it was after 2014, it would've been one of the earliest songs too, contradicting WYTAC being one of the last songs on that list). My only doubt about this is the fact Forget was part of the "FOTM" campaign and it would've been a short time to write, record, finish, create a music video and release it... in a month (Feb-March\15). But the whole package felt way more simplier than everything that came before (and after), so there's that. After writing all of this I kinda remembered something about her website leaking lyrics because pages were already up and just "hidden" so I just don't know and got lazy to search about and also realized that absolutely NOTHING proved my point that When you Take Away Control wasn't "transfomed" into Forget but yeah, I still believe they're different songs. Thanks 4 coming to my TED Talk x. When You Take Away Control might be one of my favorite titles now that I think about it.
  5. Don't think so. She confirmed the song was an early recording and I think she might hinted at not finishing it at all? But I don't know. It was during Froot where most of the info came. Living Dead was one of the early songs that were probably part of the album, yeah.
  6. Omg this photo... I have no clue of how she used to have such strong... aesthetic... like every picture was A SERVE and I don't even know if she had a team behind it or it was just herself like the iconic macbook selfies but... just iconic.
  7. Hold Me could go straight into L+F and it would be a classic 2012 bop. These are... interesting as hell. Mostly for the way they just drift from Electra Heart, so probably very early sessions (?). Ok just arrived at "I'm the silver screen, I'm the beauty queen" in Hold Me... maybe not so early sessions. Thanks 4 whoever asked few pages ago about EH Unreleaseds, now we have them lol.
  8. Song is pretty good. I think there's some clunky parts but overall it's a step up. It sounds so interesting, many details. Her Colored Vinyl says "Side B to be Announced" so there must be a song coming... soon. March 12th tho
  9. I Believe "I Will" was also supposed to be an EP for some quick-moment and then it was changed to Night Time My Time full record. Wild at Heart was going to be... THAT girl, isn't it? The electropop but rock-ish influences. Probably "Ghost" but with more uptempo material. I also think 24 Hours was back from Wild At Heart since it was confirmed together with Swamp Girl, or then both were "I'm Not Alright". Ugh... I wish we had the title tracks, Pretty Dull... well, everything.
  10. I guess it IS the Blessed Madonna remix all along. It reminds me a lot of If It's Worth It and also like... Solitaire? And stop this fuckery of leaking stem edits. Leak the stems so people can actually mix it properly since everything sounds like shit.
  11. The way it wouldn't be out of place in 2020.... her mind. Finish and release it, Sky!! Get that hit. It's really good. Sounds a bit like some type of early demo because of the lyrics and awkward cuts on vocals, but still... she's precious.
  12. That looks good! Her NFR is coming (the "Man's World" font looks like the TFJ font right?? love it)
  13. Yeah, nothing wrong with it, it's just because it also does sound like her early garage band demos, there's some "specific sound" on it lol.
  14. It sounds like... a Garage Band demo. And probably is. "Britney shaved her head and all we did was call her craze" There are things that are just mean to be buried and... well, forgotten, because people don't feel comfortable. Lessons were learned and passed on. Anyway whatever, Emotional Machine stems.... she sounds good. At least even at "low" she's still just killing it vocally.
  15. I think the ~insider said it's Friday 20th. Friday 13th would be cute tho. While we were talking about her... political songs... I forgot to mention but Can't Pin Me Down is actually good too. Probably because it's not "Let's make peace and not war!!! Racism is bad and it exists!!". It's very "I'm not not a feminist" but sounds totally done right with the irony and so on. That's the good part of having a subject. I hope she already scrapped that Purge the Poison song.
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