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  1. Hope is a dangerous thing is really the greatest song ever made idc what anyone else says
  2. We should ditch the reverb tbh
  3. They complete the story. My only issue with the album was that the three songs released in May were extremely personal and detailed while the songs we got later with the album were so much more vague so it seemed jumbled, especially with those older tracks, but they're clearly important in the album. It's like when Violet was released and was marketed as being 30 poems but really it was 19 and the rest were haikus, we already had almost all of it. We really just got an EP's worth of new material with this album. Obviously it wasn't Lana's fault we'd heard a bunch of the songs but it will probably just take years for some people to separate them from their original album sessions so it's bound to be a grower for a lot of fans.
  4. I always hear "You snort it like a champ, let the winter winter in"
  5. I don't care what songs are played at my funeral. Can anybody guess why?
  6. People who are so easily influenced by other people's opinions on here probably don't enjoy Lana's music even half as much as people who aren't tbh
  7. If you enjoy it what difference does it make?
  8. Wait I just read the lyrics properly and realised too I was thrown off by some of the "Never second guess yourself" shit that came off as advice which is always corny in songs
  9. A lot of these lyrics are extremely corny to me but Lana sound nice
  10. I'm lowkey scared it's gonna sound something like that "we can only be who we are" song. I don't want that
  11. Yeah of course but if you'd rather that than new music you're crazy and we already have new performances. She's probably going to keep that set list so we already have that show anyway.
  12. What's the point and who actually cares? New music is the best thing we could get
  13. Is the artwork nice or is this just lowkey a pointless product?
  14. I didn't ask you, I responded to someone else haha. I feel the same though, don't really give a fuck about stupid people online.
  15. Sometimes it's better to say nothing than force something comedic.
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