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  1. Pretty sure she wrote this one about Lorde. You can go to earlier pages on this thread and see the discussion about it
  2. My favourite from Blue Banisters.
  3. Don't know if this is the right place to ask this but… Is there a list/thread on here for all the official Lana instrumentals that have been leaked? I'm trying to see which instrumentals from her albums are publicly available and which aren't.
  4. Why would people leak her songs? That's so disrespectful. Respect the artist guys
  5. I wouldn't put too much thought into lists like these though... they're usually just the artist's most popular songs.

    Melanie Martinez

    Ignore that user. He's the person who I was talking about in my original post

    Melanie Martinez

    One of the people attempting to sell the new album songs actively views this thread and has an account here. Not only is he trying to earn hundreds off of heavily-spread files of upcoming material, but he spammed multiple Melanie fans with gore via Discord it's giving psychopath.

    Melanie Martinez

    New album sessions seem to be on the verge of leaking. A lot of songs are being sold by various people and a list of titles leaked on Dbree last night.
  9. Do we want her to torture us with even more remixes though?

    Melanie Martinez

    Lost & Found (original source file) just leaked https://dbree.org/v/71616c Cuca posted it on a new Melanie server: https://discord.gg/BchAuAcD OG name is "Lost&Found_2". I wonder if that means there's more than one version
  11. Very happy that Nectar of the Gods is on Blue Banisters actually. We could've went more years without knowing the official title if it weren't for her releasing it
  12. Pretty sure he was joking. Despite being the same recordings as the 2013 versions, the songs seem to be remastered. And I think the mastering engineers would have to be given the stems to do that...
  13. When she released Downhill Lullaby and we all thought the album was finally coming after years of delays.....
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