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  1. Wrong thread LMFAO. but COVID cases have been rising like crazy here and my friend got the virus over the summer so that was..something
  2. she looks so hot omg
  3. Strange to me that you ignored my "concerns" (wasn't really a concern, just a want) about the instrumentation I wanted her to go for musically. Besides, I don't really have any concerns regarding lana's music just wants with the instrumentation (hoping it has a different, more layered instrumentation from NFR!) as she seems to be working with Jack again. However, she's shown time and time again that she's an incredible talent so no matter what, I'll probably end up enjoying the album hence my lack of concerns. As for her visuals and merch...Many times the quality isn't consistent with what she's releasing musically. There are so many talented people on Lanaboards who have created better album covers, boxsets, and other merch that's of better quality than what her team puts out so much of the time. My point is, even though the music is the most important, having the whole package (photoshoots, music videos, merch, tour) be of the highest quality is nice as a consumer too.
  4. I’m very very excited for COCC! I really hope that the album has more layered instrumentation, as although NFR! is a beautiful record I don’t think I’d want another NFR! in the same way I want another UV like album. But Jack is very talented so I think I can trust that whatever we get will be of excellence. On another note I’d love for a superb album shoot. Nicole and Neil are both excellent and bringing out a vision of the album with their photoshoots (that and we also get multitudes of pictures where as we only get like three from Chuck ). And I just think mixing up album photographers again is a good call in artistic vision. And finally please give us a UV quality box set again.
  5. It's so nice to see her go for a different hair color after so many years of dark brown! I think the shade of blonde is a little too dull and gray for her skin tone and doesn't bring out her face as much, but she looks beautiful nonetheless. (And I mean no harm in my comment I just think richer colors in lana's hair, like her auburn hair for example, really make her pop!) Also, some people have way too much time on their hands to constantly criticize the weight of women in the industry and just in general. It's gross.
  6. honestly my view of lana is really changed by this entire situation. ill always appreciate her as an artist and for all the amazing things she’s produced... but as a person i have just become incredibly disappointed with her ignorance specifically in regard to her letter and her responses to it and instead of recognizing her name dropping artists for no good reason was the issue (well that and the shitty way it was written) as if those artists have never faced any criticism themselves, she does it AGAIN with twigs instead of apologizing and recognizing her mistake. i understand her anger that her words were twisted but her defensiveness as if she did nothing wrong comes off terribly. also she can post about asking her fans to support the Hollywood Bowl but can’t use the same platform to spread awareness about the current situation regarding George Floyd and the issue of racism in america? yikes...
  7. literally what the actual fuck is going on with her
  8. Hello!! This is a custom piece made by @/lebronxdeluxe on instagram I believe. He commented awhile ago on a post about he made that piece (and another one she sang at a show). I hope that helps!!!
  9. i haven't felt the same connection with lana and her music since honeymoon and it kinda makes me sad but i still appreciate her newer works and believe shes an incredible artist despite some of her crackhead antics with this poetry book!
  10. I really like the concept of the album cover (her being on a boat with california burning in the background and a painted sky) but the final product is just... not it. The graphic design and compositioning is sloppy, but maybe it will grow on me. Anyways, we're at least getting the album which is exciting! I really hope it was worth the agonizing wait.
  11. Escapism

    Melanie Martinez

    i guess it's getting a theatre release? https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/k-12-60914
  12. the audacity she has to split the set list into LOVE/FEAR and not have fear & loathing but have HTBAH instead... although im happy to see AYS? make its comeback
  13. I'll give credit to the Electra Heart era where it's due the concept and aesthetic was iconic and innovative, making a character created by female archetypes and insprations (marilyn, britney, 60's movies, etc.) to dwelve into understanding identity was a great idea, but it was poorly excuted. The good excutions come from the album shoot with Casper Balslev, her tumblr, and the early videos of the era but once the P&C video came about the whole archetypes thing was nonexistant lmao. also who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put hypocrates (HTBAH and Radioactive too if you count the US Version) between VOTD and F&L...
  14. the only thing i'd ever want is the ability to choose themes based on lana's eras (like DG with Marina's)
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