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  1. if this is some kind of teaser for df mv (probably nothing) i hope she announces something along with it no one can take this nonsense anymore we just want the damn album
  2. Waiting for October to come around to quit, 10 years is too much for me and I think for most here, goodbye little tortured girl from LA, your deadline is over!
  3. imagine printing a box of flyers for sky while she is posting a picture of a pig on ig
  4. Honestly never seen another snippet of all my lovers die around here, we just have that snippet from instagram stories and her performances last year, she must keep this song under 7 keys...
  5. we finally arrived at the end of it all, soon it will be here!
  6. we need a company to hire these people urgently it's so disgraceful how things are getting
  7. she promised it wouldn't be another downhill lullaby situation and here we are...
  8. Why do you believe so much that something will come in March??? It's clear that nothing official is coming this month or the whole year, don't pretend to be shocked!!
  9. sky didn't release masochism last year because it would be hard to go head-to-head with renaissance on aoty
  10. the petition finally got 5k signatures
  11. in my head masochism would sound like these three songs
  12. actually I'm the real Sky Ferreira!
  13. even what she is saying is true (I don't believe it) she never made a proper explanation and TRANSPARENT on the whole subject. If she hadn't been so empty and wide from the beginning, it would have already reached a huge buzz and who knows, maybe she would be free by now. she says she has never been vague in these 10 years but what we still see today is the complete opposite, if even "YOUR FANS" don't believe what you say, do me the favor of reviewing every publication and story of yours, because someone is wrong and it's not them. make a video explaining yourself and apologizing for the lack of communication and responsibility towards your fans and give the context of all this shit, after 10 years you have nothing left to lose girl, wake up!
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