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  1. can everyone spam Hollywood’s dead so we can hear the final version
  2. I have a feeling Capitol was ready to drop it but after Sky blocked the release, that’s when they shelved it and gave the video idea away. Seems like the sort of petty relationship they have with each other. Like someone said before she just needed to play the long game for a bit but sigh Anyways #PleaseLeakAllMyLoversDie
  3. Dragonslayer.. sounds epic but it’s also giving RPG
  4. To the bitter end You stayed some kind of friend
  5. When did Halsey change her name
  6. iirc Rick and his engineers are very specific about making sure every mix is saved and accounted for according to BoZ. So this means that even a slight change to the plugins they use on any given song would constitute a new mix. Since some of the changes are super negligible, they don’t export/bounce every mix of a song since that’s pretty impractical. As for how we know about the number of mixes, if you look at the OG files of Rick songs that have leaked, they usually all have the same naming pattern. [Song name]-[engineer e.g. KM = Kieron Menzies]-[mix number] JFK-KM-mix-029 Summertime Sadness KM mix 017 Starry-Eyed-KM-mix-009 Young-And-Beautiful-KM-mix-045 SERENE QUEEN DR003
  7. Our memory's lost it's path, I guess it wasn't meant to last
  8. By any chance would you be able to share the OG file for the STINT version? I noticed all the other STINT HM demos are 320kbps but the one for YTH is 192kbps
  9. LMAO wait what It's getting weird.gif Edit: @Selfloathinpoet oo I see why now, my b my b
  10. This site? https://song.corp.com.tw/music/artist.aspx?artistID=8sEm8Vl8zbMOkYzF3m&click= This is the only unreleased I'm finding x
  11. RIP So shocking that the perpetrators are literally 15/16.. Jesus
  12. Sky Ferreira - All My Lovers Die.wav
  13. Sky Could Change wow I know, I know today could be my first day
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