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  1. Didn't she say 16 week delay on the production of the vinyls? If the record plant is opening on March 5th and vinyls take 3 months to press and release then it's more likely to be released in June or July.
  2. Do we have a full list of songs Lana has covered live or in the studio? What's weird about Lana wiki/"Lanapedia" is that in the A-Z list of songs they list Why Don't You Do Right?, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Scarborough Fair and For Free but then they leave out other songs she's covered such as I'll Be Home for Christmas and Eat for Free.
  3. I doubt she'll let the release of the book coincide with Chemtrails so that's that fucked I guess.
  4. It would be much worse if she'd already put out the title track, but she's still left us hanging on info for Behind the Iron Gates which bothers me more. She didn't clear up whether it's still coming out in March or not. That's all I was wondering while watching her talk about the delay.
  5. I've never dreamed of Lana but I can't remember the last time I dreamed of anything tbh lol
  6. We haven't been in a situation where an LDR album is delayed due to anything other than her adding songs so who knows at this point? She was answering a question rather than bringing it up herself though so I'm skeptical too lol
  7. These are the songs I'd consider releasing if I were Lana
  8. The good news is she's definitely going to release something before Chemtrails
  9. She said there have been production delays so it won't be out until March, what's the difference?
  10. She said she plans to release a digital cover album for Christmas while COTCC won't be done until March lol. I'm guessing this also means that Behind the Iron Gates - Insights from an Institution won't be coming out in March anymore.
  11. Apparently it happens when anything is released. I saw nothing for Let Me Love You Like a Woman though so maybe they took the day off.
  12. I don't want those people to be anything more!
  13. Apparently! It's the first time I've been here for it though
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