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  1. the fact that Taylor sent a cardigan to Sky still sends me everytime
  2. leak don't forget music video instead
  3. DownhillLullaby


    1. If you think so, I'm glad that you like it! To me it didn't click and I just shared it (Loved makeup btw) 2. Of course her label did her poorly this era. As I said, it could've been way better and the potential its clearly there. 3. She's been touring (ALMOST) non-stop since last year, and at some point we just were waiting for the tour to be over and she'd come with an announcement. Specially that she teased new songs around 1 year. As I already said, the leaks ruined it for me. 4. I didn't even point that it was her fault, as I said, she tried.
  4. DownhillLullaby


    Deluxe? thanks but no, thanks, it really feels unnecessary This era could've been bigger and wayy better... it feels already over to me, maybe the long ass touring and the leaks ruined it for me. but we can not say that she didn't try
  5. who remembers her website being her tumblr https://web.archive.org/web/20171101005008/http://skyferreira.tumblr.com/
  6. DownhillLullaby


    wish she'd release my body with a simple ass music video of her in that cam she got
  7. DownhillLullaby

    Charli XCX

    I kinda believe it, she's really inspired by Gwen Stefani (lyrics and titles) And I love it, I mean look at Crash
  8. Sky Ferreira your smile is beautiful
  9. ✨✨✨glue yr wigs✨✨✨
  10. She's not. The family asked for a loan so they could pay for the transportation of Ana's body and then the fans helped Ana's family.
  11. DownhillLullaby

    Kilo Kish

    forever my favorite <3
  12. Okay rehearsal queen... Hopefully this fall concerts are good as the summer ones. Ferraris who are going, enjoy All I wanted today was a statement from her or Descending oficially released!!!!!!
  13. That's nice that you liked I am not a big fan of that Deluxe and that art cover, I think it still represents the album but I just don't like it. The standart cover excellent.
  14. i just wish we'd get a win, like we ferraris deserve!
  15. DownhillLullaby


    i just love lock&key... <3
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