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  1. Coloringbooks

    Allie X

    Allie confirmed a new record is on the way in her recent Spotify video!
  2. You're over! see how easy it is? I knew you didn't have any evidence but I didn't think you'd go inspect elementing. Use some critical thinking - why would I so openly 'admit' to doxxing and hacking people and then ask for that to be posted...
  3. Faking screenshots is beyond pathetic! but go ahead post more and let's see what you can come up with
  4. Okay then where's your evidence? because you've been going on for pages now saying this stuff while promising an expose.
  5. Mountain is Starline or at least that's what I'm assuming/saying.
  6. I never wanted to be in a fight (frankly it's embarrassing/awkward) and I think I've always been relatively unproblematic on this thread. But you can't blame me for defending myself after someone creates an account with the sole purpose of making up random lies about doxxing etc and people immediately start egging it on
  7. Then why are you making a dupe account for the sole purpose of airing out your made-up drama on a LanaBoards thread, and expecting people to not intervene. If you aren't going to post the alleged receipts then buzz off and let's go back to talking about Sky Ferreira. @Mountain Hi there
  8. Umm okay, go ahead then? I still have no clue who you are
  9. I've been trying to avoid this because I genuinely don't want the thread locked or another unnecessary argument, but you're an avatar-less account who joined 2 months ago with 17 posts, and the last 7 are all about me. If you're going to make up random shit at least do it on your main, or like, DM me if you have some sort of issue.
  10. I remember this tweet too! Sky's Twitter deletion still irratates me she would constantly mention/make references to unreleased songs, especially during Cry Baby era, and most of those simply went undocumented... But to answer your question, Dan Nigro's original files used the title "Pray for Rain" (without the "I"). I guess both could be considered accurate, although there's been some confusion about Sky song titles before– for example when the NTMT tracklist was revealed, she said Kristine was actually spelt as "Christine" and that she'd need to get it fixed (which she ultimately never did).
  11. Real– this snippet initially got posted as 'The Painter' but it's not called that.
  12. To add some more context, One Way to Heaven was actually never considered/intended for Masochism– people only assumed so due to the first snippets leaking in 2016. Sky's sessions with Chris Braide go back to early 2012 at latest, when her debut album was still going to be called Wild at Heart. The song was also registered prior to the release of NTMT.
  13. I understand Don't Forget not being everyone's cup of tea but cmon that's not true... Unholy and Slut Pop for example were actual terrorism
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