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  1. waiting for the "it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" of this month
  2. I have the impression that lately she is being talked about more by people other than here, it's really as if we are waiting for a sign from her... WE ALL miss the tortured little girl
  3. October 2050, 2079, 2090? the question remains... 💋💋💋⛓️⛓️⛓️🏹🏹
  4. Na verdade, uma parte significativa das músicas muitas vezes se aprofunda no tema de alguém preso em um ciclo repetitivo e vicioso e, mesmo sabendo disso, não consegue se libertar porque isso já se tornou parte deles, mesmo que seja algo destrutivo. Sempre achei que nomear o álbum como ‘Masochism’ foi uma excelente escolha. Ao contrário da conotação comum da palavra, parece transmitir a mensagem de alguém enredado em comportamentos repetitivos e autodestrutivos, incapaz de se libertar. Ao mesmo tempo, obtêm certo prazer com essas ações, apesar do sofrimento que trazem...
  5. were they "pressuring" her to release something that year or was it her own choice?
  6. One question, when she released downhill lullaby, did any insider already know that she would release something that month or was it really a surprise?
  7. What stops you from talking now? some poor guy paid a fortune to do this joke wanting to help, this already came out on two highly credible portals and that's all she says?
  8. Why doesn't the capitol speak everything that happened once and for all??? we are all so tired with this story we want the end of this crap....
  9. she will make up so many lies about the album being late that we will have content for a podcast, book and documentary
  10. how is it possible that this company has not recognized the potential of this woman after the success of this tour and even the recognition of other artists with her songs even after SO MANY YEARS....... this does not make sense
  11. according to insiders, the masochism files and the mv don't forget are in the missing submarine
  12. I find it so pointless a return without new releases.... tired of this hell
  13. can someone explain to me what happened between sky and dev? do they still talk?
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