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  1. The album cover for Chemtrails Over the Country Club. I was so annoyed.
  2. haven't watched yet but why are the comments so negative
  3. and we're off to the races
  4. Honeymoon came out and I fell in love. Wish I became a fan earlier, obviously.
  5. I haven't watched the show yet but could someone tell me: How was her voice this time? Was it just as great as her last show? Overall, how was the show?
  6. She legit put crack in that song. There's something so addicting about it.
  7. It's a cool opener but it goes by way too fast and it would also be nice to hear the first half of the song.
  8. I would've liked to actually see Lana and not the random dancer doing gymnastics while she was singing Ultraviolence but whatever
  9. She has said this before and she's very spontaneous so I doubt this insta break will last.
  10. maybe i'm just pmsing but the footage of Lana with her family as a child made me cry
  11. Let me know if anyone finds out where her swimsuit/bodysuit is from. It's so cute and I love the sleeves.
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