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  1. Change is a really touching song but for some reason I just don't like listening to it.
  2. The entire Music for the Masses album is great. I suggest giving that album a listen.
  3. Mermaid Motel is her best Lizzy Grant song imo. It's so iconic and I can never get enough of it. I wish she had performed it live as Lana at least once.
  4. I agree. I posted it as more of a "wow I can't believe this comment I just read" rather than to be judgemental towards him. I know very little about him so I was a bit surprised to see that someone posted that. I do hope everything is good in that regard and that Lana isn't in a bad environment.
  5. Sun: Ultraviolence. I hate relating to this album as much as I do. Moon: Born to Die. I try to hold onto anything that feels remotely good and I'm always striving for that feeling. Rising: Honeymoon. I'm an introvert who loves beauty and glamour. I can take a while to get to know too.
  6. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Pin Up Galore vs. Kill Kill
  7. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Pin Up Galore vs. Mermaid Motel
  8. Good analysis here. I think Lana always comes through, even in her more uncertain moments, so I'm excited for the good things to come. She always delivers.
  9. Doll Harlow

    Song vs. Song

    Tired of Singing the Blues vs. Buddy's Rendezvous
  10. This is so true. I am definitely getting a classic Lana vibe with her eyeliner in particular. I hope we get more looks like this in the near future.
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