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  1. I avoid Video Games because it’s so romantic and well, I’m lonely af
  2. The dislike I see for Lust for Life.. the way I also agree
  3. Sadie

    Instagram Updates

    What did Lana mean when she said she’s an alcoholic and the aa meetings??
  4. I don't like COCC The only songs I listen to are Chemtrails and TJF. I don't really relate to the songs so I hope I enjoy the next album.
  5. Sadie

    I Talk to Jesus

    “I wasn’t the marrying kind, I should’ve done it anyway” connection??
  6. Sadie

    Instagram Updates

    Too scared to even check twitter tbh
  7. Sadie

    Instagram Updates

    She looks so young I want her hair to stay like this And I’m shocked at how long she’s had dark hair for all these years and having the motivation to keep it like that. I have naturally dark hair so I wouldn’t know but omg
  8. Do you think BAR will still be on the album? I'm kinda hoping it's not..
  9. Omg I could listen to the album trailer for hours I'm getting Halloween vibes from it, but please let it be released in late spring/early summer!
  10. Is there a version of Ultraviolence I can buy that's uncensored with all the bonus tracks?
  11. Sadie

    Instagram Updates

    I'm kinda sad that it was short but it was nice seeing her
  12. I fell in love with the first listen. Don't worry baby
  13. Please don't let it be management, that doesn't look good
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