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  1. I know the lyrics for Beautiful aren't masterful or anything but I don't get the hate for that song.
  2. Their shows in 1977 were absolute bangers, despite angry Roger. I love listening to their Oakland show on youtube.
  3. Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (1972). My favorite concert film ever.
  4. I've watched an embarrassing amount of Darcey Silva content...
  5. The first Twilight movie. It's delightful.
  6. Born to Die, Shades of Cool, God Knows I Tried, Happiness is a Butterfly, and The Greatest I'm kind of a sad bitch.
  7. Blue Banisters is a 10, even with the "chickens running barefeet" lyric
  8. Vintage Lanaboards is something
  9. I was gonna say that she's way too inconsistent with release dates and scheduling to be any type of president, lol
  10. I hate that it's 2022 and I still have to see random youtube comments about Lana's lips and how Lana isn't her real name.
  11. It made me think of how Ted Bundy would pick girls with long hair and a middle part. I have no idea if that's what she's referring to though.
  12. she looks so good. always rocks denim shorts. leg game on point as usual.
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