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  1. DownhillLullaby


    Please let's move on the subject
  2. DownhillLullaby


    Slayyyter we love you. I miss the day I attended your concert with my friends, it was so surreal! I'm excited for the new era
  3. Don't Forget almost one year Sky Ferreira I hate u
  4. why last.fm is with that $ sign again??????? I've noticed it a while ago, I thought it was renamed Kesha and all the $'s scrobbles were also counting
  5. Can't wait for Only Love Can Save Us Now music video. She looks like she's being dragged on the floor which looks so good Also I love the way I think I'm not the one getting goosebumps with Something to Belive In, it's such a great album opening!!!!!
  6. Praying on All My Lovers Die leak R.I.P Sky Ferreira 🥀
  7. DownhillLullaby


    She said on a comment via her last IG picture that after next week maybe be time... https://www.instagram.com/p/CsfNf-GsmG1/
  8. DownhillLullaby


    If I'm keeping it #real, I think Tommy got what it deserves (i just don't like it) Tear Me Open I'm here for youuuu!
  9. Speak! I can't stop singing Tell a bitch I can't jump this, Evel Knievel
  10. DownhillLullaby


    when we getting the lead single I Love Hollywood or the ultra smash My Body I want music videos!!!!
  11. I'm not gonna lie, I will need some time to proccess all of this "new" Kesha. I'll put "new" in quotation marks cause I've been a fan since the beginning but it's the first time we getting: I'd say an almost 100% of out-of-niche songs at once in an album. High Road, Rainbow and even Warrior she experimented but remained pop-y at most. Gag Order, It's beautiful, it shows growth and lyrically and sonically, it's well done. I'll need more time tho. My favorite ones still Eat the Acid, Only Love Can Save Us Now also Piece & Quiet and Something to Believe In I am happy that she's getting praised by the critics, she deserves, nothing but the best on this era.
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