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  1. I see the Hype has calmed down but that motherfucking ugly picture which is literally blurry??? coming from a Live performance, the new Logo (which looks Baseball inspired) at the corner, "exclusive news"... it's giving Tour announcement + Pre-Sale sign up. If it wasn't for that random "We're not touring stadiums and just taking the money" comment, I'd be 100% sure of a small 4/5 stadium shows + festivals happening, especially with some other random ramblings that are happening...
  2. I was trying to find where tf these came from after they flooding my twitter timeline omg. It's so Ethel coded as mentioned along the thread... absolutely love it. There's something very charming about how Lana is able to convey strong presence through these """low budget""" shoots (I mean, this is not just walking around the street with her sister, pointing and shooting, but you get it). A model at heart to be honest.
  3. I agree with all of them + Pretty When You Cry to be honest. Of course they're all amazing but like... she's been doing these nonstop for years now. I think Summertime Sadness maybe holds some extra weight since it was ""a hit"" and she seems to be very very very found of it, so it could stay but the others...time to change these. The Born To Die (album) trim needs to happen. I mentioned this in another thread the other day but after Norman Fucking Rockwell she got a second weave of fans and admirers, there's no need to be doing Born To Die, Summertime Sadness, Video Games and then +1 extra album track. I'm glad she cut Blue Jeans already, but the title track (or Summertime Sadness then) should get the chop.
  4. What is she doing recently?
  5. As much as I don't really "care" for the book thing, I found it quite... amusing? in a shocking way? the one she shared on her Instagram some time ago. I don't remember her ever being so open about her life, even with music. If she's really digging that deep, maybe Music will be very interesting as well.
  6. It's been SO LONG... if only. Would shake earth to its core
  7. I think I've been here for over 10 years and created like 3 threads my whole life so I'm indulging. At first I was going to do this as a Status Update but this is my Lans Tots so: I'm bored and celebrating Ultra10th and decided to think of a tour that could SHOOK us a little. Trying to reutilize just the best moments of the recent shows/Coachella Tour with same stage setup and a B-stage. Lana Del Rey Stadium Tour 2024 1. Doin' Time 2. West Coast 3. Tulsa Jesus Freak (Fishtail Outro) 4. Summertime Sadness 5. Brooklyn Baby -- Ride Intro/Montage -- 6. Ride 7. Cinnamon Girl (on swing) 8. A&W (full) 9. Peppers (featuring choreo) --Burnt Norton- 10. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 11. The Grants 12. Get Free (Band extended) - Lana walks towards B-Stage located in the back of the standing zone/general admission with barricaded corridor. -> B STAGE 13. Terrence Loves You 14. Thunder 15. Mariner's Apartment Complex 16. Margaret/Paris, Texas (medley) 17. Taco Truck x Venice Bitch (going full Album Version/Guitar solos) - Lana walks out to greet fans and back to Main Stage. -> MAIN STAGE 18. Radio 19. Video Games 20. Old Money (Bridge + Chorus acapella only), featuring the SNL Hologram. I wanted to try to pick up some strong fan favorites while also giving the spotlight to Ultraviolence (10th) + Tunnel; which means that we have classic after classic. There's no arch or theming about the songs tbh, but the show starts a bit more rock-ish and choreo, with a bit of cynicism and goes into band-jam/free/jazzier mood. Other songs I considered while creating but opted to cut; Gods & Monsters (closing the third section), Music To Watch Boys To, Young & Beautiful (replaced by Taco Truck x Venice Bitch). Share your thoughts and whatnot!
  8. "releasing more lizzy grant songs" and what lizzy grant song has been released?? Yayo 12 years ago?? Girl you just posted Pawn Shop Blues on your Insta Reels half a decade a go as well, that's not releasing!!!
  9. oooomg graphic design Ellegend!! They're soooooo pretty. The way I never knew we had other themes?? I feel guilty changing from Lust For Life sksksksksk.
  10. DinahLee

    Melanie Martinez

    Rocking Horse is such a pretty/smart song. I get it might be a little heavy-handed subject but I find it pretty fascinating how she conveyed so much image and meaning through the metaphor. And the song is catchy as hell.
  11. For some reason, after lurking in this thread for days, I was still able to read it as "100th anniversary" and I was like wtf??? The vinyl drop from last year makes me think there's nothing major happening, unless they just press... more vinyl? Maybe lucky enough and they make it the Deluxe version (I doubt it since it seems like they did new press/mix for the 2023 standard release). Honestly if they didn't do anything for Born To Die which would be a much easier sell (no shit the album is still charting on Billboard) with the endless-pretty-much-finished outtakes they had... unearthing Fine China & Your Girl sound like a struggle. We do know both of them were finished back in 2014 along with the rest of the album, but it's quite interesting she (or the label?) decided to go with Flipside & Is This Happiness as regional bonus tracks. At least we had the Flipside 2023 performances but Is This Happiness, as gorgeous as it is, is just very random.
  12. Yeah she's def touring because she's getting the $$$. Thinking about how messy it has been (and I don't even mean it in a derogatory way), if she's also really doing everything all by herself like some people been saying... she's cashing the whole thing. She pays the band and then everything else is hers if she doesn't have a touring manager, a record label or anyone else.
  13. Honestly... it was quite annoying but we had it good so I can't complain sksksksks. The endless teasing, the Honeymoon lyrics over that Lyric Book sold at Endless Summer yet no release date, the tour missing most of ultraviolence, Honeymoon leaking through store speakers... a nightmare, but a good one. I think we've been told Honeymoon was done in early 2015, but back then they were able to finish the albums much closer to the release date without the messy "vinyl backlog" thing. We know she was still recording for Lust For Life in early June for a July release. Hmm this is interesting? I quite remember that quote but I thought it was that "early Honeymoon sessions were too close to Ultraviolence sound" as in Ultraviolence final, which makes sense with snippets like Dark City and the fact she was just extending from the Ultraviolence mixing sessions
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