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  1. Another old Twitter account of hers is @/vulgardarling https://twitter.com/vulgardarling
  2. Omg that's embarrassing This is the post I was talking about, a lot of people (including me, I guess) didn't recognise the lyrics.
  3. Those Violets for Roses lyrics were included on official merch I think, which is where they came from. As for Beautiful, I think those lyrics on the page were originally shared on here by lustforlife?
  4. Still my fav version of this song I remember when that leaked and people were saying the alternate version was better than it. I have to strongly disagree!
  5. Oh wow, you were pretty much spot on Fine China was close to being on Blue Banisters and Yes to Heaven on Chemtrails, so you predicted them too.


    Artificial Flowers is a circa January 2019 track, another Pete Nappi production. Might be a Hindsight 20/20 outtake/session based off the date? Great song.

    Melanie Martinez

    Reasons why K-12 took so long was because the recording sessions began prior to her working on a film. K-12 was her first time writing a movie script, and once the original script was finished she got told that it would be too expensive and she had to spend time rewriting it etc Keep in mind that alongside recording the MM3 album, she's apparently been writing the movie script since the beginning of this year. And she's more aware of what can/can't be afforded now. K-12 movie started filming in late 2018 and the editing had been finished by May 2019, so if she starts recording the MM3 film later this year/early next year, a 2022 release isn't impossible. It's not a Melanie release without some sort of delay but I have reasons to believe the album could actually come out next year.

    Charli XCX

    So it seems like Rare was also Madison Beer's song at one point (originally recorded by Charli and later released by Selena). A snippet of Madison's version just got leaked on SoundCloud:
  9. Yayo - Nevada For K, Pt. 2 - Pretty Baby Mermaid Motel - Lavender Sunshine Put Me in a Movie - You Can Be My Daddy Heavy Hitter - Butterfly Doors Cola - The Other Side

    LIZ Y2K

    Didn't see anybody post about this but Play-Doh and Werk leaked in August https://vk.com/musicleaksource?w=wall-197460971_990 They sound amazing does anybody have a download link?

    Melanie Martinez

    Most fans already knew/assumed that her album would come out in 2022. It's not a big surprise or news.
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