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  1. I agree with this. At first I was very sad about her leaving social media, but now I think that it will be a very positive change for her art. Some of her best work may be coming out of this change. Social media consumption can be a bit of a creativity killer anyway, so I understand why she feels this is important for her to do.
  2. Wild at Heart and Yosemite would be really nice live imo
  3. I swear Arcadia is now going to be stuck in my head until the end of time... literally won't get out of my head
  4. I might make enemies with this but I'm kind of over her flipping off the camera so many times lol
  5. I could see Lana getting paparazzi'd wearing a mask like that and then getting in trouble for it lol
  6. I saw it on a reblog. I'm not sure of the actual source :/
  7. uh just saw this on tumblr
  8. kinda want her to do an entire album with this sound
  9. I need to hear Dealer in HQ... the wait is killing me
  10. At least one good thing about this is that I don't have to read the word "picsart" again.
  11. I feel lame for getting choked up about this. She's the only celebrity I cared about getting updates from. :/
  12. I know it doesn't matter that much but I wonder how critics will react to Dealer. They probably haven't heard her unreleased music or seen certain live shows so they aren't used to her voice being like that.
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