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  1. I stopped coming here cause all that negativity was getting a little bit out of hand. Also, Sky's not a helper so we can't help her in any way unless streaming Don't Forget. The music video is no where to be seen... Honestly I got tired of expecting things, rooting for her... Wish her the best. When (or if) things comes out, I'll listen and cheer but meanwhile I'm avoiding to check on her.
  2. WHERE IS DON'T FORGET MUSIC VIDEO? JUST DROP IT ALREADY. This era could be everything but something feels so so strange...
  3. I wouldn't mind if she switches All My Lovers Die to Guardian or remove one of the old songs. But Guardian needs to be back on the setlist. She's sounding a little bit off, I don't know what is happening but all this negativity coming from her "fans", including her behavior towards the situation isn't helping at all. I'm rooting for her, also there are some fans traveling abroad to watch her to perform live. Whatever it is, she needs to get her shit together. Thankfully not yet, but it doesn't sound good.
  4. I think that it's fake...
  5. I wonder if this caption has something to do with the new song... or the Tamaryn's one. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLAt253hp3X/
  6. We'll never triumph, will we? Another day in Ferraris world
  7. Apparently she was late right? She never learns...
  8. Innocent Kind the song's title
  9. No. She also sang a new song. She sang 6 songs
  10. She's wearing a rain coat... the shade
  11. The concert has started and she sang Boys & 24 Hours
  12. Sorry for the screams but I'm really excited... I'm so used to her nothingness.
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