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  1. Honestly not to sound like a downer or anything but I’m pretty sure that one Facebook account is definitely for friends/family. Like I don’t doubt that stans have probably tried interacting with it at this point and she’s aware it’s somewhat public knowledge but not sure if it’s still a good idea to have it up in a thread.
  2. Definitely one of those songs that are a bit tragic lyrically at times..
  3. Someone actually needs to archive LanaBoards for the culture
  4. On a side note I wonder what it was like for Lana and Barrie to reconnect after all these years. To re-connect with someone that had such an impact on your creative process and world view. Especially when you’ve had the time they had to grow apart and settle into your own musically and as a person.. Anyways, I’m glad it seems like they’re on amicable terms and have both seem to have found happiness in one way or another.
  5. It definitely reminds me of her cover of You Must Love Me sonically! The strings/horns sound so rich and organic I’m in love. The chorus also has a very musical/theatrical element to it? It kinda sounds like Lana’a take on an Enya track lol.
  6. Is this supposed to come out midnight Cali time because.. Edit: oh wait is it gonna premiere later in the morning instead of midnight straight wellitsover (for me).gif
  7. Lana’s ex boyfriend (dated from 2011-2014) Barrie James O Neil has writing credits on at least 1 song, indicated a UV outtake
  8. Portal I- The way I would be pitching half her catalog to all the major film studios in Hollywood
  9. Me waiting till the end of November knowing damn well we won’t get an official release of Pink Convertible in the fall
  10. cherryblossoms

    Dua Lipa

    Omg I finally got it. The guitar riff in Firestarter is lifted from this
  11. The seeds we planted grew but not like roses do We had the thorns and leaves but the buds they never bloomed
  12. I can only hope we get Pink Convertible in some way or form soon
  13. Wait the original tracklist of ADIAML is kind of a serve.. the cohesion
  14. cherryblossoms


    That was a cute appetizer but I think we’re all ready for the main course
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