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  1. Ty, I was wondering how long it would take before someone mentioned Body Electric...
  2. Has to have Texas mentioned somewhere, if you want to top the charts... Heads Carolina, Tails California won't get you to #1 in country, just ask Jo Dee Messina
  3. One of the best country songwriters to ever do it...
  4. To Taylor's credit I do believe she was giving a genuine compliment to Lana in that moment. Also, I feel like Taylor would call herself a "Legacy Artist" as well.
  5. or anything from the Purple Rain album ETA: Lana doing a cover of Beautiful Ones would be...
  6. Traveler

    Your Music

    Obviously not my vocals used Ai, which it kind of fucked up, but the rest is me...
  7. Fixed it for ya... I love this album... Unapologetic...
  8. What type of reaction would you say is ok for a lingerie photoshoot that is for the public? I feel like you have let yourself be offended by some comments? Maybe there is a good reason for your reaction, but I don't think it would be good to paint people into a box of sexual objectification. I will speak for myself, because I did make a comment here about eye candy, somewhat jokingly. I am a very visual person, I love beautiful things in all forms, from beautiful women to beauty in nature, art, ect. I feel like Lana is the same and this is just another way of her celebrating her beauty, mainly exterior beauty. With that being said, I would have been just as excited to see a shoot of evening dresses, that covered her completely, or better yet a new poetry book where we could celebrate her inner beauty. My point is don't get to caught up in what other peoples comments are, they are their feelings, just as you have yours. Neither are wrong...
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