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  1. New lyric just surfaced: "I was eating cheesy chips with Nikki Lane, she said "Christ, aren't these cheesy?"
  2. She really never shut up about this to a point I don't feel bad about it at all tbh
  3. She sang for Amy and for Whitney multiple times, that is the lyric
  4. She's spoken about a surprise release since Chemtrails, maybe she's gonna do it with this one
  5. I didn't start any drama, I kinda thought you were older than you're coming across though because you've been around for years so I didn't expect you to be shady or act like you know more when it comes to the lyrics than anyone else does when you could replay the song and hear that they're clearly wrong, it's kinda like rewriting Lana's lyrics if everybody just believes you, but it's all good I'm just glad she put the lyrics for Blue Banisters in that booklet or "it's our bane" may not have been figured out so quickly.
  6. https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_leaks
  7. Not sure why you're being weird when it's about lyrics that didn't add up while listening to the song I'd like to know the real lyrics to a song I've loved for 7 years if I don't already, it's that simple. I'm not interested in you personally, you were tagged because I mentioned your post then you wanted to be weird with that gif in every post and not quoting me while responding as if I had insulted you. You made it weird. Goodnight.
  8. Okay but the album version specifically is the one to be bothered about Guessing we won't find out unless Lana does another live stream if someone remembers
  9. She switches it up live all the time though, there was the whole "gun in my mouth" thing for Florida Kilos earlier in the thread because she sang it live, but on the album it's "Zoom" or something
  10. Not sure what this gif is meant to mean in this context but if you listen to it again it's obvious she doesn't sing that exact lyric EDIT: I posted this after your initial response of just that gif lol
  11. I did too until today reading this thread but the lyrics @111 posted can't be quite right after just listening back to the intro so now I'm confused
  12. I can't believe we don't know the lyrics to part of the chorus after 7 years
  13. I doubt she sings "with ribbons in knots" on MTWBT, maybe on knots(?) but she doesn't sing "in"
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