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  1. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Wait For Life vs. Music to Watch Boys To
  2. I really don't know what to expect from COCC (the title track) lyrically or sonically. And the fact that we know it's going to have Lana in that amazing 60s look with the big curls/pearls AND vampires? This is the most entertaining music video concept she's done in a while. There's also some Neil Krug photography to look forward to, which means he most likely shot the single cover. So excited.
  3. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Venice Bitch vs. Mermaid Motel (demo)
  4. Kind of agree. I like the instrumentation that is there, but at the same time, I want more. I hope this is just one of the more low-key, simple songs from the album and not overall sound.
  5. Yee haw. Jk, this sounds really good. I imagine the studio version will be a serve. Lana's voice matches so many genres.
  6. Obviously we don't know for sure if they broke up, but if they did, it follows her cycle of breaking up with a guy around the time she releases something (Barry with UV, Francesco with HM, G-Eazy with LFL, Chase with NFR, Sean with Violet). I want her to just find someone to settle down with because it seems like that's what she truly wants
  7. Fantano just listened to Let Me Love You Like a Woman on twitch and turned it off before it was done or even got to the bridge. I used to kind of like him but he's been annoying me lately. I would rather a music reviewer actually finish a song before giving their thoughts. He said the song was "underwhelming" but the lyrics didn't make him cringe or anything. It seems like he goes into Lana's music expecting to cringe rather than being completely free of bias. It's also funny how he only started praising her once NFR became critically acclaimed. Then the whole QFTC thing happened and he started making fun of her again. It's his opinion though so whatever. I just wanted to share that.
  8. The production on Let Me Love You Like a Woman, while understated, has some great moments imo. This makes me more excited for what record is going to be like. Lyrically, this is probably going to be her most honest and personal work yet.
  9. omg of all the photos they could have chosen... and why did they have to edit it like THAT
  10. Agree with everything! Except I'm getting more of a track 3 or 4 vibe for whatever reason.
  11. Normally I wouldn't like a video like this but this was such a Video Games/Lizzy Grant hybrid vibe. It also matches this song and era in a strange way.
  12. The first track to be released since recent album 'Norman Fucking Rockwell', a homemade video shot and edited by Lana will follow at 5pm today (Friday, 16th October). This could be a serve or a hot mess. Excited either way.
  13. Let Me Love You Like a Woman is nice and felt like a classic Lana song, but I'm more excited to hear the title track and other randoms like Dealer. I want to know what the more upbeat songs sound like. The production for Tulsa Jesus Freak was also intriguing and sounds like it could be a newer sound for her. Glad we got to at least hear a song finally though! And I also feel bad that so many people are complaining (as usual) in her comments. She finally dropped a song and people are complaining about the cover art? No wonder she ignores us all the time.
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