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  1. I have a serious question…I’ve never stuck around to actually try and meet an artist after a show, but since I’ve traveling halfway across the country to see this bishhhh, what would he the best way to say hayyy? Like do people just wait outside for her after or…?
  2. Yes that’s the plan. That’s why I picked the San Diego show, I’ve never been there so I’m gonna explore and see a new place. The fact that I get to see Sky perform will just be something extra I get to do while I’m there. Don’t get me wrong I’m so excited no matter what the actual show is like, but I’m prepared for that to let me down in some way lol
  3. Something about this run of shows feels very indie, even for her. It kind of seems like maybe she’s sneaking out from Capitals control and finally able to do things? I could just be delusional and hoping for more than we will get. But maybe she’s finally just like fuck it and gonna do whatever she can if they like it or not.
  4. Just bought my ticket for the San Diego show…pray for me (and for rain)
  5. I’m fully prepared to travel where ever she is planning on touring this summer. I know she will probably cancel or perform 2 songs while giving death stares to the sound guy. But at least I’ll get to travel somewhere new
  6. this line has always cracks me up because Sky has never had a drivers license
  7. I’m fully prepared to drop everything to attend one of these ~secret~ shows. Once i fly across the country I’m sure it will be canceled or she will just show up late to perform a couple songs. But that’s part of the sky experience so I’ll get nothing and I’ll be grateful for it
  8. It’s not a Christmas album guys… in other news 4 christmases have come and gone since she claimed this
  9. Well gals tomorrow is Desert Daze, her last scheduled performance until god knows when. But it looks like Johnny Danger is going to be playing in her band for it, they are in the studio today rehearsing. He wasn’t on her euro tour this year but has always been with her in the past. Plz let it go smoothly and plz let it lead to more performances or releases I’m dying
  10. I just can’t imagine a world where anyone thought that song would be a viable release. She must have been super young though when she made that because her voice sounds like she’s a child. I’d say maybe even before her As If era
  11. Yeah I could have gone without Ms Bluebeard ever leaking 🥴
  12. another new photo shoot…please gawddd let it mean something. She looks fucking amazing tho, ready for a comeback 🙃
  13. Speaking of Eyes Without a Face, I love the cover Angel Olsen did. Her whole Aisles EP is sort of ominous covers of 80s classics, and sounds very Sky inspired. I remember Sky and Angel used to be good friends back in the day, with Angel even teaching Sky how to drive in her vintage Porsche. Ah I miss those days when Sky was more active and had friends that made it easy to stalk her lol
  14. Sky has definitely hinted at song called Love Street, I don’t think that’s fanmade
  15. im just saying that it’s super weird for her to have a hickey in a photo shoot if it wasn’t intentional for some reason. But I also don’t see how anything about her look makes her look like she’s “relapsed”. I think the general consensus is that she looks great from what I’ve seen. So I was just confused on this take
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