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  1. honestly i have no idea she’d definitely be controversial in some cases summertime sadness mv? would probs be called a queer bait lolita? glamourizing pedophilia in a sassy, cute, and sexy sounding song (especially with me too and there being a more wide spread awareness that these kinds of relationships are abusive and unhealthy) *note; i dont think lana intends that of course but rather is identifying with lo (not going into that characters perspective) and having a thing with an older man- not humbert. plus to me ive always seen the song from a males perspective hence why it sounds so teasing and fun and dangerous (similar to how lolita is written from humberts perspective and him being an unreliable narrator) also probs a shit ton of controversy surrounding cultural appropriation but i do think she’d be successful and would probably be considered like a “quirky” but deep artist and would definitely bring in a younger generation of fans as well as adult fans (In other words a more varied fanbase than like billie or something ) i dont think she’d get some of the backlash she did back in the day which was just pure misogyny but she’d certainly be considered somewhat problematic but overall i think she’d have a much easier time being a female artist and expressing herself through her sexuality, relationships, and art than she did in 2012 anyway im having like a mega bad adhd hyperfixation moment so im probs thinking too much into this
  2. it would be such a wasted opportunity if she didn’t id love another rerelease, boxset, or like what mel did with her deluxe/non album tracks and made cry babys extra clutter ep so the songs could have a vinyl release plus I just want more casper balslev archetypes photos
  3. every time i lay down and try to listen to is this happiness and be depressed my mind always travels to that one sad scene in shrek with hallelujah playing in the background (for reference im still depressed but im also thinking of shrek x is this happiness)
  4. thinking about electra heart and how it will turn ten next year
  5. it will definitely be gatefold it seems cuz multiple sites (including the au site for lanas shop) said it’s a 2 LP gatefold https://shopau.lanadelrey.com/collections/blue-banisters-exclusive-white-2lp-gatefold-digital-album/products/blue-banisters-exclusive-white-2lp-gatefold anywhosies gonna be mega disappointed if they don’t use this shoot to the fullest (like i NEED a honeymoon vinyl esque release with the gorgeous gatefold picture and vinyl booklet) cause the images we’ve gotten thus far are absolutely stunning
  6. not gonna lie im missing her happy birthday posts even tho they always gave me a false sense of excitement thinking she announced something
  7. uhmm like slightly drunk and for some reason i thought this was gonna be srs vent about how she records while she’s driving
  8. i mean i get some of you are upset about her deactivating her socials but,,
  9. I’m going to cry a river if she puts her cover of cry me a river on there
  10. my god do i want an ultraviolence esque boxset for this album - the visuals are GORGEOUS like yes please give me an exclusive picture disc, cd, and some big ass art prints??? id be delulu to hope that happens but im still going to manifest in the back of my head
  11. ok but id cry if we got a aka rerelease there’s just something about that album that’s so pure???? like lana just livin her life, livin her dream singing even though (at the time) she wasn’t at all popular
  12. ok but that von dutch hat is mega cute and iconic.. gonna need more 2000s lizzy looks plz
  13. ok so when is she gonna post another selfie with her boobs
  14. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    detention has got the best dance routine and look and i will argue dat
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