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  1. The horns if the covers album with the patsy cline songs sound this lush oh wow
  2. cherryblossoms

    Sufjan Stevens

    The masterpiece that is My Rajneesh tf. I’ve ascended multiple times to that track
  3. I can imagine Lana doing a Burnt Norton-esque take on Daybed
  4. They were the blueprint yup yup
  5. Honestly I do think you’ve posted some pretty interesting insights but yeah maybe framing it alongside BPD wasn’t the move.
  6. Yeah I think BoZ confirmed on ATRL The original release date was like January 2021 or so
  7. This is fanmade right? Because it sounds really good
  8. I love how almost thin/brittle and grainy her vocals and the guitar sound in this. It really captures the nostalgia of the song. In other words, they understood the assignment
  9. Bumping You’re so talented! Love the new song, rainy day where I’m at and it’s perfect <3
  10. As a young twenty something who struggles with mental health on a daily basis and is actively seeking therapy, I find Marina’s lyrics quite relatable and comforting. Happy Loner couldn’t have come at a better time. I actually find Marina to be one of the better writers when it comes to writing pop songs that deal with themes of general isolation, loneliness and insecurity. Happy, Soft to Be Strong, Obsessions, I’m a Ruin, Numb- all tens Like personally I don’t need a whole lyrical dissertation on depression or the entire DSM 5 in the form of a song for it to be deemed good
  11. cherryblossoms


    gonna take a wild guess and say all is full of love? Lmao
  12. cherryblossoms


    The man with the axe anyone
  13. The way this song suddenly started hitting me outta nowhere Once, twice, three times the guy I Ever thought I would meet, so
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