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  1. if aka had trash magic/the man i love on it - it would easily be my favorite album of hers..it not being on it is a crime! its one of those lana songs where its just the epitome of that era/album
  2. people are so deranged, this is horrific. especially considering this is pretty consistent issue she’s had to deal with for a number of years now. and like where is her security?? similar events happened before multiple times… it’s very worrying knowing this will continue and even more knowing the tragedies of other celebrities and their stalkers.
  3. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    the botched pearl crosses and chicken feet shaped pearls never fail to take me out anyway.. sticks and stones is really cute !!
  4. as both a chicago suburban resident and the child of a polish immigrant i can firmly say i am absolutely eating this up!!!
  5. the girlies are gonna petition for finn to be light i just know it !!! anyway, i dont see why we need a live action adaption to begin with other than it being netflix trying to milk all they can from death note. but hoping they actually have a non white washed cast this time.. considering theyre getting much praise for the casting of the ATLA live action and it being accurate, the other netflix DN being a flop, and using some of their most iconic and well known directors comes off as a big cash grab + the duffer brothers have mentioned they were inspired by different animes with stuff in stranger things so hopefully theyre respectful to the source material instead of going with the whole western friendly route
  6. not sure if it’s unpopular but tropico deserves wayyyy more love than it gets also the paradise era was one of, if not her best, along with its transition into UV… WHEW!!
  7. youre right, thank you for pointing it out !!(although its pretty obvious) looked through some other stuff she did that day and she seems wayy more comfortable and open here by comparison
  8. keeping myself occupied with this gem!
  9. poor babies.. i cant imagine the devastation of the victims families/loved ones. especially when they’re sent to a place that’s supposed to keep your child safe. genuinely do not grasp why people in this country have so much dependence on a document/ideals made 200+ years ago especially with this being a constant issue where people’s lives are being taken away or harmed (and of course there’s the irony with many of these people also being pro life and wanting to save and protect “babies from being murdered”). more so when those ideals that were made 200 + years ago were intended to be changed with time. i also fail to understand why people are so against stricter gun laws being made like when people bring up ideas of background checks, mental health evaluations, training, larger age restrictions, storage requirements etc. (unless of course they think they’d fail to meet the requirements) sure it will be more of a process to get a gun but many arguments i see is about their own safety/protection which.. wouldn’t they be more safe if less people who are clearly unstable aren’t able to purchase guns easily??? anyway the whole pride and joy thing with guns is tiring. of course nothing will likely be done to prevent another event like this from happening in the future which is both horrifying and aggravating to even have to think about but it’s almost always the same cycle with events like this in america.
  10. this on top of her going to new york and italy... we could really be winning!!!
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