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  1. the stans after a full year and a half of anticipation waiting for this tenth anniversary with homages to ultraviolence and a born to design contest for uv, hm, and nfr that didn’t end up happening brought to you by ldr village ft lana seemingly forgetting the album existed for a lapse of time:
  2. would have been the perfect time for her to use the ultraviolet white shoot for once (which has always given me say yes to heaven/fine china vibes)
  3. her voice was so haunting and gorgeous.. her work on twin peaks is so crucial to both the show and the film, i could never imagine either being able to work the way they do without her presence
  4. [LEAK] Pussy (Cola Demo) [LEAK] Hollywood’s Dead (Final) [LEAKFEST] All AKA Outtakes (Studio)
  5. seeing all these photos makes all the vinyl and cd variants more disappointing the whole shoot has been gorgeous, but a physical release using these photos would have been top notch and make a variant more worth buying since it wouldn’t be the same pictures being reused… or like even just using them as single covers… just use them for something. they are STUNNING
  6. ben and ed should start taking notes right here for ideas on what to do for an official ultraviolence 10th anniversary physical release including a box set!
  7. heart shaped vinyl physical release to go along with it
  8. In terms of her jewelry I really wish she’d have things that are silver.. i look like shit in gold
  9. they should have done picture discs for this variant with the environmental shots (the same way the ultraviolence box set has the hydrangea picture discs but a standard gatefold) what a loss!!! (i am feeling a bit imaginative today so with lana physical releases it tends to only make me have regrets for things that would never happen……even if they should ): )
  10. if youre petty enough just wait until it releases and reply back to them again
  11. where is johnny blueeyes when you need him…where is HE
  12. *this is actually a great read after an edible, even better with the responses
  13. the closest the larina stans will ever get to them having a collab
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