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  1. The Good Life reworked to sound like the Tony Bennett version would’ve been a great closer for Honeymoon
  2. I’ve never seen this visual until now but oh wow oh wow
  3. AMLD final and then I’ll leave
  4. It’ll be officially over when Olivia Rodrigo’s team finds out about Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Rechtshaid
  5. Krakenfiles link to all my lovers die when
  6. wait so we don't have this zip?
  7. I feel like we've been told they were circulating for the past 2 years
  8. well those 20 songs can come through
  9. Oh wow oh wow The way this happens to every artist but Sky
  10. My back arched like a snail, my position couldn’t stop
  11. Coming back to this thread hoping to see a Kraken Files link for AMLD but we just keep losing
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