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  1. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    I can't with how eternally, effortlessly cool she looks... a true pop/rock grunge diva
  2. AOK

    Brooke Candy

    interesting title
  3. AOK

    Imogen Heap

    Do you think she will ever release another album? It's been almost 10 years since Sparks.
  4. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    At least sightseeing London is still on... That description of Sky on ticketmaster tho: The enigmatic Californian artist known for her mesmerizing synth-pop sound with gothic undertones, will showcase her long-awaited second album, "Masochism" in 2024, which has been five years in the making. () Fans have eagerly awaited this release since her first album, "Night Time, My Time", made waves. Throughout the years of anticipation, Sky Ferreira has demonstrated that time can indeed be relative. In March 2019, she gave us a tantalizing taste of "Masochism" with the release of its haunting first single, "Downhill Lullaby," teasing the imminent comeback that the world had been longing for. During this hiatus from the music scene, Ferreira's multifaceted talents have not gone unnoticed. She graced the screens in the third season of "Twin Peaks" and featured in hit films like "Baby Driver" and "Lords of Chaos." Furthermore, she collaborated with Charli XCX on the unforgettable track "Cross You Out," which appeared on Charli's critically acclaimed album "Charli."
  5. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

  6. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    Yes, preach. Justice for Kristine!
  7. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    May 25th, NTMT 10th anniversary gig in LA
  8. AOK


    I like some of their songs, but, in general, I consider them clowns
  9. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    Wow, it's such a powerful rendition of og Downhill Lullaby - sounds amazing! I wonder if this is the alternative version we were supposed to get back in 2019.
  10. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    She met some people after the Mexico show - saw the video on X with her thanking a group of fans for coming
  11. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    So, psyduck, how was it?
  12. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    Do you think she will premiere any new song live today?
  13. AOK


    sounds and looks promising; here for it
  14. AOK

    Sky Ferreira

    she's no longer listed under the post with presenters on billboard's ig
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