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  1. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    Label burocracy. Could be like sample clearing issues.
  2. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    Because fans were begging for some of these people and it's nice that they actually opened up for so many people to jump in. It's going to be very unique. I'm not sure about "Gaga level of good" when she's the woman who used to work with RedOne and Fusari. If it wasn't great, they weren't releasing it. I can see them doing both tbh. It feels like the gates were open and they really just threw everyone to tweet about it. They can be trolling too tho. I wonder if we're getting only one remix for each song and then Babylon haus lab \ Babylon feat Bre. DOSS had some other remixes comissioned. There was one for "Alice" played before or after that PAPER Livestream last year, and then we got ENIGMA snippet last week or so. The Remix\BTW:TR don't have every song remixed, but they do have some songs havig more than one option (mainly the singles, but yeah).
  3. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    Mura Masa with Shy's vocals I believe. Mura quoted both Gaga and Shy's tweet with emojis, at least that's the hint we're getting.
  4. DinahLee

    Lady Gaga

    Mura Masa will be remixing Sour Candy and Sophie (and probably everyone else on the rumored\uncofirmed list) isn't happening since there are no new songs
  5. It's crazy. For sure she'd *never* get anything like a Hit of sorts, but it's just clear that she does have a "cult following". I have no ideia if her ideas are too expensive for Capitol to pay knowing there will be no return and then they can't get a deal, or what the fuck goes on, but it feels like there's no agreement between both parties. The way she always tries to paint it as "I'm a perfectionist" "not releasing til it's right" and also knowing that she's pretty much a visual artist... I can't imagine any other reason.
  6. DinahLee

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    GOD is GREAT gays!!! Finally. I truly love the pre-chorus here. Of course I got accustomed to the final version but this one is sooooooo good.
  7. DinahLee

    Allie X

    Cape God sounds a little like Alexandra and something from the album itself
  8. DinahLee

    Allie X

    Ugly is fucking good. Absolutely smash. Ended Lifted.
  9. Yeah I truly believe she'll keep the title because it doesn't feel like the project really... changed a lot. She just didn't produce it (? lol) all at once. It's probably a concept that's been hanging around her head since 2014. NTMT took many changed because it felt like restarting from scratch most of the time (as you can hear from As If -> Ghost -> Final album).
  10. Listening to some songs on shuffle and she really got some career highlights. Highly Emotional People, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, Flowers, Goodbye, Venus Fly Trap... she won. I haven't listened to the album a lot since the release week but every time I play something, I'll keep it on repeat for some time. And there's really nothing that I'd skip or dislike apart from purge the poison which is garbage. Truly happy.
  11. DinahLee

    Allie X

    Tbh I think most of her "pitch songs" aren't really her best. Amazing unreleaseds, yeah, but stuff like "Champagne & Saint German", "Desconstruct Your Heart" and others (?) which I believe were officially "pitched songs" were just... bland and basic. Even True Love is Violent that somehow managed to be officially released... it's weak. I also think a lot of stuff probably get chopped by last minute. I think it's been mentioned that Oh My God was supposed to be part of Clx II and then the "early demo" leaked (the original version) and she just gave up.
  12. Random Out of Context Spoiler
  13. Yes Ended the fad.
  14. Can't stop screaming at the Happy sample.
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