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  1. This is straight from a movie
  2. So basically the demo of Ridin without A$AP Rocky
  3. Could someone explain the witchy aesthetic/sound to me? Like what does that even mean? The older tracks and outtakes from the album strike me as being more sci-fi inspired more than anything. Also where did the idea of the original LFL being witchy come from? I only ever started hearing that when Lana released the LFL album trailer. The album we know now as LFL was already completed by then so the purported concept change (based off the album trailer) doesn’t make sense to me.
  4. I don’t think my brain can separate the album name from the lasso tool in photoshop and that’s okay
  5. Politicians clutching their pearls about being spied on as if Google and the CIA doesn't already have all that info and more like idgaf. The Trump and Biden situation though..
  6. But hope is a dangerous wonderful thing for a woman like me to have She is glowing
  7. Body Electric (and unsurprisingly Serene Queen)
  8. Don’t kill me for the weird crop but this photo would’ve been a timelessly iconic album cover, like top album artworks of the 2010s iconic The released version definitely captures the essence of the album but idk the sleekness of the production hits different with this cover
  9. Tbh any of Kesha’s early stuff. Sound-wise (and somewhat lyrically), I feel like they were more similar than they were different around that time
  10. cherryblossoms

    Kali Uchis

    Sincero is fucking gorgeous
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