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  1. I don't listen to enough of the newer music to truly be able to agree but she's surely the most prolific artist out there. 10 projects in 11 years. 11 really since Behind the Iron Gates had 200 pages A genius
  2. Somebody once said "Don't call me a shut up" to me during an argument in primary school
  3. I'm scared this era is going to be the first where I see the scat posts/tragedies because I keep checking the thread many times every day
  4. I did the same. It's such an odd thing to do. I know leaks are bad for Lana but it's just weird to leak it in a way thats shit for everyone
  5. It's all shitty behaviour but it's inevitable with most album releases. Whoever leaked the songs is obviously a dick for it but it's worse this way. It ruins not only Lana's album rollout but also the fans first experience with it in general. I can't be bothered with a discussion on the morality of listening to leaks btw, I don't care, I'm just here for the music.
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