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  1. imagine a setlist voted on by fans lanaboards specifically
  2. make sure you guys have an MLB account with the tickets uploaded onto them before the concert! if you bought them through ticketmaster, the ticket details and barcode can only be accessed through an MLB account that shares the same email. got this information from a ticketmaster email sent out this morning
  3. love divine

    Melanie Martinez

    i can definitely try! my friends and i won't be getting to the venue until towards the beginning of the show because i have to work tomorrow, but i'll stop by and see what the merch stand has afterwards. i'll message you if i'm able to purchase one
  4. love divine

    Melanie Martinez

    literally so excited for my show tomorrow i can't believe she's playing arenas!! i remember seeing her live in a tiny ballroom in NJ like it was yesterday
  5. praying for the return on the ultraviolence box set
  6. you're telling me these weren't taken on the same day? i've dreamed about the honeymoon blonde and style coming back for so long, i can't believe she's here
  7. i almost wanna set up a fun little fan project for her birthday the following day! maybe everyone can bring colored paper to hold up over their flashlights and we can sing happy birthday? lol i'm too excited about this, june 20th can't come fast enough
  8. i use aviewfrommyseat.com to look up concert venue views. the link i added should take you to a picture of that section
  9. bless you, I've been looking to upgrade my seat because i'm traveling so far, might as well have a better view. decided to get a nearly $600 ticket with my savings lmao if anyone wants to buy 1 or 2 tickets off me from my original seating, please let me know!! i can either sell one for $140 or both for $300, seating in G15. this is face value including fees. i am willing to meet up in person and scan them at the gate if anyone is interested
  10. love divine

    Taylor Swift

    why does the new merch have copyright 2024 on all the pieces such an eyesore
  11. at least she performed god knows i tried live in an empty church lana please sing terrence loves you i will beg
  12. love taylor but can they please stop bringing her up unwarranted ask about the singer that's right in front of you edit: i didn't realize that this is an article actually about taylor, not an interview on lana lol
  13. i cannot believe this is just 15 days away i hope so! although i would be fine with anything she gives us, them calling this "one very special show" gets my hopes up that something exciting might happen what happens when she comes out with a cowboy hat and guitar and starts playing henry
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