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  1. I don't think any of the new releases from this year have really amazed me and none of my other favourites are releasing any time soon. I thought that the projects galore would definitely keep me satisfied until September, but this year is bloated with projects that are lacking in my opinion.
  2. The last post being 7 hours ago... Maybe I'm being dramatic, but this feels worse than the wait for Norman.
  3. I'm so proud of myself for resisting the leaks I know this album will be glorious, so I'll be waiting for my vinyl + CD. I hope they arrive on the day of release, because artists seem to hate catering to African countries
  4. She's reopened old wounds for me again. BITCH, THIS SONG IS WILD. We're in for a ride, gays & girls!!!
  5. I would have also LOVED to see Fine China, Yes to Heaven and Roses Bloom for You... I feel like there was room for them.
  6. On the subject of unreleased songs, I wouldn't mind for a compilation like The Rarities, since she clearly wants to use the songs.
  7. Good evening from this part of the time zone, Kings, Queens and others. I haven't been here since the pre-order was announced. So, what have I missed since then? Otherwise, I hope everyone's been having a fruitful September.
  8. So, I'm sorry if this has been done already, but has someone compiled a list of all purchase links for all the CDs, cassettes and vinyls? I'd like to...
  9. The way I said the album would be coming October 22nd more than 3 months ago. My fucking mind.
  10. Sweetie, she said her body is a map of LA. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.
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