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  1. Sorry for the long post but so you know: this tracklist isn't accurate. "Fuck Like This" was never intended for Gangbang; it was actually recorded and released in November 2016, a month after the album was scrapped. And a tiny correction, the actual title of "Underage" is "Underaged" with a 'D' at the end lol I'm pretty sure Ayesha released the CUMSHOT EP as a way to hold fans over until Gangbang came out. The description of the EP on SoundCloud was "everything done by me, album coming out in Fall!"β€”a precursor of sorts, hence why Sex Drive and Fins were later set to be re-released on it. For Ayesha fans curious, here's the official Gangbang tracklist:
  2. I wanted to listen to this but I got bored after like, six songs in maybe I'll try again later I re-listened to Roman Reloaded recently tho and I still love it. My favourites are Roman Holiday, Beez in the Trap, Stupid Hoe and Va Va Voom
  3. Coloringbooks

    Melanie Martinez

    Best songs on K-12: Show & Tell, Detention, High School Sweethearts
  4. Coloringbooks

    Charli XCX

    Are we weird for being honest? I wish them the best but she's literally a serial cheater πŸ’€ it's no secret
  5. Coloringbooks

    Charli XCX

    I think we all know she's going to inevitably shag some other dude and then make a bunch of songs about it… hopefully the bops are worth it tho
  6. There's small parts of truth to what he was saying on there, but he was also lying so much. Literally a compulsive liar πŸ˜­πŸ’€ I love the demo of Hello Kitty though, Ayesha really used to make amazing songs
  7. I always loved this song I never understood the hate. The production is amazing
  8. She should drop Pretty Dull as a belated NTMT 10-year anniversary gift
  9. The song is good sonically (production-wise), but I think the lyricism is really embarrassing. She was trying to shove in as many random societal issues that she could
  10. So bizarre... like has anyone ever killed themselves at Ariana concerts? or Travis concerts? Swifties will come up with anything to defend her. Loads of US media outlets claimed Taylor had her people get in contact and provide condolences and financial support for Ana's body transportation and services. The family have since confirmed that to not be true. In short, her team is literally lying to the press about contacting the family to make her look better, and the fans are running with it. So messed up.
  11. (not my screenshot) ....is it that serious 😭 I hate when moderators are against FUN
  12. Coloringbooks

    Melanie Martinez

    It's not fans, just random people out in the streets. I think Verde is trying to make a point about paparazzi and fans taking photos of famous people without their consent. Like "This bothers you, why doesn't that? we're all people." But it comes across as hypocritical since he's basically just becoming part of the problem himself and doing exactly what he's condemningβΈΊunless he's getting permission and asking them beforehand (which doesn't seem very likely)
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